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  1. TheseGoTo11

    Bradley International Airport

    Tweed could do it in even less time, as could Waterbury/Oxford or Danbury Muni for that matter, doesn't mean they're getting non-stops to Heathrow.
  2. TheseGoTo11

    Bradley International Airport

    BDL finished 49th in enplanements last year, and its traffic is comparable to places like San Antonio, Milwaukee, and Austin. At best, it could support 3 757s a week to one of the London airports. Virtually all intercon flights land at airports with more than twice as many enplanements as BDL. As a CT native, I'm glad to see the airport's doing better than it was in the 90s, but let's get real.
  3. TheseGoTo11

    Charlotte MLB Team Speculation

    Vegas and Portland are 1 and 2 for a franchise relo, and both have organized efforts to win a team. CLT isn't getting a team anytime soon, especially with this commissioner. And since free agency, baseball has only expanded when it has faced legal pressure, like it did in Seattle and Tampa Bay. The additional teams were there to keep an even number of franchises, which the league needs to maintain its everyday schedule. Demographically, CLT is about 10 yrs away, especially when you consider the important 2 million person MSA milestone. But baseball is a monopoly, so it doesn't always respond to market demands.