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  1. Since moving to Baton Rouge in '04 I'll say that it's a place that grows on you. But here's my two cents on the new urbanism discussion. 1) the portions of BR bounded roughly by Florida to the north, Nicholson to the south, College/Lee to the East, and the river to the West are the ones that I feel can benefit the most from "smart-growth" improvements...mostly because 99% of my daily activities are confined to these areas (quite a bias lol). Perkins-Rowe is great but we need more "perkins-rowes" in this area than we do by the Dunham school. 2) pedestrian-friendly improvements are a mu
  2. ^ could be the ultimate dilemma faced by any rational Memphian considering such a move. Sweet night shot Dave!
  3. I'm still not sure about 52 S. Front. Awhile back CCC listed this as being in the design phase, then upgraded it to being in the 'under construction' phase, and now they have taken it off the CCC's current projects list all together....don't know if the project's still on the boards, but anyone who's driven down Front to take a look recently could tell you it definitely isn't under construction. Rardy, is this building going to front Poplar right up on the street? I'm having trouble putting the building into perspective with familiar streets.
  4. The rural life museum is a pretty big obstacle. Would preservation issues get heated if someone were to seriously propose building a bisecting road, which would be such a valuable asset to BR citizens? Could be speaking too soon and maybe it's more valuable than I'm giving it credit for, but who knows how valuable that chunk of land would be in terms of real estate. Road infrastructure could be incorporated into PUD/TND type developments, along with some additional public/recreational space.
  5. Awesome thread. I agree the Southern loop first makes much more sense. Connectivity in core BR is a major issue especially the lack of N-S connections between the interstates and other E-W arteries like Corporate/Old Hammond and Perkins. Others have pointed it out too many times. No wonder College is such a clusterf*** Who in their right mind would wait 20+ minutes to get from Perkins to the east-bound I-10 on-ramp if another N-S connector was down the street [not Acadian!]. We need a road bisecting Perkins b/t College and Essen with Interstate accessibility and 4 lanes! Until then,
  6. Good news for the Overpass area, which is already a pretty lively urban pocket in BR. I always though the Barber Shop that was just replaced by a golf store [Green Jacket I think] would be a nice spot for another locally-owned casual restaurant/bar. Oh well. Just to the west of this development there's a nice Italian restaurant and a Thai-type restaurant, then on the other side just down the street you've got Parrain's and Zippy's. Now that Books-A-Million has closed the doors on their space next to the old Walmart, hopefully the conversions planned for that huge chunk of property will get
  7. Thanks for starting this thread, richyb. Downtown is really sizzlin. It seems like everytime I go downtown on a Friday evening there are a few more people, with a few more things to do, staying downtown just a little longer than the last time. Last week my girlfriend and I headed downtown after taking some of art tours they had set up in midcity. When we got downtown Live at 5 was awesome, 3rd street was lively in general, and later on that night the rooftop at Tsunami was the most crowded I'd ever seen it. It shows how long-term plans like these can pay off long-term. Shaw Center seems
  8. Yes like right around the Burbank/Lee area.
  9. Nice shot, byrde. Man, that was really a storm we got. I had to u-turn at that underpass a couple of times yesterday.
  10. Sweet shot. How will Trump look from that angle?
  11. I think without Little Rock's 42-story Metropolitan Bldg in there, the 2 skylines would be pretty equal if not Shreveport having the edge. But otherwise LR wins it.
  12. Nice find Nate, I had no idea the old Sugar Bowl was that big. Also, check this out. It's Emporis.com's official skyline ranking system. Nothing under 12 stories taken into account. Points per Building 12..19 floors = 1 point 20..29 floors = 5 points 30..39 floors = 25 points 40..49 floors = 50 points 50..59 floors = 100 points 60..69 floors = 200 points 70..79 floors = 300 points 80..89 floors = 400 points 90..99 floors = 500 points 100+ floors = 600 points Hong Kong evidently destroys the competion, coming in at #1 with a skyline score [121,931] that is over 3x higher
  13. Nice job, Dan, certainly on a roll with those 3D sketches.
  14. Nice collection of bars/restaurants over there...I like how the Chelsea's sign looks when it's lit up at night
  15. Haha sometimes I get the feeling Towne Center and Perkins Rowe should switch places. But wouldn't it be cool if Perkins Rowe just combined w/ Towne Center on Corporate Blvd! Suppose I'm biased since Towne Centers' location is more convenient for students.
  16. Thanks for the update, richyb. Towne Center is really something, and must be a real treat for all those residents around Bocage and Tara. When the business park is finished the Corporate Blvd metamorphosis will be almost complete...any one know if Joe Muggs will follow Books-A-Million? I saw a Books-A-Million in Mississippi that also had a Joe Muggs.
  17. as usual these pics are awesome, otacon.
  18. I'm not really informed about the CC debate in Nashville, so pardon me if this is old news, but I found this on bidclerk today "Site work and new construction of a convention center in Nashville. Design plans are calling for a 105-acre site at an existing facility to house a 400-room hotel and approximately 400,000 square feet of convention, exhibit and ballroom space. Construction is expected to commence in summer 2008. Interested parties should direct inquiries to the owner. "
  19. Nice pics otacon and fellowmann. Here's a pic I found on emporis of the new Westin. Taken 12/31/O6: Westin pic
  20. Nice pic, similar to this one that I found on one of the old threads.
  21. Another update on Bluebonnet's concrete bohemoth. Wampold says details will come out in mid Feb. and that "work" could start as early as April. Advocate article
  22. I've seen that clearing, too. Any renderings? I'm gonna assume the Enclave will rise/sell quickly! It's like developers can't afford to leave this land untouched. It's also amazing how that chunk has become such a draw for upscale BR. What's the story behind Cedar Lodge? I know that Corporate did not always connect to Jefferson.
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