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  1. Good to see new life being breathed into these existing buildings. I'm a sucker for a new tower but also love re-use of existing buildings to the extent possible.
  2. My gosh, there is so much going on in Charlotte it's hard to keep up with. I appreciate all of you guys and gals keeping us updated with photos. If I ever make it over there, beers on me for everyone.
  3. As an outsider non-resident I ask this question......Is there real need to replace the stadium? Seems like it's not that old. Is the owner threatening to leave if the City/County don't help with construction costs? Why doesn't he borrow the money and pay it back (like everyone else) or just pay for it in cash?
  4. KJ's photos made me hungry. This font is not blue.
  5. Don't remember seeing a couple of these renderings. (I apologize if already posted) Clark Nexsen website
  6. Looking forward to seeing this one rise (albeit from afar). Frequent photo updates will be appreciated.
  7. Well I wasn't sure if you just rode a scooter around, so.............
  8. The working theory is that the AAC could potentially add VCU as an Olympic sports only (basketball, baseball, etc.) to offset the loss of UConn basketball while adding a football only member (BYU for example) to offset the loss of UConn football, so VCU wouldn't add a football team for inclusion in the AAC. I know VCU has been very successful and have a nice home in the A-10. Didn't know if playing Temple, Cincinnati, Memphis, Wichita St, etc. would be appealing to the alumni/fan base. (I know ECU basketball doesn't move the needle much, but we're trying).
  9. Love the facade of the bottom portion of this tower. Love the large windows with the black frames.
  10. There already is a tax on car owners who live in or around uptown (and everywhere else for that matter). If you own a car, you pay yearly property tax on it.
  11. Hi guys and gals. I would like to hear your thoughts on the potential for VCU to join the American Athletic Conference (AAC) as a replacement for UConn once they leave for the Big East in a year or two. Would VCU benefit from playing basketball/baseball/olympics in a league with Cincinnati, Temple, Memphis, Wichita St, Houston, SMU, USF, UCF, ECU, Tulane, Tulsa? Would the Richmond area benefit? Could it help the city with a new arena (play marquee games in it vs. on-campus)? Would it bolster VCU applications/admissions? Would VCU be better staying in the A-10 because of significant travel (Tulsa, Wichita, Houston, Dallas, Orlando, Tampa....) costs {which may be more than their current costs} and rivalries/familiarity with A-10 members? The AAC recently earned a 12 year (I think) $1 billion-ish tv deal with ESPN with each full member getting about $7 million per year (part members [NAVY, Wichita St] is less, but not sure how much. Would this be more than VCU currently earns through media? As an ECU alum/fan I would love VCU to be asked to join as I remember VCU from the CAA days. Great basketball and I remember baseball (a sport ECU cares about) being good too. Also, VCU would be the closest AAC school to Greenville, NC ( a travel partner if you will). If this topic is being discussed elsewhere on the Richmond board, please feel free to move it there.
  12. Thanks. Maybe CATS can expedite the expansion of those stations/platforms that need to be expanded. I'm sure the amount and size of TOD's happening or planned would warrant these expansions.
  13. ^^^^^^ Can they add cars to the trains for increased demand? (asked by someone who doesn't live where light rail service is available)
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