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  1. This is a similar type of retail spot in Los Angeles. I notice a Target. I think a Target like this would be successful in Uptown and would be a great draw for Queen City Quarter. Photo: Paul Wright, Flickr
  2. ^^^^^^^^ Is the exterior of the old theatre going to be renovated? Seems like they've not touched it.
  3. Seems like some of his land should have been developed before South End took off.
  4. Silver Line: Airport (station on site) to BoA Stadium to Gateway Station to CTC/Arena to proposed Medical School/Innovation District.
  5. The city needs to cut ties with this sh!t show for their own good.
  6. Congratulations to ODU for the home win against Virginia Tech. Good job Monarchs.
  7. CATS should hit up the retired community. I'd bet there are more than a few retired persons who could and would drive busses and trains or staff various facilities, perform customer service, etc. They'd probably show up every day also, and be on time. Just don't ask them to fix the App issues. Or people transitioning from the military. Many of those fine people may have experience driving various vehicles.
  8. I was in Charlotte the other day getting my daughter settled in to her apartment near UNCC. I purchased (for me) some OMB Hornet's Nest Hefeweizen (which is my favorite beer style). It was great. I plan to go to their Biergarten next time in town. How is it?
  9. I was just kidding. My own team hasn't had much luck against the Sun Belt lately.
  10. So [more] people can see them play Troy and South Alabama.
  11. I know Norfolk, VA doesn't compare to Charlotte, but it has similar situations in its downtown core. There is a plan in place to slowly redevelop the area there in a more dense fashion while keeping some affordable housing.
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