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  1. Half-priced tickets and shuttle service to the Scope to watch the finest minor league hockey?
  2. If this is the case, I don't even want to know what the strippers will look like. (This is meant as a joke, please do not get offended)
  3. I agree, this was sold to voters as a high-end resort styled casino that would transform an industrial/working waterfront and the latest renderings do not bear that out. The latest renderings show a value engineered squat building that looks like a motel rising above a swamp peering into a minor league ball park.
  4. What, were the elevators going to be too expensive? They'll VE this thing to look like a Wal-Mart attached to a parking garage. The city should now be very wary of the viability of this whole project as should we all here be.
  5. Well, anything Cordish would do couldn't be worse could it? I hate everything about this proposed casino. I actually hope it withers and dies.
  6. Welcome to the forum Urbanitetime. It's good to have you here.
  7. This is true. I was like the guy in the commercial where his in-need-of-painting wall was taunting him. I've done more home projects in the last 12 months than in the 10 years prior, including new appliances, deck, fence, furnishings, electronics..........
  8. We drove down N Tryon all the way to uptown (as best as I could tell). We paralleled the tracks for a good ways before it veered away. It is entirely possible that we wouldn't have been able to see some of the trains from our vanatge point. I just found it odd that I didn't notice any.
  9. The UNC Charlotte campus is nice. My daughter liked it, as did I. Some of the area around the campus is sketchy. Leaving the campus and driving down N Tryon St we did not see a light rail train for a very long time. Uptown is cool but South End is cooler. The Truist sign is very visible at night. I liked it. The line at Prices Chicken Coop was too long and I unfortunately didn't have time to wait. Shake Shack was good though,as was Jennies Ice Cream. The weather was beautiful Saturday and the rail trail was fun. We saw a very nice blue Aston Martin in South End. I guess it was either a NFL player, a NBA player or a banking dude. Cool car any way. If you were in the Toyota Corolla honking at my car at the stop light, my wife was driving, not me . I-77 was a disaster but the other interstates and highways weren't too bad. I saw a guy walking down the street with 3 boxes of Krispy Kreme doughnuts. I yelled to my wife, "That must be KJ!" She replied, "Who the hell is KJ?" The new towers in South End really stretch the skyline nicely. Hopefully any new towers don't go too much taller. I'd rather see many more 8 to 12 floor buildings than a few taller ones. I appreciate everyone here who posts pictures but things are much bigger and more dense in person. FNB tower, Honeywell, Deloitte and Ally are much taller in real life than they look in pictures. The Lowes tech tower is beautiful and fits well (I think) in South End. I didn't get to explore as much as I wanted to but had a nice but brief visit. If my daughter chooses UNC-C that would be fine with me because then I could visit more. People with South Carolina plates drive very fast.I drive in Virginia a lot and thought they drove fast. They don't have anything on SC folks.
  10. I saw this building today in real life for the first time. Honestly it looked better to me than it does in the photos.
  11. I was on I-77 today. What a goat screw that road is. It was awful 30 miles north of Charlotte. Of course, I'm not from the area so maybe it isn't usually that bad. I guess I was surprised how much traffic, and how many slow downs there were for a Thursday early afternoon. If I was smart enough to figure it out I guess I could have used the express lanes .
  12. carolinaboy

    UP Forum Meetups

    I'll be in town next week visiting UNCC with my daughter. I'll miss a late April meet-up but would love to meet you guys and gals some day. I've been on UP a long time and this place feels like family (especially the Charlotte and Norfolk, VA boards for me).
  13. Semi OT: Could this development cause UNC Charlotte to expand their uptown campus/presence?
  14. I like this development. It might be small for Charlotte but it would dominate my town. Would love to have something half that size in my town.
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