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  1. carolinaboy

    Norfolk Light Rail and Transit

    That would be a shame. It needs to go to population/ridership areas like ODU and the base for sure.
  2. carolinaboy

    Casino in Norfolk

    I'm still in the camp that the area can not support multiple casinos, nor should it be pursuing multiple casinos. There should be one that doesn't have competition. I'm afraid if there were multiple, neither would be as successful as it could be without competition.
  3. carolinaboy

    Norfolk Gateway

    Nice. I'm ready to see some steel rise!
  4. carolinaboy

    Casino in Norfolk

    Yes, this will complicate things for sure.
  5. carolinaboy

    Norfolk Stores and Retail and Resturants

    MacArthur rebirthed downtown. Without it, most of what has happened down there in the last 15 years wouldn't have. They need to add traffic generating businesses and ones for normal people. Target, a grocer, etc. I would hate to see it go.
  6. carolinaboy

    Getting ready for 2019

    ODU football stadium construction will be a positive step. I'd like to hear something about SCOPE renovations/implosion proceeding. I'd like something firm on light rail expansion routes (if it hasn't been firmed up already). I'd like downtown to show positive absorption of all the new apartments. I'd like to see something announced on the Snyder lot. Doesn't have to be flashy, just urban in scale and design (that's a great parcel). I'd like to see the Starwood project commence. I'd like to see a downtown grocery. I'd like to see an urban Target at MacArthur Mall, possibly replacing Nordstrom.
  7. carolinaboy

    Casino in Norfolk

    I could see a casino being an additional tourist draw to the area. Folks coming to the beach anyway might like a night at the casino in Norfolk. I say let them build, if nothing more than to tick VB off.
  8. carolinaboy

    Casino in Norfolk

    Great idea. Not sure of the location. I'm sure waterfront with light rail stop is the primary draw for this location. Fort Norfolk area seems like a great place for this, except light rail stop is pretty far from the waterfront there. If someone thinks it's viable (didn't read article), I say let them go for it.
  9. carolinaboy

    Norfolk Gateway

    I do not want the NS tower to be turned into residential at all and I don't think it will be. Perhaps ADP could occupy it and move (completely) their HQ here. The Gateway tower seems to have been a personal project of a local business so I don't see NS being vacant or available cancelling Gateway. Still though, one never knows. I think when Gaddams turned the office building into Icon it actually helped the need for something like Gateway.
  10. carolinaboy

    Austin Economy/Culture/Growth/Whatever

    Love your updates The ATX. Hope to see more soon.
  11. carolinaboy

    Norfolk Pictures

    Source: The Virginian Pilot I'd say Norfolk has come back nicely since 1966.
  12. carolinaboy

    Norfolk Pictures

    Norfolk went from dense, urban cityscape to (almost) barren wasteland pretty fast. Which makes where it is today all-the-more impressive. Would love to have some of that old character back.
  13. carolinaboy

    New ODU Stadium

    I think I'll be making a trip there next season.........and sit in the Visitors section waving my ________ flag!