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  1. Convention center, casino, mixed-use are all better options than a dead mall. Do this right by having residential to bring more full-time residents downtown. A convention center to bring customers for downtown businesses and hotels. A casino to make it "an exciting place". Keep some retail tenants facing the streets. Then upgrade Scope and Chrysler Hall. All great things to help re-energize downtown. These are all things the City can do. I would bet a new convention center and casino in the heart of downtown would interest hotel developers.
  2. As much as I hate to say it, I never thought a new arena should be built anyway. There is no major league team from any sport (new, expansion or relocating) that is going to locate here. Move forward with renovating Scope. At least it may be a catalyst for additional growth/development in downtown.
  3. Shouldn't this show the powers-that-be how imperative the new station at Gateway is? Forget the other development on the site if the market isn't there but get moving with the station.
  4. I think it's cool that a lot of you folks can walk around and see your city changing daily.
  5. This project hurts my brain. Does the $88 million include the hotel tower or is that just for the theatre renovation?
  6. Will the new library and the existing old church be open to each other? A few years ago in Norfolk, VA the city built a new very modern library adjacent to a very old building and integrated the two. It is very lovely and interesting with one part being classic and the other side modern. Picture below.
  7. Was in Charlotte this weekend visiting my daughter. Highlights included finally getting to explore in the Plaza Midwood, Elizabeth and Commonwealth Park areas. Very neat urban neighborhoods. Beautiful fall foliage. We love the rows of bungalows and homes. Very reminiscent of where I live (architecturally). My wife and I love the houses setback on their little hills. Keep in mind I live on the coast where we have no hills so a house a few feet higher than street level may as well be on a mountain to me. Went to Repo Records. Very extensive selection of vinyl and CD's. Found a few good 80's finds. Basically walked around some areas and drove through others. Very pleasant afternoon. Hit some small shops and a cool vintage place. One thing I notice in Charlotte that I'm not used to is people are so "busy". Slow down ya'll Had a great time and will explore some more areas next time. Also, holy smokes, there are apartment buildings going up everywhere. Reminded of me of Wings stores at the beach........a new one on every corner.
  8. Is that a crane base in the left of the last photo? If so, add it to the list.
  9. How much of the growth in Austin is attributable to the tech industry? Are there other sectors contributing to the job growth in Austin? What would the effects be in Austin if the tech industry had a downturn? I don't know much about Austin but my perception is heavily skewed towards tech. I would guess some governmental as well. Energy? Oil? I know I've heard a lot about Oracle, Dell, Amazon, Google, Facebook, etc. there.
  10. That's exciting. Great building as proposed, will be awesome ten floors taller.
  11. OT: I'm excited about the Vela development and still excited about Intercontinental.
  12. Isn't there a crane base at Queensbridge? Does that count?
  13. Thanks. My azimuth was in the wrong quadrant.
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