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  1. My guess is because it's adjacent to the new bus transit center. I could be wrong.
  2. I agree. Structured parking and retail would be better. I don't really get the suburban vibe. I like the brick and the art/sculpture.
  3. This building has grown on me. I definitely like the flat top better.
  4. IMHO this arena should only be allowed to be located in Norfolk. If VA Beach gets it, there needs to be a REQUIREMENT that Light-rail be run to it from the existing terminus. Just my 2 cents.
  5. I am fine with these. At least they add some density and infill some empty blocks, which I feel is what the market can bare at the moment.
  6. Fake. Plastic. No maintenance. Hobby Lobby has a great selection. This font is not blue.
  7. The Tide was dealt a blow when Virginia Beach decided to not participate. A light-rail from the oceanfront to downtown Norfolk then to the Navy base would be heavily used (IMHO). As it is now, Norfolk has been alone in light rail. One of the reasons the ridership is low is the system primarily goes through downtown Norfolk, where there isn't a huge population. If it were extended to the base, to Virginia Beach or to Chesapeake ridership would explode. I live in the Hampton Roads metro and applaud Norfolk for having the balls to do it. Downtown Norfolk is fabulous by-the-way. It has had a renaissance in the last 20 years that is very impressive. One of the things light rail has delivered on in Charlotte is the development happening along the line. TOD has not happened all that much for the Tide.
  8. Some places have regulations against signs that have video/movement/flashing, etc. as to not distract motorists. I'm not sure if the crown is considered a sign or not but with it's proximity to the interstate I could see video/movement not being allowed. Just spit-balling. I have no idea if the city would consider this a sign and prohibit video, etc.
  9. Someone tried to sneak a picture of Charlotte into the Austin page (photo by corvairkeith)
  10. I very much looking forward to this view in a couple of years with Honeywell, FNB, Duke, Intercontinental, Lennar, Lowes Tech and East-West towers included.
  11. carolinaboy


    Seems a bit early in construction for pipe laying.
  12. If that mall dies/fails it will really hurt all the progress that's been made. That mall (IMHO) is what started bringing people back to downtown who didn't work in DT. Not really worried about the mixed-use component, more concerned now about the mall.
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