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  1. The RailYard

  2. The RailYard

  3. Hampton Roads Off-Topic Talk

    My post is just one man's opinion and I stand by it. You're right though, the individual cities promote themselves over the idea of being in "Hampton Roads" and I wish the region cooperated better.
  4. Hampton Roads Off-Topic Talk

    Yeah, neither Tidewater nor Hampton Roads do much for me. Tidewater sounds too red-neck (to me) and Hampton Roads doesn't really pinpoint the place. Hampton? Where is Hampton? How many people actually know where our Hampton is? If there is to be actual "regionalism" maybe a better regional name should be used. The Colonial Coast has a nice ring (to me). How about Founder's Bay? I also like the idea of merging areas (seriously). The southside cities should merge (Norfolk, Portsmouth, urban Virginia Beach and urban Chesapeake) and be called "Norfolk". The rural areas can become "Princess Anne County". Suffolk can remain independent. Hampton and Newport News should merge with Williamsburg and the whole city should be called "Williamsburg". I think that would be awesome. 2 major cities, Norfolk and Williamsburg on opposite sides of the water. Then the "region" could be called Colonial Coast or Founder's Bay, etc and it would make sense (in modern times). If Norfolk, VB and Portsmouth were one entity it would instantly become one of the largest cities in the US and would have to be dealt with as such. Same for the other side of the water.
  5. St. Paul's Quadrant

    1. Is the city going to redevelop this area (since they own the land) or are they going to sell land to private developers to develop or enter into PPP's with developers? My ideal scenario would be to sell tracts to the private sector and let it be developed that way. I think we would get more dense, market-defined, better quality development that way. 2. This is going to take time so let's be patient. 3. The worst thing that can happen is to re-concentrate poverty elsewhere in the city. I hope the city doesn't end up building new public housing elsewhere to placate the current residents.
  6. Norfolk Off-Topic

    Good. Maybe this type of data will help push a developer to create some TOD along the light-rail line or possibly an apartment "tower" or two in downtown Norfolk.
  7. Dollar Tree Tower Progress

    January 10, 2018 View 2
  8. Dollar Tree Tower Progress

    Cladding going on 12/29/2017
  9. Norfolk Off-Topic

    Come on guys. Enough with the doom and gloom. Downtown Norfolk has exploded with great development over the last few years. Anyone who doesn't think so isn't paying attention. No 500 foot tall shiny towers? So what. We have had many refurbished buildings and some new ones too. Light rail, library, train station, transit center, Hilton, new apartment buildings, Granby Street renaissance... Soon to have River tower (TOWER!), CHKD building, EVMS building, Buddy's apartments near the art museum......Things are happening just maybe not Amazon HQ2 level stuff.
  10. Norfolk Development 2

    1. I hope with the proximity to the Museum of Art, the design and materials are appropriate and well done. 2. How many apartments was Granby Tower going to be? Could this be a potential site for a Granby Toweresque project? The lot/block seems big enough. 3. A tall mixed-use building here would have great views over downtown to the south. 4. It's about time Buddy does something spectacular. 5. I won't be let down if it's not a high rise as long as it builds the community fabric and brings life to its surrounding area.
  11. Scope Renovations

    Pilot Article Chrysler Hall
  12. Norfolk Development 2

    Merge? No. Cooperate more? Yes.
  13. Beach Dome Site Proposals

    My thought also. There has to be something better that can be developed here. Now it seems like the city will go for ANYTHING. Including an artificial beach two blocks away from the real one.
  14. Norfolk Development 2

    A joint Norfolk-Portsmouth Harbor Fest would be a great start. That would be cool.