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  1. I'll be on this site tomorrow morning ready for the information you guys talk about tonight. Looking forward to some big news and scoops you guys have.
  2. So the Planning Commission is recommending density along future/identified light rail/transportation corridors? I like that.
  3. Yes, that is common for folks who frequent Urban Planet and other urban development-centric web resources.
  4. I thought it would be fun to post images/examples about your "dream development" for Norfolk. It can be anything you would like to see. We often disagree about specific developments and it is interesting to hear different views on each. I'll start with one of mine. This is an image of a 26 floor residential tower soon to be built in Charlotte. I would like it for Norfolk for many reasons. 1. I love the architectural style and think it fits great within an older historic downtown like Norfolk. I love the brick. 2. I love the height. At 26 floors it would be substantially t
  5. I quite like it. A nice mix of housing types and looks walkable. I like the open areas/tree-lined streets. I think it fits that part of town very well. Maybe this could push future more dense development (i.e. residential mid to high rise) into downtown proper (where it belongs).
  6. As a die-hard ECU Pirate (whose daughter is a 49er) what I would prefer happen now that Houston, Cincinnati and UCF are leaving the American: ECU, Temple, Navy, Memphis, USF, Tulane, SMU, Tulsa and Wichita State (Olympic sports already) are joined by Boise State, Colorado State, Air Force, San Diego State and Virginia Commonwealth (olympic sports). What could happen: Navy goes independent. SMU, USF and Memphis join the Big 12. Wichita State goes back to Missouri Valley Conference. ECU, Temple, Tulane, Tulsa form a new conference and add Marshall, Charlotte, Appalachian Stat
  7. It was better than three lights, yes. It just caught me by surprise because I'd never been there before.
  8. OT, but on a recent return trip home from Charlotte, I pulled off of I-85 north in China Grove. Boy howdy there was a gaggle of roundabouts. It was odd to me and difficult to navigate being from out of the area. Anyone know where I'm talking about?
  9. Appalachian State didn't win. Fake news. Hooray for the 49ers. It was my daughters first game as a new 49er student. At least one of my teams won (I guess I have to cheer for Charlotte now).
  10. I am a big fan of the design of this building.
  11. I think the Intercontinental as shown in the renderings is beautiful. I hope to see it eventually built elsewhere uptown if not ultimately at this site.
  12. My daughter just started school there and according to what I saw in the student store, the University was founded in 1946. I could be wrong though.
  13. My daughter's university has 2 light rail stations making access to uptown very convenient. Would be awesome for Norfolk and ODU if they could get light rail up there. Would be a game-changer.
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