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  1. According to this article, Armada Hoffler is suspending 3 projects including Ten Tryon. https://seekingalpha.com/news/3553296-armada-hoffler-to-defer-three-projects-two-stay-on-schedule?utm_medium=email&utm_source=seeking_alpha&mail_subject=ahh-armada-hoffler-to-defer-three-projects-two-stay-on-schedule&utm_campaign=rta-stock-news&utm_content=link-3
  2. Holy "urban renewal" Batman.
  3. Elon Musk is looking for factory sites for his truck and the Model Y. What's the old Ford plant being used for? Could Norfolk be a possibility? https://www.motortrend.com/news/tesla-cybertruck-factory-search-model-y-plant/?wc_mid=4035:18671&wc_rid=4035:35072911&_wcsid=1F4FFDB50D821E7D44A2F56AAF617939093E60917C2181CD
  4. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I've been waiting for more pictures. Love it.
  5. This building and the new Duke Energy tower are my two favorites happening anywhere.
  6. Beautiful design and very interesting.
  7. I'm not arguing, and you may be right. I used to live in a city in NC. Now I live out in the county. When I lived in the city my taxes were nearly double (because I paid city and county tax). That may be partially due to the city rate may have been higher. The point I'm trying to make is when I lived in the city I paid tax for city Police and County Sheriff. Now that I live in the county I only pay for Sheriff. Don't assume all services would be equitably split by a city and county. Each entity would levy taxes to cover their expenses.
  8. In North Carolina if you live in a city or town you pay taxes to both the city/town and the county. If you do not live in an incorporated city or town you only pay taxes to the county. It would seem to me (unless Virginia is different) that if you live in the city of Norfolk which is in X County you would pay taxes to the city and the county. Of course, I could be wrong.
  9. Just me thinking out loud here. With apparent declining retail for MacArthur Mall (like a lot of malls), could it be possible to re-purpose most of the mall to act again as a catalyst for downtown growth? keep the structured parking get an urban Target in one of the anchor spaces retrofit the building for better ground floor and street accessible retail for those retailers that can and want to stay retrofit the building with the 15k to 18k multi-purpose arena. retrofit the building to include a new convention center use the vacant anchor lot for a concept like the Starwood proposal/idea 2 light rail stops are in the immediate vicinity (no need to extend light-rail to not served areas) rewards Hilton and other developers who have taken financial risks by locating downtown right in the heart of downtown Norfolk easy access from the interstates Scope can stay as-is (historic/architecturally significant structure) proximity to the waterfront proximity to Granby Street and downtown commercial streets could help spur redevelopment in SPQ located centrally in the region water/sewer/electric/fiber infrastructure probably in place (I figure a mall has to have quite a bit of water/sewer capacity available) proximity to other attractions like Harbor Park, MacArthur Memorial, Nauticus and Battleship Wisconsin, Town Point Park, Scope and Chrysler Hall, Opera House, Chrysler Museum, Zoo, Botanical Garden, etc. (not stuck out somewhere where visitors don't have easy access to these things) would bring a lot of people downtown for hotels, food, shopping, etc. The arena could try to get MEAC, A-10, C-USA, NCAA tournaments What say you?
  10. The last thing you guys need is another layer of governmental bureaucracy. If there were a "county" incorporating say Norfolk, VA Beach and Chesapeake wouldn't that county have to levy taxes to operate (in addition to the taxes levied by the "cities" that make-up the county)? Certainly that would be a non-starter for most people. I don't think the answer to "regional cooperation" is to create another/additional government to force/mandate it. I think the answer to "regional cooperation" is for the existing cities to coordinate with each other on major initiatives that have regional implications and support them if they can (as opposed to cock-blocking them). This however depends on politics, which we have seen doesn't always mean cooperation or support.
  11. Remind me whats happening at or to the Convention Center. There's so much going on all over town I can't remember what's happening here.
  12. I bet that chicken is a real jerk. I'm sorry.
  13. Darn, my ECU Pirates were supposed to play Appalachian State there that day. Big FU to all parties involved in this travesty (but I'm a realist I understand the implications of having Georgia- Clemson in town or ECU-App State).
  14. Buddy got burned with the failed Granby Tower. He got his high-rise with the Icon. He's not going to put another high-rise on this property. Looks like it will be five floors (wood framed) on top of a concrete podium. Code only allows five floors of wood on top of a podium. If he wanted to go higher (say 6+ floors) he would have to use different material and the cost would probably be prohibitive. Infill development is very effective in creating urbanity, even if the design is some-what "suburban".
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