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  1. Amazing what some good infill development will do for the urban landscape. I like it.
  2. Things the city could focus on during this "development downturn": Abandon the idea of a new arena. Go ahead and put the money into the up-fit of both Scope and Chrysler Hall. That site could be a fabulous public park/amenity area anchored by an upgraded Scope and Chrysler Hall. Get the linear park in Saint Paul's quadrant going. Providing new, modern park space connecting areas is important. Get the waterfront promenade near Harbor Park going. An extended river walk would be good. Do the relatively easy place-building things in downtown. Benches, lighting, water fountains, dog park, level sidewalks, signage and way-finding upgrades, art (sculpture, murals, interactive), landscaping, hardscaping, bike lanes..... Find a way to get light rail to ODU, the Navy base, Military Circle area and ORF. Use light-rail as a people moving tool rather than an economic-development tool. Do BRT to these areas if there isn't any and the city can't find the money for light-rail. Continue to make upgrades to ORF including finding a way to get a parallel runway. Just a few random thoughts I had.
  3. An apartment that comes with a free subscription to a beer-of-the-month-but-only-if-it's-an-IPA-club.
  4. Any sense that the Charlotte market is being over-saturated with apartment developments?
  5. Can you show us the posts about the Eastland facility options that specifically mentioned race? I only see one poster who mentions race and it's not KJ. If it's going to be called out it should be at least a real post.
  6. Totally unnecessary. Maybe you should consider how you interact with other posters from time-to-time. You seem to only view topics from one point of view.
  7. I know this is a bit off-topic but Queens University of Charlotte hosted #12 ranked East Carolina in a baseball game yesterday in Kannapolis. It took 10 innings for the Pirates to prevail. Really good outing by Queens. On -topic: East Carolina is returning to Charlotte later in the season to play UNC Charlotte at Truist Field. That would be a good game to go to if you city-slickers want to watch two pretty good college baseball teams. Go Pirates.
  8. Congratulations KJ. I am always astounded when you bring the knowledge of such places far away from Charlotte as Currituck, Corolla, Elizabeth City, etc. Thank you for all your contributions. You are a true gentleman.
  9. Can you tell if what was filed for is consistent with the latest renderings?
  10. He cares enough about his neighborhood to criticize issues he sees. I appreciate your immense contributions here CLT Development, but your response was a little over-the-top.
  11. I think the new apartments (several that I know of) being constructed or proposed in downtown, the eventual redevelopment of the Saint Pauls area from a pocket of concentrated poverty to a more diverse, walkable neighborhood area and the potential arena all do much more for the future of downtown than a casino. More people living downtown, using light rail, going to retailers, restaurants, etc. can only help keep and lure some more. Norfolk will loose businesses but also gain some back. That's the nature of the market. Places for people to live, place-making, infrastructure improvements is where the city needs to focus/promote. Some things are just out of their control like the whims of a casino developer. Move on to the things that can be done. Fix existing problems before dumping public money into the fortunes of someone else.
  12. I just don't think the area can support two casinos. I think Headwaters just got beat out of the market by the one in Portsmouth and they can no longer build anything other than the "temporary" one, if even that. You guys can stick a fork in this project. It's done. Congratulations to Portsmouth I guess.
  13. This block, the Enterprise block and Wake Forest Med School tower(s) will be very transformative developments for Charlotte/Uptown/SouthEnd. Can't wait to see these get started.
  14. They need a Pins Mechanical. Went to one in Charlotte this weekend and had a blast. Lots of arcade games from my youth.
  15. I'll show my old guy ignorance here, what is an Elite?
  16. The Spectrum property as got to be one desirable property right now, no? Anyone hearing anything about it?
  17. The only place walkable in Virginia Beach is the oceanfront resort area. Norfolk (in the same metro) is immensely more walkable, dense and urban. And no Charleston, SC on this list? I can't believe Charleston has less "walkable urbanism" than Las Vegas or Orlando or Virginia Beach..... Charlotte at #13 has probably benefited from the growth of SouthEnd.
  18. I don't recognize the steel going up in the first picture. Which project is that?
  19. If the final product is anything like the two buildings are shown in the video that will be amazing. Very beautiful buildings.
  20. If the measure of success for light-rail in Charlotte is economic development, obviously it has been a grand slam. If the measure of success for light-rail in Charlotte is people moving, obviously it has been a strike out. Transit is an investment no doubt. I've stated that before in these threads (that light-rail should be treated as a long-term investment). But do you double down on an investment if it isn't paying off in terms of actual transit? Or do you press ahead knowing the investment pay-off is future economic development? Maybe a light-rail line from the airport to the future Gateway Station should be the extent of the next phase.
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