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  1. Feels good to see some construction activity.
  2. UNC Charlotte's future conference (American Athletic Conference, AAC) has a participant in the college football playoff this year (Cincinnati). Last year the AAC had a basketball Final Four participant. If UNC Charlotte makes a commitment to grow it's athletic programs and facilities, there is a path for the same success for them in the AAC. #Power6
  3. I like how the sign says "For your safety walk with a friend."
  4. When we visited UNC Charlotte I thought the architecture was pretty. My daughter and wife think the campus is beautiful also (especially from a vegetation standpoint). Much better than a couple of state universities we visited IMHO. The clock tower near the basketball arena, meh. I think my daughter's dorm is pretty cool looking (which looks alot like the new Moore Hall).
  5. This was my general thought that I couldn't articulate. Thanks.
  6. Would be really great for UNC Charlotte to be given priority to develop a medical and/or law school.
  7. I'm all for a new large and tall office tower but I'm beginning to wonder if South End is the appropriate place for such height. I think a tower of this magnitude would be an albatross in South End and would much rather see it in Uptown proper. I understand the magnetic pull of South End but have mixed feelings about a building this size there. A block away from a light rail stop I see. I get it.
  8. This is my favorite building under construction and may be my favorite in Charlotte. The Intercontinental may become my favorite when/if construction commences though.
  9. WAY OT: There is a similar defunct mill in my town. I wish someone would renovate and re-use it. Now back to regularly scheduled programming.
  10. That's like reading Egyptian hieroglyphs. You supply your own vowels. Also kind of resembles a cartouche.
  11. Most folks where I live would say, "I could never imagine living in a big, crazy city like Chapel Hill." Everything IS relative. Rural has positives and negatives. Suburban has positives and negatives. Urban has positives and negatives. My next-door-neighbors just retired from New York City (both had jobs in the city) and they like the "country" so far. That may change over time. I'm from the "country" but am equally comfortable in an urban environment. That's not to say I would want to live in one though Sorry if I took this more off-topic.
  12. It looks like the building is wearing a bow-tie. I like it.
  13. Forgive me if this is a stupid question but will Gateway Station replace the CTC (I think that's what it's called)? The website says "Gateway Station is located at Graham and West 4th Street in Uptown Charlotte. It will be a transformative intermodal project that connects the city of Charlotte's streetcar, taxi, bus, ridesharing, bicycle and pedestrian, and passenger rail services. I know I have read threads where people discuss getting rid of the CTC but I didn't realize this project may actually do that.
  14. Who is building the casino in Danville? Who is building (maybe) the casiNO in NOrfolk?
  15. Don't know how the Sun Belt does their tournaments but ODU should try to get the basketball tournament (play at ODU's arena and/or the Scope) and the baseball tournament (play at Harbor Park) to come to Norfolk. It seems the Sun Belt could also sponsor men's soccer again. That would be Coastal Carolina, Georgia State, Georgia Southern, Marshall (defending national champion) Old Dominion and James Madison. Also, the Sun Belt could try to lure South Carolina, Kentucky and West Virginia for men's soccer.
  16. Each city is it's own legal/corporate entity. Although it would be great for more inter-city cooperation I don't know if it should be expected. Each city has it's own elected officials, management, etc. Each has their own vision of its future. Each has it's own means and ways. What is the cooperation like between other neighboring cities that make up the same metro? How well do Raleigh and Durham cooperate? How well do Richmond and Petersburg cooperate? Tampa and St Petersburg? I guess I just don't know. For large projects with obvious benefits to each city, there should be as much cooperation to the extent possible. But VA Beach shouldn't be beholden to Norfolk just to make something happen and vise-versa.
  17. 1. There is some talk of MTSU and W Kentucky going MAC. 2. No. College ball is better in on-campus stadiums. Charlotte has the space to expand and they should.
  18. I'm hearing ODU and one of Liberty or JMU also to the Sun Belt.
  19. There are no more NC schools unless Elon or NC A&T move up. 4 in the ACC, 2 in the American and 1 in the Sun Belt
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