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  1. I was always under the impression that it was known as Portland Jetport.
  2. The pics I saw were of the new concourse and one of the pedestrian bridges connecting to the garage.
  3. Does anyone have pics of the construction process for the new Embraer Northeast Service Center at Bradley? Where is it located on the airports property?
  4. I've noticed that Aeromexico has been flying CUN-BDL every Friday since the beginning of this year...is this a new seasonal?
  5. Hate to be the guy with bad new, but I just read an article that said that Newburgh Int'l (Newburgh, NY) had their #1 in charge just come back from Europe....with the possibility of direct service by the end of this year. Apparently 12 unnamed airlines were "in talks"....mostly LLC's or charter airlines. This is NOT good for Bradley....AT ALL! If this actually happens BDL-AMS could be toast.
  6. Do you mean that they want to tear the airport down completely? As in....no more airport at all? Cause if that's the case you've got some people with massive brain damage over there in CT
  7. Not much to say about the article except for the fact that I like it....and that the 3 destinations mentioned (San Diego, San Fran, and Seattle) ARE destinations needed. The best bet for SD is probably Southwest; SF is probably United or Southwest(consider O&D numbers from BOTH SFO and OAK for the area); and Seattle is up in the air....maybe northwest. Concerning the UK....I'd say RyanAirs' new planned start up to Stansted or Dublin would be the best bet. Don't really see one of our domestic carriers flying either of those routes....and definitely not a major Int'l (i.e. Aer Lingus, British Airways, BMI) Good luck to Bradley with their plans. I hope everything go the way they would like it to.
  8. Afraid so....US Airways usually has a Saturday only flight, but that's a seasonal thing
  9. Well, unfortunately it can't all be blamed on them. Some of it has to do with the location; It's a good and bad thing at the same time. You would think some airlines (Delta, Northwest) would maybe use Bradley as a smaller feeder airport to Europe. Northwest does it slightly with flights connecting to AMS, but our location should be utilized much more than it is. We advertise as a less crowded, hassle free, second option to BOS, JFK, EWR, and LGA, but we don't have the connecting routes that would make more people choose to come to BDL instead. It's stupid to think that we can lure people from bigger airports that have many more non-stop routes without having some of the same that passengers would want (which is where the DOT and Kiran from the BDL board come in to play). The bad part about our location IS our location....too close to better options(as of now). I think if the DOT gets shaken up a little it would help us greatly with our status as a destination and feeder airport in the future.
  10. I see what you mean, but I don't necessarily think that they'd choose to pay $$$$ for two airports if they could get away with just one. Remember, RyanAir has hubs that are in most cases not immediately close to the city they're advertising the destination for. Ex. Frankfurt-Hahn airport is 75 miles West of Frankfurt, Barcelona-Girona is 63 miles North of Barcelona, Oslo-Torp is 70 miles South, and Stockholm is 62 miles South.... So, who's to say that 100 miles from both Boston and NYC is all bad. It's not THAT different from the ones mentioned above. However, don't be surprised that if they do decide to make their eastern hub at BDL they advertise it as NYC-Boston Airport etc.
  11. just a thought....but I just had an idea. I think Kiran and the rest of BDL board members should be trying to lure in RyanAtlantic to Bradley for an American base of operations. It's close to both NYC and Boston and is also not major airport, which is what they're looking for. Columbus already had representatives go and talk to RyanAir this past summer. We should get on the ball if not on it already. The European destinations are thought to include Dublin, London (Stansted), Frankfurt (Hahn), and Barcelona.
  12. I already posted this a few months back. but I thought since this was brought up again I'd bring it back. Here are some names I came up with for Bradley if they ever do decide to change the name. 1) Hartford International Eugene M. Bradley Airport 2) Hartford International Bradley Airport 3) Eugene Bradley Hartford International Airport 4) Hartford - Bradley International Airport 5) Hartford International Airport at Bradley Field 6) Eugene M. Bradley International Airport 7) Hartford International Airport
  13. oh, I knew about this, but didn't know Delta had been given the green light. thanks for the update.
  14. I can't see pdf files....so what is the link about?
  15. I still think there's a possibility of getting Air Jamaica to BDL. BDL-KIN with a A320 would do the trick I think. If not Air Jamaica there's always Delta.
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