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    Mall and Lifestyle Centers are destination. What I am seeing here is not a destination. I will still go to the movies at the Tallahassee Mall, go to PetCo and the like near Governor's Square mall. I am very disappointed with this project. I figured it would be like the center I saw in Fayetteville. Instead it is just the same Old Navy/BBB/Pet store Strip Mall I have seen up and down the florida coast. Edited to add to Florida's post. I am not looking at the foot print. I am looking at the anchor stores. I assumed there will be more Mall-like stores. Instead there are stores that I will park go into, get what i need and leave. No reason to linger. I need cat food. I don't need to go to the sporting goods store. Where is this place again?
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    I do wish they would put a overhang, cover, or something between the rest of the mall and Shoe Carnival. I hate having to run though the rain.
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    I don't mind the walk but crossing the street between BBB and SA is difficult, especially during peak times.
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    I don't mind walking but I do mind getting wet (from both sweat and rain). When I walked around the Promenade it was a lovely fall day. Windy, cool, and Sunny. I wouldn't go if it was rainy. There really wasn't much parking near ALL the shops, so if you needed to go to one particular store, you'd have to walk. It works in NW Arkansas area because they only had one little mall before this development. And I also think it doesn't rain as much as it does here. I don't know how a Tallahassee one would compete with Governor's Square in the Summer.
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    There is a nice Lifestyle center in Rogers, AR. Sort of like a mall that is outside. Bath and Body works, Dillards, etc. It looks nice and is pleasant to walk around in good weather. I couldn't find any good pictures of it on line. UrbanPlanet saves the day! http://www.urbanplanet.org/forums/Pinnacle...ade-t15185.html
  6. No clue. State Agencies try to order stuff from PRIDE. I picked out what I wanted and they ordered it.
  7. My current work desk was build by pride. It's decent stuff.
  8. Thanks! http://games.groups.yahoo.com/group/TallahasseeVampire/ Trying to find an unobtrusive way of crediting you for the pick.
  9. TJ? Can I borrow one of your night shots for a message board? It's the one named SonyShots11 that is of the downtown area.
  10. And Good Afternoon to you!
  11. What kind of condition is it in (if you are being serious )?
  12. Been busy with life. Trying to put everything back together. Does anyone have a couch they are selling?
  13. There is a Tallahassee LJ page too. Though it isn't as active at the FSU_noles one (people not from FSU use that group alot for general Tallahassee questions).
  14. What does one use the coffee house for? It seems like we already cover alot of the topics I see in other coffee houses (Resturants, entertainment, etc). Of course alot of the other areas seem to be more focused on contruction while we look at Tallahassee as a whole.
  15. I don't mean to dig up a dead topic but I figured I should throw in my two cents. I was born in raised in the Palm Beach County Area. I attended college at FSU in Tallahassee. So I have seen both sides of the issue. I think that it is less that South Florida -Central Florida also- is very different that Tallahassee, but that Tallahassee is very different that the rest of the state. Compared to the rest of the Florida, Tallahassee is very isolated. Most of the people in the south go from major metro to major metro with out any thought. For example, when I lived in West Palm Beach, I attended a concert in Ft. Lauderdale. There was no major planning involved; you just have to leave a bit earlier. I believe it is a similar thing with Tampa/Orlando. In Tallahassee, the closest major metro is about 3 hours away. Visiting Pensacola/Jacksonville is a major undertaking that takes all day. Also, there is little or no urban development between Tallahasse and the other major metros. Just a whole crap load of trees. In addition, I also noticed that many Tallahassee residents visit other states when they go on vacation. They rarely if ever go futher south than Disney World (this is from what I have seen. take it as you will). Basically, many people in Tallahassee don't experience the rest of Florida. You would think that the elected representatives from the South and Central Florida would help with the gap between the capital and the rest of the state, but I don't see that happening. Things are changing though. If you look at the Tallahassee forum, you see a lot of new projects and ideas coming to fruitation. However you also see many of the posters frustrated by backwards local governments and NIMBY residents. The idea of making South Florida it's own state is a nice idea, but that would be like cutting off your face because your nose is stuffed up. I think the rest of Florida just needs to poke at the capital a bit and try to work together. I think it would work much better than everyone trading names with each other. That was alot more than two cents. Hopefully I didn't piss anyone off.
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