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  1. West Greenville Village

    This is going to have a huge effect on the surrounding neighborhood. Excited to see this development start. Construction to start early summer with apartments ready by the end of 2019. https://www.greenvilleonline.com/story/news/2018/02/17/woodside-mill-become-apartments/338786002/
  2. The State of Downtown Retail

    Not sure if this is exactly retail but... looks like The Playwright Pub which just recently changed its name to The Broad and River Pub has closed down. An expensive failure that one.
  3. The State of Downtown Retail

    Noticed the other day that the Pita Pit was closed. It always seemed to do good business.
  4. West Greenville Village

    This is great to see. It will have a real impact on that community.
  5. Stone Avenue/North End

    Looks like work is starting at West Park Ave and Townes. Site work going on there today.
  6. Poinsett Highway

    I drove by yesterday and most of this building has been demolished. Not sure if they are planning on saving it after all. There was only a portion of the front left.
  7. Poinsett Highway

    Site work has started on the new big distribution center behind the Goodwill.
  8. Poinsett Highway

    Construction has started on the lot directly opposite IPA at Rutherford and Poinsett. They have ripped up the concrete and are grading. Anyone know what is going in there.
  9. Pete Hollis Gateway

    This is a great project to see. More growth along the corridor and an extension of the Swamp Rabbit trail. Excited to see a brewery in there. Hampton Station
  10. The State of Downtown Retail

    Cianciola's Grocers and Deli closing. Unfortunately I think a bad spot when you have Jersey Mikes and Subway close by that are cheaper. Sad to see an independent business close though.
  11. Poinsett Highway

    This is great news. Hopefully a sign of more redevelopment to happen along Poinsett Highway Greenco Beverage Distribution Center
  12. Rails to Trails

    A 5.5 acre site is up for rezoning from Industrial to Residential right next to where the Swamp Rabbit crosses over E. Bramlett Rd near Legacy Charter School and E Parker Rd. Will be good to see some new residential over this side of town and another positive effect of the Swamp Rabbit Trail.
  13. New Greenville developments

    If you click on the Agenda, there is an active link in the agenda that opens up the applications
  14. Rails to Trails

    I think the most dangerous crossing is the crossing over Blue Ridge Dr (253). It's 4 lanes and I see some people taking chances crossing and some drivers being stupid there. Unfortunately no real way to fix that other than an overpass.
  15. The West End

    Just the story of what is going there