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  1. That will have a huge impact on this part of town
  2. Here's the project sign They have some great renderings on the architects website. Looks like the new building portion is built over the existing Gene's Restaurant building.
  3. Terracon on site today at the Cline Building (the one waiting to be demo'd) doing test borings.
  4. CBRE is marketing the BB+T building as available for lease from 13,000 to 130,000 available for office. So looks like changing that to residential is not happening.
  5. I'm wondering if something else is going on there. The existing building has asbestos removal signage up at the two entrances to it.
  6. Construction fence now up around Gene's Restaurant beside Enterprise Rent a Car. Is this block part of the Canvas Project as well?
  7. I see Willis Meadows is opposed to the development. I e-mailed him with my support for it a couple of weeks ago as a resident in his district. Now I see why he didn't right back.
  8. Coming Soon billboard up on the site of the old Greenville Furniture Exchange near the Spinx. It also had a rendering. Think it's called the Exchange.
  9. I just wrote to my Council Member in support of this project, I think this is a transformational type of project and to see it fail because of the shortsightedness of some Council Members would be a serious blackeye to Greenville County for the future. I hope they come to their senses.
  10. The Haywood Road area was to be called Uptown Greenville.
  11. This looks to be in one of the old warehouse type buildings to the right of Pete Hollis where the big bridge starts as you head out from downtown. I wonder will they tear it down and build new or renovate. Good to see investment in that area.
  12. Interesting that the Architect is form Seattle Washington
  13. Building next to the Pawn Shop just about finished demolition. I think it was Greenville Furniture Exchange. Looks to be a good sized parcel. Also, building demolition just about complete on parcel next to Jack in the Box by Cherrydale. Another big parcel. Hopefully some good new developments coming to both those sites.
  14. Would this site require DRB approval? Haven't seen anything through there yet. Still a fair few cars in the parking lot too.
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