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  1. That's so sad to hear. One of the last original spots downtown. Moved here in '94 and it was Addy's, Dempsey's and Henni's downtown. That was pretty much it. Always loved the vibe at Addy's.
  2. Notices some survey stakes at the plot of land beside the salvation army at W Stone and Pete Hollis. I wonder if we'll start to see some development at this intersection
  3. I hope they eventually do a connection to the orange line that follows the dashed red line rather than having to go along Washington street, It'd be safer,
  4. Orange Line looks to be back open. They have moved the construction fence.
  5. I presume that would be this site
  6. Workers on site today with a backhoe. Looks like demolition of what is left of the burned out mill about to begin.
  7. I wish they would learn how to use a bell as well
  8. Big Crane behind the Spinx on Laurens Road this morning where the bridge is going to be installed to bring the trail over Laurens Road.
  9. Where is Laurens road in that rendering?
  10. New sculpture just past the train bridge and views up and down the river from the spinx bridge. Park is really looking awesome.
  11. The ones I think are worse are those that bag it and then just leave it there on the trail. Who are they expecting to pick it up?
  12. It just seems like there has not been a lot of progress on this building in the past few months. The exterior looks no more complete than the beginning of the year.
  13. It's interesting that the direction of city growth has all been eastward. Virtually no growth westward.
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