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  1. I was wondering what that was going to be. Awesome
  2. ATCT = Air Traffic Control Tower
  3. Next Phase of Hampton Station. Looking for rezoning to FRD. This area is starting to fill up
  4. Looks like they are setting up for a press conference there this morning.
  5. Interesting location. That is walking distance to Hampton Station with the pedestrian bridge that goes over the railroad tracks
  6. This must be the underpass where they are routing the trail under 253. A bunch of clearing work going on on this side of 253
  7. Foundation work has begun on those townhomes past the dialysis center
  8. Wimbledon Heights as it overlooks the tennis courts, I'm sure.
  9. Here's more information on the proposed underpass. They have signs at the intersection with a link for donations https://ugata.org/projects/srt-hwy-253-underpass/
  10. 253 definitely needs a safe crossing. I'm surprised no one has been hit crossing that road. That will need to be some tunnel under 253. that area is prone to flooding when we get good rains
  11. Site work started on the big lot at the corner of 291/Furman Hall Road out at Cherrydale. It's a big piece of property
  12. The foundations are currently being worked on They appear to be finished on the Commons side of the river.
  13. This blows my mind. Reading the comments after the petition linked in that article is another head shaker. Basically these statues are promoting pedophilia and child sex trafficking. Qanon in full effect. I think most of the people who are offended haven't even been down to see the statues. They keep mentioning all the genitalia on show. I applaud the City for landing such an awesome art installation. They are amazing.
  14. What's the reason for those type flights to GSP?
  15. What's the plan for improving access to this development? E. Butler Road exit off of 385 is already bad, with backup between those trying to get onto 385 and those exiting. This has the potential to turn that up to 11.
  16. Visited the Falls park this weekend and checked out the "Wings of the City" installation. A really cool add to the park. Will get a lot of deserved attention. I really like the sculptures.
  17. Visited Falls Park this weekend and was blown away by the scale of this building. It is massive and will look incredible when it's finished. It really works there. Great job by the design and development team. It's a building I think that will look "Of" the park.
  18. Didn't realize that Newark is now the only New York City area flight
  19. Should be a couple of nice pools there tomorrow
  20. Why it's important to vote in every election. Change happens locally first.
  21. Looks like another construction entrance has been added to the low point of the site along Church Street.
  22. Looks like 9 different sculptures. Pretty cool
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