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  1. Gayfer's, as many of us continued to think of the store, is a thing of the past. Anyone heard or merely wish to speculate what the sale of McFarland Mall would bring onto that corner?
  2. Druid, I live in Tuscaloosa and never hear some of the updates you keep us abreast of. I so enjoy reading your posts as they are a wealth of information.
  3. "is becoming the most populous"? Since Birmingham has long held the largest AL city title, what has changed recently to make your statement valid? What resident living in Central AL wouldn't already know this and not "need to learn"? Please enlighten.
  4. Another view: Birmingham Alabama Temple NOT a castle, just an apartment building:
  5. The Pickwick Hotel and Conference Center: The Renaissance Ross Bridge Resort: Birmingham Museum of Art: Birmingham Civil Rights Institute:
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