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  1. This is utterly ridiculous. Leaders in my neck of the woods (Springfield, MA) are finally getting behind this and pushing Duval Patrick and the the state legislature to get behind this and it was getting some legs. This is vitally important for the economy of Springfield...maybe even more so than Greater Hartford. Regardless this is development that needs to happen ASAP....
  2. robm324

    PROPOSED: AI Tech Center

    Help me out....Generally tall might a 100,000 sq. ft. building be in this sized footprint? Been away from the board for a while....but glad to be back posting, btw.
  3. robm324

    Bradley International Airport

    Interesting article in the Courant this morning about renaming Bradley. I like the name Bradley, but I think it would be more powerful if the name invoked the more broad location of "New England" into the name. Hartford Courant - 9/21/2007
  4. robm324

    Bring Back The Whale!!!

    So I'm sure by now everyone has noticed that Ronnie Franchise has been elected into the Hall of Fame.... Congratulations, Ron!
  5. robm324

    Bring Back The Whale!!!

    I guess at this point many have seen that the fact that the Wolf Pack are staying is officially official with the Press conference yesterday afternoon on Trumbull St. I like how Larry speaks about taking full business control over the situation. That is enough to convince me to support this team. I haven't refused to support the pack, but like most, I also haven't done much in the way of supporting it. I have always had trouble supportuing such an overt New York entity. I can't even say how excited I am about the fact that New York's mini take over of Hartford sports is starting to retreat. It would be great to see this team get back to 7500 in average attendance. That wouldn't hurt in the effort to attract the NHL. It is almost as if in some small way, by maybe going to one or two more games a year everyone can have a small impact on rebuilding the hockey market in Hartford, and that it is going to some greater purpose. This may not be entirely true, but its closer to true with Northland/AEG running the show over MSG. Courant Story on Yesterday's Press Conference Here's a link to Jeff Jacobs article on the situation. As usual I agree with most of what he says, but our end goal is the same. Jacobs always strikes me as very arrogant, thats all. Anyway, he puts together a decent assessment on yesterday's announcement. Jacobs Courant article from 5/30/07
  6. robm324

    Bring Back The Whale!!!

    Looks like common sense reigned on this one. NYR has always liked having it's farm team close, and Hartford makes the most sense for them. Plus, I'm pretty certain that if they did try to move to Glens Falls NY or something like that then the only hockey Larry G would have been able to get for next season would have been ECHL at best. Although I am still really interested in seeing in the short term what a new AHL franchise, starting from scratch and learning from the marketing troubles and mistakes of the pack, could have accomplished in the city of Hartford. I think Hartford has the potential to be a 7500 fan per night city (And I'm sure a sell out every night with an NHL team in the city).
  7. According to HBJ Front St. will begin construction in October and be finished 18-21 months after that... CCEDA: Front Street finished by 2009 Construction on the Front Street District is on track to begin around October of this year and will finish up within 18 to 21 months, an HB Nitkin Group director told the Capital City Economic Development Authority this morning. Peter Christian, director of development for HB Nitkin Group, updated the board on Front Street
  8. robm324

    COMPLETED: Hartford 21

    Theo....did you even read this story? I'm not saying the victim deserved what they got by any means, but what was he thinking? Unfortunately we don't live in a society where you can go around asking for rides around downtowns of cities when you forget where you parked your car. I don't see how this is reflective at all of a poor police presence downtown. The police cannot follow citizens around making sure they don't make dumb decisions.
  9. Tycoon's got a point. Yes the CCC garage may not be full 24/7, but a good way of making sure people never come back to your museum is to make it a hassle for them to park. If there is a huge convention in town, and people can't find a good place to park, thye are just going to not bother and go home. I don't have a problem with plenty of garaged parking with a good facade. The more spaces available in garages, the less valuable those surface lots become.
  10. robm324

    COMPLETED: Hartford 21

    Well, I like the comment in the article from Chuck Coursey, "retail follows roof tops". You know that all these apartments will soon be at least 80-90 percent filled, and when that happens the retail will be quick to respond.
  11. robm324

    COMPLETED: Hartford 21

    I believe the YMCA justified the lack of having a pool at the new facility in H21 by saying they were creating a partnership for YMCA members to use pools at other parts of the city like at Trinity.....
  12. According to HBJ Today (Hartford Business Journal's free daily e-newsletter): Science Center construction underway The first steel beam of the Connecticut Science Center at Adriaen's Landing in Hartford was laid this morning. The center is broadcasting the construction of the center 24 hours a day online from a camera mounted atop the neighboring Marriott Hotel. About 20 steel beams will be laid by the end of the day. By July, the structure should be eight stories tall and comprise 30,000 tons of steel.
  13. robm324

    Bring Back The Whale!!!

    Territories in the AHL are set up pretty much on a case by case basis. When Worcester, for instance, got a team back for this season, the territories were completely redrawn between Springfield, Providence and Manchester. As far as I know, and I am not certain, Hartford has territory rights to Northern and eastern Connecticut, while Bridgeport has Fairfield and New Haven Counties. It always seemed to me that teams could be places pretty much wherever an owner desired as long as a deal was worked out with any team that might claim the territory.
  14. robm324

    Bring Back The Whale!!!

    I agree that AEG would mostly be looking to simply run the arena...that is a business I know they are looking to expand even further to take a bite out of Global Spectrum's business. I was mainly responding to some of the info in the Courant article that spoke about AEG's hockey ownership situation. I think the thought could be that AEG would want to partner with Larry on owning the team. I don't know if this is really the case though. Anyway, the Wolf Pack control the territory rights to Connecticut. One of the reasons I thought the CDA was going to go with the MSG bid was because a source that I have (I know its lame to give a vauge source, I apologize) had mentioned that MSG might vindictively move the team to Mohegan if they didn't get the bid. That may have been an idle threat, because I think that may have hit the newspapers if that was a reality.