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  1. According to HBJ Front St. will begin construction in October and be finished 18-21 months after that...

    CCEDA: Front Street finished by 2009

    Construction on the Front Street District is on track to begin around October of this year and will finish up within 18 to 21 months, an HB Nitkin Group director told the Capital City Economic Development Authority this morning. Peter Christian, director of development for HB Nitkin Group, updated the board on Front Street

  2. Theo....did you even read this story? I'm not saying the victim deserved what they got by any means, but what was he thinking? Unfortunately we don't live in a society where you can go around asking for rides around downtowns of cities when you forget where you parked your car.

    I don't see how this is reflective at all of a poor police presence downtown. The police cannot follow citizens around making sure they don't make dumb decisions.

  3. Interesting article in today's Courant about the fight between the Hospitals in Hartford and the Dempsey Hospital. You might notice in the article that Feltman suggested that the Farmington Hospital should move to Hartford to better serve the city/region core. In traditional stupid suburb vs. city response the legistlator from Farmington said, "Over Farmington's Dead body".

    Courant article about the Hospital Fight

  4. No, I didn't. I don't think I would have helped either. Darian was a great player. He was kinda like the Bo Jackson "Mr. Play it All" type of guy at school.

    Ha...sorry to continue to off topic chatter, but I played for SWHS, graduated in 01....and I remember Darian running up and down the field against us....granted we were terrible, but I did alright.

  5. I was thinking the same exact thing, beerbeer. I don't know where these people get off saying they speak for everyone. I'm a young 25 year old black man who recently moved downtown close to the Front Street site and want nothing more than for it to come to a speedy and successful fruition.

    These idiots are going to force my hand into politics....

    I further agree with your assessments Beer and Tycoon....the City Council seems to be doing exactly what it has always done in it's recent history, which is stonewall, block, cause problems, and be generally ineffective. Thankfully now there is a Strong Mayor system where the City Council does not have all of the power.

    The good thing about this, based on the article, is that even though they may not agree whole-heartedly with the plan, they still will approve the tax break.

  6. Yes that is the way it is supposed to look. If you look at the original renderings, thats pretty close to what was drawn up.

    I drove through the city at night the other day, and I like the horizontal light they put at top. The bar of light itself changes colors every few seconds and rotates between green, purple, blue, etc. While it is not incredibly stand out, it is different from anything that is around in Hartford, and does get your attention.

  7. ^^That sort of hits the nail on the head for Springfield's political problems...everyone has an opinion for a way to fix the problems, no one really willing or competent enough to do anything about it....Right now the city is in the beginning stages of actually going in the right direction....and State control board that is overseeing the city finances has definitely helped....

    I think the Mass. government will back the rail line. It seems to me that while both Hartford and Springfield will gain from the commutter line going in, Springfield stands to see the most gain out of this.

  8. It would be in Springfield's best interest to become a Hartford metro, but really there is no interest in Springfield for that to happen. Its pretty bull-headed, but its just the way it is.

    Having said that, I think a commuter line will definitely help increase the percentage commuting. Western Mass, while not incredibly cheaper, it is a little cheaper to find housing than it is in the immediate greater Hartford area. I think that will attract some people to live in Springfield and make a 30 minute commute down to Hartford.

  9. What Bradley really needs is a facelift. Although I grew up in the Hartford area I had usually flown out of Kennedy. Recently I flew into the airport from Vancouver (via Toronto). Both of those airports are very clean and modern and I was shocked and at how nasty Bradley looked in comparison. As I descended on a narrow escalator and saw falling stained ceiling tiles I could only imagine what impression this makes to first time visitors to the city. Everything the airport just looks old and cheap, investing in the airport would make a huge difference for the Hartford/Springfield area as a whole, which could use an image boost.

    You must have flown into the old terminal. Terminal A, while nothing shocking or amazing, is very clean, modern, and new. What is now terminal B is disgusting. You aren't going to see any major improvements done to that part of the airport because the long range plan is to tear down that entire terminal and replace it with something that I'm sure will resemble the new terminal.

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