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  1. I would be very disappointed if this is what we get. I'm still a fan of the old Hilton design. Guess we'll just have to wait and see what we get when a new rendering is made public. I was hoping we'd get something out of Fraim's State of the City address.
  2. Great going, Norfolk! Can't wait to hear more!
  3. I agree, vdogg, it's too vague to make a judgment. If this were done right, it could be an excellent design. However, I have my doubts. With Portsmouth's financial situation it would seem extravagant if they built their new courthouse in brick and stone. They'll probably go with the least expensive materials, and they're perfectly justified in doing so. There are good arguments for building a courthouse as a public monument, and there are good arguments to be made on the side of fiscal responsibility in hard times as well. As a person who is happy to call Portsmouth home no matter where I live
  4. Not just the facades of those other buildings though. I'm pretty certain the current tenants of the Granby St buildings (Emerson's, American Rover, etc) will remain. I assume, then, that the Decker facade will be reconstructed adjacent to the row of buildings that currently fronts Granby St on that block?
  5. Saving the face of local history in Norfolk This is an incredibly interesting article about the dismantling of the Decker Building facade. Evidently, it will be reconstructed in about 18 months - I wasn't sure if we knew the time-frame yet. Also, will it be incorporated into the Hilton or part of another structure?
  6. Norfolk plans premiere park for Town Point
  7. I agree, here in Philadelphia you can barely tell you're entering the main gay district except for a few gay bars and the rainbows the city council recently installed over all the street signs in the area. They're neat, I admit, but it's another sign of the neighborhood losing its former ("real") identity and becoming just a spot for tourists to hike through. As to your point about the continuing problem of homophobia, you're spot-on. It's just not as overt as it used to be. I used to think there were promising signs, and sometimes I still do, but I'm far less certain. (Imagine they're
  8. That is a real loss for the city. I feel like they were probably holding onto that space in anticipation of the much-spoken-of development north of Brambleton (which will probably be a while, as thing stand today). I saw some great local art at the JAC - and hung a few things myself. It's said to see it go.
  9. It was in today's Times, burt. Here you go: Famous Mayor Under Fire in Virginia
  10. Henry Ryto, just curious: What do you think are the odds of these options happening and what do you think about the time-frame? I'm especially curious about your #3. Am I remembering correctly that you are personally involved with the planning at HRT?
  11. Well, it's good to know there are plans for the land. Otherwise, what a waste! I hope they stick by the original idea of creating a step-up effect with the buildings from the water.
  12. Do you mean the location of the old warehouses along the water that were just torn down?
  13. When I imagine walking past this in real life on that beautifully shady corner (assuming it makes it into real life, that is) I think I'll really like it.
  14. I agree that this design is suitable for the location. Perhaps it's not exactly ideal, perhaps it could be flashier, but it serves a vital purpose, occupies previously vacant space and, as mentioned, will help establish the skyline without taking away from Trader's new prominence.
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