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  1. Cant wait. It's been a long time coming.
  2. I think that was the lot that house of blues wanted to put an 18 story building on. Don't know the status of that now. That was a few years ago.
  3. Looks like the whole G.I. tract.
  4. Memorial gym is much more basketball specific than bridgestone is. The great thing is, its not like every other arena out there today. It's awesomely unique.I doubt a pro franchise is looking for that tho. Never seen it said that its the worst in the sec.In fact most list rank it very high in the country.
  5. Dont get me started on fort negley. All a person has to do is go up there and have a look at it. 75% of it is blocked off because of neglect of maintenance. Boardwalks are broken,signs faded out,weeds and overgrowth everywhere. I think we fund things and fix them up and then just let it sit for 20 years and never spend anything to keep it up. One day soon i hope, there will be an outcry about how the fort is crumbling again and is in danger of total loss. I guess i am angry because i took a friend from out of town up there about a month ago. I was embarrassed to say the least.
  6. Many homeless live down there.We cant take their homes(some will say). I think this can be a great park,and right on the river too.
  7. Probably 10 years before that gets completed.TDOT is doing it in segments. First segment is up at the ky state line. Three years to complete that. Then on to the next phase. Long hollow/millersville needs expansion right now! From 5 lanes to 2 is unacceptable and has been for years. I drive it daily .It backs up on sunday afternoons.
  8. In the below picture, wasn't there a park planned just inside the intersate bridge and rolling mill hill by the river? That could connect nicely from downtown to here and make a nice district.
  9. I think this must be a one person constrution crew. Painfully slow for what it is. LOL
  10. Definitely appreciated! Love the list. I show it to my family and friends and they are always blown away.THANK YOU for your work. Plus we can go back years from now and reflect on this period in time.
  11. I count 25 stories. Will nashville ever get past the 300-500 ft range? LOL
  12. Does anyone know if this is still going to happen or has covid changed things?
  13. That glass is going to have some amazing reflection it looks like. I don't know if thats good or bad. Can't wait to see the lighting scheme.
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