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  1. With metro council having to vote on this,I'm afraid there will be more delays and deferments.Hope I'm wrong.
  2. I cant tell what I m looking at. Is that multiple angles going around the building or is it a lighting effect going around the top to make it look that way? Its like one of those pictures you state at for a while until you see something different.
  3. I believe the sidewalk project has begun in the 300 block of broadway in front of tin roof. It will not help much until they do the whole street tho, which may take a long time.
  4. The views are great here,but I hope they soundproof these well. I've been on this property when a train is passing and you can feel it on the ground. I was there a few weeks ago around 7 am on a sunday and a train came through. At least people can easily see if it might be an issue for them before they commit to buying. Not sure I could tho.
  5. Hopefully santas stays as is and becomes a soccer institution of sorts.
  6. Yes! Good to see this progress. I think this will open up a lot of development near cummins station.
  7. Is there any word on the gulch pedestrian bridge project? Its been very quiet for a long time now.
  8. Being voted on today.May not be announced for several days tho.
  9. I think I read somewhere that there would be an open pit where people walking by could see and smell the steaks cooking right by the window. Hope I'm correct.
  10. I hope to some month when schedule allows.
  11. Thanks to all. I've been following this site daily for years. It's like a habit for me (addiction really).Wish I had more I could add to the board, but I'm just a layman. I do make a habit of exploring downtown by foot at least every couple of weeks, and all the info shared here lets me know where to go. My family and friends are amazed when things get built that I've told them about months beforehand. Thanks moderators, I take you for granted. If you were to quit and the board went away, it would lessen my joy in life.
  12. I guess its kind of like how California bans state travel to our state and others.They can do that, but it'll probably bite them in the end.Amazon can do what they want,also. I wonder how much business they do in Carolina now if that's a concern for them?Money always wins out over a political stand for businesses from what I've seen.
  13. CMA fest needs the stadium downtown to make it work.Cant see that changing.
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