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  1. knightrider162

    Courier Square

    The developer that bought the BiLo/Piggly Wiggly site is negotiating with prospective tenants for a mixed-use mid-rise development. The city is trying to get the developer to agree on providing a full service grocery within the new development.
  2. Why does the press inundate people with the same news nonstop...

  3. I think Oklahoma's fight song is the worst I've ever heard

  4. knightrider162

    SC Off Topic

    Not too sure about that one. Despite Saks' departure, Charleston still is pretty formidable in national retail due to tourism.
  5. knightrider162

    South Carolina College Sports

    not quite.. depends on the outcome of the next 2 games. We are not out of the mix yet.
  6. knightrider162

    South Carolina College Sports

    Next game should be interesting with a new quarterback, don't think that will rescue the season though.
  7. knightrider162

    Downtown Developments (South of Calhoun)

    Dear lord, I hope they don't do that.
  8. knightrider162

    Midtown Charleston

    Here is the proposal heading to the upcoming BAR meeting. Looks nice.
  9. knightrider162

    Downtown Developments (North of Calhoun)

    That would either be the College of Dental Medicine's new building, or the new Drug discovery building. According to the university master plan those buildings are a part of phase 2 in reference to the vision 2020 expansion. The parking garage on Bee Street should be coming soon also.
  10. knightrider162

    James Island Reincorporation

    The law that was passed seems highly unconstitutional so it should not be the charm. Has James Island provided its own police force yet?
  11. knightrider162

    South Carolina College Sports

    As a college student under 21 I can tell you that is a lie. The laws are the laws and every knows when they are breaking them. "Everyone does it" excuses do not help the situation.
  12. knightrider162

    The Magnolia Project

    If you haven't seen it, here is the conceptual plan for Magnolia. They have several great ideas and I can't wait for the intimate details to start coming out.
  13. knightrider162

    Greater Charleston Projects & Developments

    Carnes Charleston This is the mixed use development that the Daniel Island company is overseeing. It is now completely inside the City of Goose Creek's borders. It will include a downtown area that will most likely serve most of southern berkely county in that capacity. There will also be a medical complex and one of the area's larger private schools is relocating there. The public schools of choice will probably be the Cane Bay Schools.
  14. knightrider162

    Economic Development in South Carolina

    Actually, it would be encouraging companies in China and other places to have an American base in SC to better serve American consumers.
  15. knightrider162

    Higher education in South Carolina

    All of that is in the PDF of the publication in which the rank was given... It was at the bottom of the article referenced by CorgiMatt