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  1. These things happen. With good weather the development group could still hand the keys over by the original completion date.
  2. I was born in Chattanooga, Lived in Cleveland most of my life, and now I live in Copperhill. If I move east one more time I wont be in Tennessee anymore.
  3. every city listed on there has its own metro
  4. Is there any more word on the name of tenets that will be moving into the Stones River Mall expansion? Are there any pictures showing what it will look like when finished?
  5. Nice pictures of Chattanooga... Yes, you are correct... The picture is taken from the lower pull off on the road up to Chilhowee campground... I was on my way home the other evening and decided to shot up the ridge and get a picture or two for the webside. It's very pretty up there, but the day I took the picture it was quite hazy. The views up at the higher pull off is even better, but again the haze was killin most of the shots. The lake is called arksville lake which is help back by Ocoee Dam #1. The drive up the mountain is very easy and the distance from the turn off at hwy 64 and the ranger station up to the first pull off is 3 miles... If you ever find yourlself headed up into the Ocoee area make sure and check out this unforgetable view... you feel like you are huge and everything else is just toy size from up there... awesome indeed
  6. Here is my contribution to the East Tennessee picture of the day
  7. Knoxville from I-40 I have a full set of the pictures on the Knoxville Thread... TVA, 1st Tennessee Old with the new Coffee... mmmmmm
  8. interesting, so they will be adding the hotel to the NW Georgia Convention and Trade Center soon up on the ridge overlooking Walnut Ave at exit 333. I had not heard about that deal, thanks for the information. What size hotels are we talking about for the 2 cities? units that is...
  9. Are you saying Hammonds has a contract to build an Embassy Suites in Dalton GA?
  10. The Bucks Pocket I'm referring to is in Bradley County TN. The actual location of Bucks Pocket is in the SE corner of the County. The borders are Spring Place Rd (Hwy 74) to the west, The Polk County line (faint green line) to the east, Ladd Springs Rd (Hwy 313) to the north and the Georgia line (white line) to the south. Valley View Elementary school is the main school for the Bucks Pocket area.
  11. Good ol' Dollywood! Did you get to ride the new Tree topping thing?
  12. Nice shot of the Walnut Street Bridge... There are some beautiful shades of blue in that picture. The Museum is a neat deal with the classic old brick and the modern metallic finishes. Crazy contrasts indeed. By the way, Welcome to The Planet. It's always good to see more East Tennessee participation!
  13. Museum Bluffs Phase II is being developed to help with the lost units up on Cameron Hill. Are there plans to add more in the lower price range to help fill the void that the Cameron hill demolition caused?
  14. Alright... I am back from the Gulf Coast and ready to get out and take a few pictures of Cleveland. I will get some updates on the building going on around town... Maybe a few Lee University shots, A couple of the new greenway that runs right through the business district of Keith St... A shot or two of the dirt that will be things soon including a huge shopping complex, a row of car dealerships, some fancy restaurants and anything else I can come up with. Oh yeah I will try and get some shots of the houses along Ocoee St north of Downtown around and above Lee University. There have been some nice renovations done recently to a few of the homes in the area. Below is a picture of the 1st Tennessee Bank building across from Cleveland High School on Raider Dr. The building was built in the late 80's by Cleveland Bank and Trust which merged with 1st Tennessee later. This is a shot of Cafe Roma, a very expensive Italian eatery located in downtown at the corner of Ocoee and 2nd St NE a good dinner can easily set you back $30+ per person. I like this picture. This is a shot from the back side of the Church of God Headquarters which is located at the corner of Keith and 25Th (Hwy 11 and State Route 60). The building which is well over 30 years old was recently renovated to match 2 new buildings added to the campus in 2003-2004. You can also see the 6 story landmark building just to the right. The Cleveland/Bradley Greenway follows Mouse Creek and Keith St which runs in front of both of the above mentioned buildings.
  15. I drove through the Ocoee River Gorge on my way to work this morning in Cleveland no more than an hour ago. The views were magnificent. The Chilhowee Mountain area is reopening today! The campground up on the mountain behind the Ocoee Ranger Station was closed after a bear attack killed a child back a couple of months ago. It was the first recorded fatal bear attack in Polk County. After the attack the Forest Service closed the whole area and set bear traps to try and catch the big boy responsible. Well they caught 2 bears. After forensic tests were completed they announced on Wednesday that bear #2 was indeed the guilty party therefore they are reopening the mountain to guests starting today. If you have ever seen that high vista picture of the lake surrounded by mountains that
  16. Below is a picture of the Haskell Interiors Building, which is located at the Corner of Church St NE and 1st St NE. There is a framed aerial photograph of downtown Cleveland hanging on the wall of my office from circa 1967
  17. This 6 story structure sitting at the busiest intersection in Cleveland is now known as the Landmark Building. This building was originally built in 1987 as the main headquarters for the Cherokee Valley Bank. The bank went defunct on 9/23/1994 leaving the building up for grabs. It was purchased in 1995 for $2.75 million by Steve
  18. Well the state hwy number designation for the road is Hwy 40
  19. The Museum Center @ 5 Points... Downtown Cleveland
  20. That Market St Bridge rebuild is going to be so nice... it
  21. Downtown Cleveland looking south along Ocoee St (Hwy 11) The courthouse is to my right... I guess you can see why Cleveland has been given the Tree City USA award from the National Arbor Day Foundation for the last 13 stright years
  22. Chattanoogan.com is reporting that the Cameron Hill Apartments are offically coming down starting today... It wont be long before 800,000 sq ft of office space begins to rise on the hill overlooking downtown Chattanooga.
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