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  1. plus2

    North Hills / Midtown area developments

    Can we call it Capital Towers 2?
  2. I like the midtown loop idea. I wonder if you could do the same on the south end. Bring the track south along the Beltline to Centennial/Dix and reconnect to the rail line at NC State/Pullen.
  3. plus2

    Triangle Economic News

    I think you could interpret "supply chain logistics" that it simply would cost too much to transport the parts to NC, or reversely that the Alabama location would save a bunch of money on that front. Perhaps Toyota actually preferred the NC location, but couldn't make the economics work. We're playing catch up on auto plants. We need to find a different industry or market to corner. Too bad Boeing went to SC.
  4. plus2

    NCFC Soccer Stadium

    Yeah, the N&O coverage has been needlessly pessimistic.
  5. plus2

    Downtown Raleigh's Future

    The Charlotte City Council just put the breaks on Charlotte's MLS bid. Good news for Raleigh.
  6. More grey... yuck. Just commit to the brick.
  7. plus2

    Anyone remember Crabtree fountain?

    Slide 10?
  8. I think the grey top floor is off-putting. It was the first thing I noticed and is too reminiscent of the cookie cutter apartments. Get rid of that and there are a lot of great elements—the brick and especially the windows.
  9. plus2

    North Hills / Midtown area developments

    Yes, new building closer to the retirement community.
  10. plus2

    Warehouse District

    I get your point Captain, but the Cobblestone Hall is small by comparison to marketplaces in other cities. Think of Quincy Market in Boston. Imagine the indoor section of the State Farmers Market with less emphasis on produce, plus a few "open air" restaurants.
  11. plus2

    Warehouse District

    The Warehouse District needs some more public/tourist spots, especially near Union Station. Before all the warehouses are gobbled up, I'd love to see the city redevelop one itself as a marketplace style building with small retail and dining.
  12. plus2

    News and Observer Moving

    There are a few reporters that cover state and local government that would benefit from a downtown newsroom. So I could see a small N&O office staying downtown, but there are few business reasons for a struggling business to keep anyone else in expensive real estate.
  13. plus2

    Blue Ridge Road District Study

    NCMA is not moving. That's a pipe dream. But just like we want Dix to be a great park, NCMA can be an excellent green space if we develop the rest of the Blue Ridge corridor appropriately. We need more high-density, pedestrian-oriented development adjacent to and nearby the NCMA property.
  14. plus2

    Skyhouse Apartments

    If I were King, I'd prefer a second Skyhouse to the Edison Apartments. If the economics work for Skyhouse developers, why not for Sandreuter?