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  1. Almost mind-boggling to read. "the other 800'." Geez!!
  2. I've been waiting for someone to express this opinion ..especially since most have shared similar thoughts about the Peabody Plaza Office Bldg being "Suburban Cool Springs" which I don't think it is.
  3. Interesting video featuring Bill Gates' take on the Covid-19 Pandemic. The first 20 mins covers historic perspective, testing, South Korea's response and the idea of Herd Immunity.
  4. I wouldn't phrase the clip heading the way they did but this goes to your point. Gov. Cuomo advocating for the need to have the Federal Government help with Medical Supply Acquisitions and Distribution.
  5. He probably dipped his hand in Anointing/Healing/Prayer oil before that scene in the clip. I would give my 2 cents' of Kenneth Copeland but I fear this thread has veered off enough.
  6. Oh wow. I haven't heard or thought about Bar Car in years!!! Good times indeed.
  7. What I find harder to visualize is a tenant that would need that amount of space coming out of the blue ( Oracle not included) The reduction in height to One22One, Gulch Union built on spec, One City, Broadwest,River North, Capitol View, Nashville Yards etc.. Just makes me wonder. Can't wait to here more about this project.
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