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  1. Excited for this project, but feel it will accentuate the bookend nature of our skyline. DEC/620 on the south and BAC/Hearst to the north. Not necessarily a bad thing. I may be ready to see BAC finally lose its crown and watch CLT's new tallest rise somewhere in the middle.
  2. Curious... I'm sure it depends upon multiple factors, but how much influence (if any) would an anchor tenant have in this scenario regarding the building's final design? Agreed with the comment that I can't tell if I will love or hate this building based on the descriptions. Big thanks to all who share on this forum.
  3. The best thing I've read that unpacks the hypocrisy charge, courtesy of the Observer: http://www.charlotteobserver.com/opinion/editorials/article71899667.html
  4. Man, I really liked the green and thought it would be a nice contrast with the surrounding buildings. Oh well... guess as long as it gets built I'll be happy.
  5. Apologies if I missed this, but does anyone have details on the development adjacent to Morehead Place, specifically the vacant lot at the corner bounded by Morehead and Royal Court? I understand construction of an office building is about to begin. Orange fencing is up and dirt has been turned towards the back of the lot.
  6. Big hiring news from Red Ventures. Looks like they're mainly after inside sales reps for their call center. Decent compensation for minimal-skilled workers. Still nice to see strong and sustained growth from one of the region's tech companies. http://www.charlotteobserver.com/news/business/article26959474.html
  7. Wow, what a unique and stunning addition to our skyline this will be! The website says construction will start in "late winter of 2015". This beauty will break ground sooner than that, right?
  8. Agreed these two buildings should go to make way for structures that will better utilize the space. I hate to hear a parking lot will take their place. In lieu of more surface lots/decks, folks that don't live in Plaza should just get a ride with Lyft or Uber, espeically if they're coming over to drink at one of the neighborhood bars. Veering off topic a bit, but still related to the best use of space in Plaza; my biggest wish for the neighborhood would be to doze everything in the Family Dollar shopping center and essentially turn that entire parcel into a Charlotte version of Dolores Park. A pipe dream I know, but wow would it add so much character to the area and create even more demand for urban-style retail and residential surrounding it.
  9. Those renderings make me cringe. Would loved to have seen something more in line with the Embassy Suites in downtown Denver here. http://embassysuites3.hilton.com/en/hotels/colorado/embassy-suites-denver-downtown-convention-center-DENESES/about/index.html
  10. Any ideas on how tall the crane is right now relative to the height of the finished building? From Plaza-Midwood, the crane looks as if SkyHouse is going to be a solid northward extension of the skyline.
  11. Anybody know what the former gas station across from Zada Jane's is being converted into?
  12. Funny, I thought the same thing when I read the article this morning. Looks to me like the main point of the article was to plug Solas.
  13. My girlfriend and I are attending a wedding in Sunset, SC in a few weeks are were looking for a hotel to stay in Greenville Saturday night and maybe a place to eat brunch on Sunday (outside seating would be a plus). Can anybody help with some suggestions? We've never been to Greenville and wanted to check the area out on Sunday. Thanks!
  14. With all the effort and momentum we have going into downtown's redevelopment, what sense does it make to move thousands of state employees out to Dix? Maybe it's a cost issue, but with all the undeveloped surface lots downtown, can't the state develop one of those and help support our downtown's urban fabric?
  15. Has anyone heard anything new on the rumor that H&M was looking at a location downtown? I got a chance to shop at one over Christmas, and I think this store would be incredibly successful downtown. This is the type of store that would be a destination in itself for downtown Raleigh. I think it would be a major draw!
  16. I'm not a fan of RDU, though I wish I could be. I understand the issues that have contributed to outdated facilities, but I get the overall impression that the airport is poorly run. My biggest problem is baggage claim. I've flown out of RDU at least 15 times this year and I averaged about 30 minutes waiting for my bags. I'm talking 30 minutes when I arrived at the baggage claim, not when I got off the plane. Many times the electronic signs above the carousels are incorrect, or they don't even bother to put up what flight the bags belong to. I remember one time I got off a late flight and went to the restroom to find it completely disgusting with water all over the floor. It looked as if no one had attended it since that morning. One of the guys on my plane also went to the bathroom, and when he walked in and found that mess, his response was "Great first impression Raleigh!" That really upset me, because I felt that the airport was a reflection of me and where I live. I don't know why these things happen, or who is at fault for the bad service - I just know it affects me and my attitude towards the airport as a whole. There are big improvements coming in the future, and I hope they alleviate many of the aches and pains of dealing with the current situations at RDU - long lines, shortage of space, crowding, etc... Airports leave a lasting, not to mention a first, impression of travelers on the areas they visit. Bringing RDU up to speed would go a long way for this areas reputation.
  17. Those seem like legitimate concerns to me. I live off of Dixie and often go to Hillsborough to eat dinner. Parking is the biggest hassle for me. There are a few "go-to" places that I try to grab, but if they are being used - I have to do the whole up and down thing until something frees up. Throw in a few roundabouts and that will turn into a big enough head-ache to keep me from going down there all-together. Hillsborough Street needs a good, well-lit parking deck. That would help things immensely! I think the roundabout at the Oberlin intersection might be interesting and give the street some character. But to include all of these proposed roundabouts would be too much. The proposed median is also a waste of space that would be better served as a wider sidewalk.
  18. I for one am not ignoring the roudabout on Pullen. I just don't think that is a good comparison with Hillsborough. I'm very curious what the difference in volume is between Franklin in Chapel Hill and Hillsborough. Franklin is a very pedestrian friendly in my opinion, and serves as an example that you can have both. Franklin however, draws in development and business by default. In Raleigh, developers are going to go where the money is, and right now there is more to be made in other districts. I don't think reducing traffic or roundabouts on Hillsborough is going to make them change their minds. A parking deck and some streetscape improvements would be a start in my opinion.
  19. I'm weary of the all these roundabouts and reducing the street to two lanes. Hillsborough street isn't a "destination", and won't be for some time. In my opinion, slowing traffic and reducing volume will only hurt H. street businesses. I think building a parking deck or two and some streetscape work would make better use of the money. Eventually, developers will come back to Hillsborough street and we will see quality buildings and businesses. But until then, I think roundabouts will only make life worse. The bottom line is that revamping Hillsborough street will take money, investment and developer interest. Raleigh is only so big, and all the focus right now is on downtown and Glenwood South.
  20. Nice work! Would the West at North fit into this rendering?
  21. If Dix was converted into a park, wouldn't that promote the densification of downtown and preserve quality open space in what is sure to one day be a surrounding urban area? Seems like a good idea to me.
  22. Yeah, I agree that the Chapel Hill numbers are way too inflated. Part of the identity of Chapel Hill is being a smaller college town, and I don't think we'll see that go anywhere. I would say the Garner numbers are low, especially with that mall going up close by, and easier access to a renewed downtown Raleigh. As for RDU, I would just like to ask the forum if others have as much trouble with luggage as I do. It seriously takes waaaay to long to pick up a checked bag - like 30 minutes minimum. Maybe it is just me, but I think RDU is one of the worst airports for waiting on baggage. Does anyone else have this problem, or know a reason for it?
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