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  1. Bears

    Memphis BRT

    http://www.commercialappeal.com/news/2013/jan/02/mata-hopes-bus-rapid-transit-routes-along-poplar/ Great plan however, I think the BRT line should continue down Poplar to Colliervilles town square (and plans to reach Moscow). There should also be a plan to offer BRT along the route for future light rail so right of way can be established in the future. As for BRT going down to Elvis Presley Blvd, no need. I think normal city buses work fine for that stretch.
  2. Was Beale Street Landing canceled? The Memphis Airport area does need renovation though. Its a terrible front door to our city and I think they recognize this. Lets just see if they can get this aerotropolis thing off the ground
  3. Looks like the intermodal transport center is under construction! http://www.memphisdailynews.com/editorial/...e.aspx?id=41355 This project will include a bus transit center, greyhound terminal, taxi stand, parking, bathrooms, police substation, space reserved for future light rail, a cafeteria, and some space for vendors.
  4. Welcome!!!!! Well what kinds of things are you into? RK gave you some great ideas but I would also like to add the indoor museum on Mud Island. I would also like to add horseback riding at Shelby Farms. Its $20/per horse to ride the trails for an hour. There is also a Native American museum, Chucalissa. The Japanese Garden at the Botanical Gardens which is really nice and admission is free on Tuesday afternoon. And ofcourse there are the normal things you could do in anywhere, USA (movies, bowling, lasertag, putt putt, basketball, tennis, parks, etc.)
  5. Great pics everyone! Just wondering, are there any pictures of the Pyramid under construction anywhere? I can't remember ever seeing one
  6. A third skyline at the airport with THREE 8 story airplane condos (a.k.a hangars) Come to think of it, there are a few low rises near I-240 so a third concentration of tall buildings is possible in the Aerotropolis. Redevelopment in this area could help the Downtown-Airport line get built much quicker. Certainly, the area around the new intermodal transport terminal by the airport will have some entertainment/hotels for people passing through town. Much better than the airport area we have now. I know one guy who visited Memphis and booked a hotel in Airport area thinking it would be a classy business type place but was greatly dissappointed. This is definetly not the first impression we want to give out.
  7. Very good point. Don't forget the airport infastructure that is in place for Fedex as well. How any airports have a runway that can handle a plane like the A380? You will definetly see O&D traffic in Memphis increase if LCC's come in. There are so many potential tourists that want to come to Memphis but are hampered by the cost of the plane ticket. Airtran was one option but they're aren't enough flights and are too ATL centric. What I mean by Atlanta centric is if you want to fly from Memphis to San Diego, you'll have to go east to Atlanta first, then go westwards towards San Diego. Its a waste of time.
  8. Here are some pictures of the trolleys that were posted in an earlier thread:
  9. That has gotta be one of the best (if not the best) Memphis skyline shots ever!!! What is the white building between the Federal Building and Marriot? Is that the addition to the Convention Center?
  10. What do you guys think about providing a grand enterance/exit to MEM? Why don't they build something like those lights on the way to LAX right outside the airport and welcoming people into the aerotropolis? Would anyone support changing the name of the Airport Area to Aerotropolis? I think rebranding the area would be the second step after rezoning. The UAE has so much money they're running out of things to spend it on If they want to build the infrastructure for a cargo airport that'll overtake or compete with Memphis, they can and probably will. They have a central location for the entire Eastren Hemisphere (Africa, Europe, Asia, Australia) so Memphis should be ok as the hub for the West (North and South America, Western Europe, West Africa, and East Asia).
  11. Fellowman, I'm just loving your photography style. You capture the city well. I really like the ones at the fair and the ones out by Shelby Farms. I've also wondered what "Orange Mound Tower" was. I thought it was the office of an old Railroad HQ since its right next to a huge rail yard. Is it listed on emporis? How come this thread isn't a sticky yet? RK where are you? lol
  12. Wasn't NWA launching a low-cost carrier COMPASS? I thought Memphis could become a new hub for that. And what about Victory Airlines?
  13. Nice pics Rardy! Keep them coming. When I was a toddler, I lived in those apartments! Its called the Edisons. As you can see, there is one lowrise apartment, aswell as a large row of 3 or 4 story apartment duplexes. The ones in the pictures are also apartments with a playground. The highrise has a concrete covered parking lot and on top of it, there was a putting green, a small snack shop, benches, and a bike and a walking track.
  14. Actually, its the busiest airport in the WORLD at night! http://www.ops.fhwa.dot.gov/freight/Memphi...ials/Jensen.htm I heard that some cities actually enforce "curfews" on their airports. No planes can land or take off in Toronto past midnight from what I've heard.
  15. Great news about Air France. Remember, MEM has very few delays because of weather and a great flow of inbound and outbound air traffic. Its well known that there is nothing you can tell airline execs about your city that they don't already know, so their visit is obviously a good sign! I wouldn't worry about Fedex and the A380. If the plane actually gets produced, I'm sure Fedex will jump back on the bandwagon if UPS gets them.
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