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  1. Great pics everyone! Just wondering, are there any pictures of the Pyramid under construction anywhere? I can't remember ever seeing one
  2. Here are some pictures of the trolleys that were posted in an earlier thread:
  3. That has gotta be one of the best (if not the best) Memphis skyline shots ever!!! What is the white building between the Federal Building and Marriot? Is that the addition to the Convention Center?
  4. Fellowman, I'm just loving your photography style. You capture the city well. I really like the ones at the fair and the ones out by Shelby Farms. I've also wondered what "Orange Mound Tower" was. I thought it was the office of an old Railroad HQ since its right next to a huge rail yard. Is it listed on emporis? How come this thread isn't a sticky yet? RK where are you? lol
  5. Nice pics Rardy! Keep them coming. When I was a toddler, I lived in those apartments! Its called the Edisons. As you can see, there is one lowrise apartment, aswell as a large row of 3 or 4 story apartment duplexes. The ones in the pictures are also apartments with a playground. The highrise has a concrete covered parking lot and on top of it, there was a putting green, a small snack shop, benches, and a bike and a walking track.
  6. Isn't the Raleigh-London flight subsidized by GlaxoSmithKline?
  7. Now now NB, don't turn this into a Memphis vs. Nashville thread Don't really remember that thread going that way though but lets just let it go...
  8. Awesome pictures lexy! Kinda surprised Fedex didn't fly to Nashville before. How did you know where the planes where going?
  9. Anybody think it'll be that Peabody Hotel that was promised way back?
  10. Actually Lexy, the Memphis Airport Authority has a new passenger termial in the masterplan. It'll be pretty inconvienient for Fedex to expand inbetween two runways just south of the main terminal. Plus, there's always Tunica if MEM passengers runs out of space. The private hangars can move to another airport (metro Memphis has 10 with runways). Lots of room for Fedex and other frieght airlines (UPS has its 3rd largest hub here). To the north, theres nothing but surface parking, car rentals, and a car wash. To the east theres a trailerpark, to the south theres grassland (probably does something for aiding navigation). You guys are right about MEM needing a face lift. It reminds me a little of Pittsburgs Airport and isn't really much worse than Nashville's either IMO. All these airports look fine but they're nothing special. I hope the new terminal in the masterplan copies DTW's McNamera Terminal. That place is great!!! Minny is going thru renovations I think so MEM might be next in line! ATLbrain, I always wondered why the Atlanta Airport Authority just doesn't build another airport on the northside of the metro area to relieve the overcrowding at Hartsfield. Thats how other cities handle overcrowding at their airports.
  11. Very true. And thats good news for Little Rock and Nashville. NWA has their hands tied with Airtran to Atlanta. NWA has even matched the price with Airtran for flights between the two cities. And now, Tunica comes into the picture but that flight is $10 cheaper+parking fees. If SWA does enter the market, I think it'll be Nashville to Tunica. Something you notice about SWA is that they seem to go to secondary airports like Midway, Love Field, LaGuardia, Hobby, and Ft. Lauderdale. They don't even service Atlanta (possibly because of Delta). What upgrades is BNA getting?
  12. I don't think NB was trying to be disrespectful. IMO bringing up MEM was just a part of the progression of the discussion. He was just trying to counter the rumor that NW will pull out. Comparing MEM to BNA isn't supposed to be insulting or disrespectful to either city. I don't know what was said on SSP or SSC (lets not bring it back to light here), which ever skyscraper yall are talking about, but anyone who says Nashville doesn't need an airport is either 1)Bitter or 2)Has never been to Nashville. Lets say hypothetically NWA did pull out, you would see increased passengers in Tunica, Little Rock and Nashville. So all these airports are influenced by one another. Since I'm not a lurker on Skyscraperpage or skyscrapercity, I have no idea if Memphians truly put Nashville down for having 3 million more passengers a year than Nashville. I'll go make a TN airports thread in the Tennessee forum so we can have comparisons in the pros and cons of all our airports. Hopefully RK won't have to close it. Edit: ^ Lexy posted his last post while I was typing so I'm not trying to restart an argument thats over but there are a few things that I'd like to put out there.
  13. Nashvilles airport seems so much busier than MEM (in terms of people in the terminal, not incoming and outgoing flights). I wonder why that is. Is it because Memphis is dominated by one airline?
  14. Nice pics. I use to frequent "da boro" when I lived in Lebanon. Its a really nice town and looks almost exactly like Desoto County, MS. Like Desoto, traffic on the main road (Old Fort Pkwy) is horrible. Are there any plans to make going from Eastbound Old Fort onto Northbound I-24 any easier? Having to cross those three lanes is pretty hair raising.
  15. Whats the most expensive house in Memphis? I heard it was Jerry Wests house but I can't remember how much it cost. I wanna say 1.4 million but that seems a little low.
  16. Didn't hear they were gonna change the plans at all. The RDC's websites renderings shows fountains but not on cobblestones
  17. Never seen that rendering on Beale St. Landing!!! Its a vast improvement. When is construction supposed to begin again?
  18. Memphis has a very small light rail system that goes from Downtown to Little Saigon. It goes past the Med center which will be a future hub for biotech facilities. The line will continue to the Airport and its in the planning stage and will hopefully secure funding in July. Big map that doesn't include the donated line http://us.a2.yahoofs.com/groups/g_5371562/...ry2vREBhDy8aY5V Upclose Map: http://www.urbanplanet.org/forums/index.ph...pe=post&id=1721 The only existing track used for light rail is the loop around downtown and the Madison line to Little Saigon. The Airport is a little south of I-240 and the light rail will also make a stop at a future Greyhound/city bus terminal. The other exisiting lines are used by frieght except the one that heads east from Aulon. That line was abandoned and will be donated to the city as a rail w/ trail. It goes 13 miles to the suburb of Cordova. Some pictures of Memphis' current light rail/trolley http://www.urbanplanet.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=23846 There is also talk of a monorail that will connect Memphis International to Tunica (Gaming Capital of the South and future home of the Myriad Botanical Resort)
  19. IMO atleast $36 for 5 round trips is a bit much. I remember getting an unlimited Travelcard for Zones 1&2 in London for only $15 per week after currency conversion. Anyone have any prices for other city commuter rails?
  20. I used to live in Lebanon and of the people who knew it was coming, none said they would give up their cars. They said they might take it once just to see what its like. But your right, it's too expensive and its not very convenient. I was hoping every hour or half hour. I can't imagine Memphis' light rail costing more than $1.50/ride once they build it out and probably at 15-30 minute intervals. They bought the trains for only $1 so maybe thats what you remember. I wonder why its so expensive? EDIT-Will it run on gas or electric?
  21. Bears


    I don't think there are too many exciting developments in the Memphis area of Mississippi other than the Myriad, Riverbend, and the megasite, but the new interstates may change that. Mostly typical suburban sprawl in Desoto but keep your eye on Tunica because it could still develop into something special. Anyone keep track of developments in the Tupelo area?
  22. Where do you consider yourself from? Include if your from a metro area ie If your from Desoto County Mississippi, your a west Tennessean.
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