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  1. The article about the Millennium's Ledbetter Studios deserves to be posted here also. The potential for redevelopment on the west side of downtown Shreveport is huge. I realize that this is seedy neighborhood, but I believe this could easily lead to other private investment dollars spent in the immediate area. After seeing the massive transformation of downtown Los Angeles, which used to be one of the most crime-ridden and least desirable areas... all because one developer decided to take a risk 7 yrs ago - the same could happen for LBH. Young, single professionals affliated with the industry who want to be close to work could pioneer the gentrification. The construction schedule is pretty aggressive... commencement in September with completion in Spring 2008. Millennium Films aims to plant studio in Ledbetter Heights
  2. The port's growth is really impressing me. In addition to the new jobs and expanded operations at the port, Shreveport's quality of life just stepped up a notch with curbside recycling pickup to begin next year.
  3. Hilton Shreveport officials are expected to submit the hotel's occupancy numbers for June at the City Council meeting Aug. 14. The hotel must give council members its occupancy results quarterly, according to the city charter. "I do know that it's doing very well, though," said Tom Dark, the city's chief administrative officer. "The results are pretty good." Sweet.
  4. Cambria Suites hotel planned for southeast Shreveport "Cambria Suites, which is described as being upscale, have guestrooms that are 25 percent larger than standard hotel rooms and a two-story lobby along with two flatscreen LCD televisions, CD/DVD player and MP3 jacks in guest room suites along with complimentary wired and wireless high-speed Internet access, according to Choice Hotels. Amenities of the Shreveport hotel will include a restaurant, coffee shop, pool and fitness center, Patel said, adding Cambria proposes rates start at $149 per night."
  5. Awesome! Let us know what you find, please.
  6. New Chick-fil-A arrives in Bossier "The restaurant, which will bring about 65 new jobs to the area, is one of several new businesses the Bossier City Chamber of Commerce will welcome to town this month during ground breakings and ribbon cuttings... Ribbon cuttings this month include: Blue Moon Barbecue and Grill on Barksdale Boulevard, June 13; Life Share Blood Center's 65th anniversary event, June 14; Mitchell Park expansion, June 15; Fitness 24, June 19; all in Bossier City; plus, the Louisiana Association for the Blind's Low Vision Rehabilitation Center in Shreveport, June 27, Johnson said."
  7. You're right Metlife. After doing more digging, I found it - Summer '08 if all goes according to schedule.
  8. I found this video on the Villaggio website: Villaggio Video News Report There is no new information in the video, but you guys may want to watch it. I was hoping it would give a completion date for phase I, but the video literally cuts off RIGHT as she's about to say it!!
  9. ^Awesome news! John Good is my hero. How long did he say it would take to construct phase I? a year? Brian... photos
  10. Target is awesome, seriously... they're the world's highest-rated discount retailer and very popular here in L.A. K-Mart and Walmart don't even come close, especially K-Mart . I'm keeping my fingers crossed that one opens up just a couple blocks from my place (the announcement should come later this month ). Anyway, how's the construction progress on the other buildings in the Stirling Bossier development? Other tenants are planned to open this summer, right?
  11. From today's Times: Downtown Shreveport's AmSouth Tower sold The AmSouth Tower and AmSouth building were sold in a portfolio sale to a Santa Monica, CA-based company. I wonder if they have plans to renovate the properties in the future. I agree with the president of AmSouth Bank, it's probably a positive change.
  12. Maybe the franchisor fell through? Either way, I think Fuddruckers is a great fit in the Boardwalk... a better location than Fern/Bert Kouns IMO.
  13. Finally guys! Hilton set to open its doors Wednesday "After years of deliberation, months of construction delays and weeks of preparation, Hilton Shreveport will switch on its automatic entrance doors for guests Wednesday. For better or worse, the city of Shreveport will be in the hotel business." Related article: Hotel puts Hightower's legacy on the line
  14. Great news Brian! Villagio is going to rise quickly... I can't believe the started on schedule. We'll need lot's of pictures!
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