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  1. Hmmm... I saw that "detention" note too, but I thought to myself, why in the world would there be a need for a functional detention pond in the middle of a parking lot? Especially since they're going to have to engineer a detention area along the south edge of the property. I feel like it has to be a planned water feature, but you're right, only time will tell. Once the planning commission approves the plans this week, any idea of the construction schedule?
  2. Wow... this is great! Thanks for posting that. I have a feeling several new (possibly more upscale) national tenants to this market will sign on to this project. Not only is it bringing in a Kohl's dept store, but this is the last chance to locate on this stretch of Youree Drive. Also, the site plan shows the developer is including a water feature - in my opinion, when developers add these expensive amenities to their projects, it's to lure in bigger name tenants. I bet Shreveport will get their PF Chang's afterall. I can't wait to see the tenant roster for this thing.
  3. Uh, the last thing they need is another festival site. Someone with aspirations to really enhance Shreveport/Bossier's identity needs to step up. A mixed use development with an upscale retail component on the riverfront woud be a amazing addition to this city. If you really want to revitalize a city center, you have to cater to professionals would want to live and work near downtown (and can afford it). Even if they're not highrises, a new condominium/townhouse/retail development that integrated with the riverfront would be ideal. Just look at Vegas as an example. It started off as a gambling desert town just 50 years ago, and today it's the fastest growing city in America that's become much more than a place to gamble - and the condo market there is out of control (mostly highrises no less). Not saying we should compare Shreveport/Bossier to Vegas, but there are lessons to be learned there. The Boardwalk is a major step in the right direction, but they're not quite there yet, in my opinion. Hopefully someone will see the opportunity in the vacant Cane's Landing land.
  4. I was just looking at an aerial photo of Bossier's riverfront. There's still some developable land north of the Bass Pro Shop along the riverfront. You can see it on the top of this photo (which was probably flown in early 2005): I think that proposed hotel tower would be perfect for that area. Does anyone know who owns this land? The city should really encourage a developer to come in and build some complimentary use to the Boardwalk to fill in the riverfront. A couple of highrise condos would be nice If I had the means, it'd swoop in and jump on that tomorrow.
  5. I can't imagine they would just let the hotel plans fall by the wayside, especially since the project has been so successful and continues to grow. But then again, the marina was something that was tauted all along and now may not actually happen. They may just wait to see if the demand is there after completing the smaller hotel. You seem to have connections Brian, just give John Good a quick call for us.
  6. Wow, that's a huge lot. I'm suprised that hasn't been tagged for development yet. If Kohl's was seriously considering that land, it's probably destined for something big.
  7. Yeah, I thought about that too. I have a feeling a lot of that area will be more residential. But where's there's people, there's retail to follow. Does anyone know when the 3132 extension is supposed to be completed?
  8. Brian, where exactly is all that development along Pines Road? I'm guessing closer to I-20, but is any of it further south? It's been years since I've driven that area. Also, in response to your comments about businesses along Bert Kouns, I completely agree. I can't believe there's been a lack of business there. It seems like that Wal-Mart center was the catalyst for the growth near that intersection to begin with. (Maybe there were other developments there too, but I'm too young to remember much before that.) Even if there has been a lack of business there in recent years, I'm sure people's attention just shifted temporarily to Youree Drive. But now as the power centers are sprouting up BACK towards Bert Kouns, it's only a matter of time until there's rekindled interest in the Walmart/Tinseltown developments. I bet those out parcels you mentioned will be developed in the next couple of years. It only makes sense. I've been meaning to ask you too, was there an article about the 10-12 hotel tower proposed for the north side of the LA Boardwalk? The only articles I"ve been able to find online mention the smaller Hilton-brand hotel.
  9. I agree, I think these are two areas to watch, especially Pines Rd which is just teeming with wide open space. Shreve City will probably see some redevelopment around the new Wal-Mart, but new construction is always more expensive in older urban neighborhoods. The infrastructure is in place, but land is more costly. I was just looking at a Google Earth aerial shot of Youree Drive near Bert Kouns, even though these shots are several years old, you can see now that there's very little developable land left in that part of town. In my opinion, we'll probably start to see development move along Bert Kouns Industrial Loop west of Youree (near the hospital). There isn't much open space left, but developers will like its proximity and accessability from Youree Drive. Plus, the heavy traffic volume is already there. I think it's a sure thing. In addition to those areas, I'd keep an eye on Bert Kouns around I-49, between Mansfield Rd & Ellerbe Rd. Some retail has been there for years, but all it will take is one developer to get the ball rolling. It's commercial land, near the right demographics, in the right part of town, near a major interstate. My guess is there will be more hotel and restaurant developments around there, especially once the extension gets underway.
  10. Thanks for posting that photo. It's a substantial building and should make nice condos. It looks crooked b/c there's some barreling in the photo. Happens when you take pics of a building and use a narrow lens. Emporis points that out to me frequently.
  11. I like when a developer announces a project, and gets right to it without wasting any time. I also hope the bayou is done elegantly... if so, it can be a real asset to the project. I thought Kohl's was going to be one of the anchors. Did they pull out?
  12. Wow...nicely done Brian. Thanks for posting that link. The development is going to be incredible. I don't even live in SBC and I can't wait until it's finished. Isn't the anticipated completion date around Spring 2007?
  13. Very nice photos! Thanks for sharing those and the development info. It's been years since I've been to Bossier City (well, besides the Boardwalk) and West Shreveport. I haven't seen any of those developments in person, so your surburban photos blew me away. My parents now live in Natchitoches, so when I visit SBC (usually over the holidays - last visited in Dec.), we only go to Youree Drive and downtown. I'm planning on visiting when the Robinson Film Center opens... I've been looking forward to that for years. I think by then the new Sci-port expansion should be complete, right? By the way, are some of those residential development photos with the bridge crossing the lake part of the Provenance development? Those developments are just beautiful.
  14. Well, our IT guy told me about $40, but I'm finding now that some prices online may be a bit higher, but it's definitely worth it. Hope to see the future NO skyline soon!
  15. Thanks NCB. I've never used GIMP, so I'm not sure how well it works. If you're looking for a really great and affordable photo editor, try Photoshop Elements. It's only about $40, but it's still packed with editing tools, and you get the Photoshop quality.
  16. Wow, you never disappoint SBCMetroguy! Thank you for the quick and thorough reply. Being able to visit the sites is such an advantage... you can find out so much more than just doing a google search. I tried once also to contact the owners of Horseshoe to ask about the second tower. It was before Harrah's purchased the property, but their reply was just that it's something their considering. It's still the most lucrative casino in the market, but I guess ulitmately it depends on the demand for hotel rooms. I'm excited to here about the residential conversions! A national coffee store chain in the Creswell Hotel? I can't imagine it would be Starbucks, but even something like PJ's Coffee would be amazing for the West Edge. Those are the kinds of places that area needs. Someone has the right idea. Keep us posted. Another development I forgot to ask about last night - the Pines Road Marketplace anchored by a Dollartree Store and Starbucks Coffee. The little blurb I found mentions that it's supposed to be completed in June 2006. It's only a 21,000 SF development, but in my opinion when a Starbucks is involved, it usually indicates a quality development. They always have the best locations in every city. Oh, and I'd love to see your collection of photos for Shreveport. I'll warn you now though, Emporis is picky about quality, composition, lighting and being high-definition. I'll use any photos that I think could be approved, but there's a select few of senior editors who have the final say. Send 'em my way!
  17. Photoshop. If I can get my hands on a rendering for the proposed Louisiana Boardwalk hotel tower, I'll try to do the Bossier side too.
  18. Here's what Shreveport's skyline will look like once the convention center Hilton Hotel is completed later this year. The building may actually be slightly more to the right, but I think this is close. The perspective is accurate also.
  19. Thanks for the welcome guys. I am definitely here to stay and I plan to contribute as much as I can to the Shreveport pages. I spent the last few days reading through all of the posts. I'm very impressed with everyone
  20. Beautiful photograph of downtown Monroe, LA taken in 2004. **PHOTO REMOVED AT COPYRIGHT OWNER'S REQUEST**
  21. Here's a great recent photograph of Shreveport's skyline from Bossier City. In September 2006 the new 12-story Convention Center Hilton Hotel will be a nice addition to downtown's north side. Also, not shown is 25-story Horseshoe Casino Hotel on Bossier City's side of the Red River. http://www.city-data.com/picfilesv/picv8826.php
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