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  1. I'm glad they're trying to "fuse" these new developments together. It's smart planning. I agree this area of Bossier is going to get all kinds of new interest now. I hope they find a way to link this development with the BPCC campus, aside from the sidewalk along Hwy 80. If you really want to develop a pedestrian-focused place, keep people away from the heavy traffic on the streets. Also looking at some of the concept renderings, my only slight complaint is the parking situation. I don't really like those huge interior parking lots. Over time they could become very ugly. Good should have considered underground parking... but I know it's much more expensive. Aside from that, it's phenomenal! I bet Starbucks will be interested.
  2. The Villaggio website has master plans and some retail tenants listed for Buoni Negozi. I think a couple of those are Good's daughters' stores. This development is huge!
  3. I can hardly believe this!! They're planning to have Phase I completed in only 1+ year?! Thanks for the article Brian. I'll do you one better: http://www.villaggiobossier.com/
  4. Awesome! We wanna see photos, Brian! AND, here we go, the new article...
  5. White Flight is a deep-rooted concept in urban planning. It has happened for decades to many inner-urban areas across the country. It's a fact, not a racist comment. Also, I think many people here have had a very favorable first-impression of Mayor Glover.
  6. You know, on an separate note, it's too bad he's not proposing this project for Cane's Landing, but I'm not complaining!
  7. Yes, these life-style centers are the new trend in urban development. Good is a visionary and I'm so glad he's giving back to his community. Bossier City is quickly becoming the place to be in North Lousiana. With the boardwalk, Stirling Bossier and now Villaggio - the city will have a high quality of life. Also, let's not forget that massive mixed-use development near the CenturyTel Center off the parkway, which should still happen. I'm looking forward to more details about Villaggio. I'm sure now the annoucement has been made, we'll be seeing a lot of media coverage.
  8. Woo hoo!! Yeah Brian, there has been a development announcement drought for a while, but it was the calm before the storm. This development looks incredible! Seriously, this just as nice, if not nicer than ANYTHING you can find in Los Angeles. And construction is scheduled to begin this year already?! I wanna live in Bossier!
  9. ^^Somehow I missed this post. That's the site of the new parking structure? Any idea how long construction will take?
  10. Here's a link to the article Metlife is referencing: 2 clothing stores to open in Shreveport this spring The article mentions the plan to "start construction on the stores shortly." I wonder if this means the developers are constructing the final phase of the project, Building 500, or if they're just building out empty existing space:
  11. GREAT Photos! I have to say Brian, you're photography is getting better and better. You definitely have an eye for beautiful shots. I like the one of downtown with the train carsin the foreground. On your photostream there's an Asian "garden" you have several photos of, where is that? Is it new? I like it! BTW, Houston's skyline REEKS of 80s moderism!
  12. Have you guys seen this before? A master planned community in Southeast Shreveport called Twelve Oaks? How long has this been around? http://www.twelve-oaks.com/
  13. It did materialize and winners in three categories were chosen. There were some nice designs. The next step, according to the NLCOG (Northwest LA Council of Governments) is to study construction feasibility and determine costs. Also, they planned to "shop" the winning designs around to build up momentum for the project. I have no idea of any timeline for actual construction.
  14. Another artcle from the Times related to the opening of the Shreveport Hilton: Shreveport looks to compete for tourists, conventions with new facilities Some people believe the new convention center/hotel facility will help propel Shreveport to become a premier tourist and convention destination. Others are more doubtful. I love Shreveport and I see it through the eyes of a proud parent, but I'm also a realistic person who has visited many places. I think Shreveport/Bossier City still needs to continue expanding it's tourist appeal - and not necessarily with big-ticket "attractions", but with some quality "urban fabric" such as mixed-use infill developments that don't directly appeal to tourists, but enhance the image of the city's downtown. The downtown riverfront area has several strengths: the casino complexes are beautiful, the Sci-port Center is first class, Riverfront Park is a gem, there are handful of other quality museums, and most importantly there's the Boardwalk. But how does the pedestrian tourist staying a the Hiltol hotel travel to the Boardwalk? They're not going to walk gingerly across the Texas Street Bridge, that's for sure. How ridiculous is it that they can look across the river and see the Boardwalk only 300 yards away, but have to get in their car, drive across downtown, get on the freeway, cross the river, exit and drive to the massive parking structure, and 15 minutes later arrive at the Boardwalk?! That's INSANE! They need an attractive pedestrian access to connect it with Shreveport's riverfront, and with the neighboring Horseshoe casino. What is the excuse for the Horeshoe casino not being connected to the Boardwalk? The missing connectivity is a major problem for Shreveport's tourism market. If the city wants to take it to the next level, these issues should be addressed! Also, I've said this before but Cane's Landing and Cross Bayou are two untapped opportunities with limitless potential for enhancing the quality of life along the riverfront. I'm not suggesting another casino complex either. Consider beautifully designed mixed-use neighborhoods with residences above "neighborhood" retail (not outlet stores), intermixed with landscaped walkways and greenspace connecting it to the riverfront. Speaking as a tourist who has visited many cities around the world, sometimes this is the best kind of attraction. If city leaders want give Shreveport that competitive edge, they need to consider these important and fundamental rules of urban planning. What do you guys think?!
  15. From the Times, several new businesses opening in Southern Hills, and many others undergoing renovations: Southern Hills seeing new businesses
  16. Some developments going on at the downtown Shreveport airport: Downtown airport aiming for me
  17. The Hilton Sheveport is nearing completion in downtown, according to this new Times video presentation: As the Shreveport Convention Center reaches its first anniversary, an attached Hilton hotel is taking shape. City officials hope the hotel will help make Shreveport a destination for regional or national conventions as well as local events. The 314-room hotel is expected to open in April. Management company HRI Lodging planned to open the hotel in November, but construction delays pushed back the date. Hotel general manager Bob Gansfuss said he had to turn away groups looking for convention space in February and March but is working with groups that want to hold events in April... Convention center hotel nears completion EDIT: Another related article from Today's Times: Shreveport expects new Hilton to boost Convention Center
  18. Well, anything is better than a surface lot! EDIT: I just checked out those lots on Google Earth. Is the one u/c now supposed to span the entire lot all the way back to Commerce Street? That would be a huge parking structure!
  19. I agree, Shreveport will not be getting an IKEA store. The commercials have got to be b/c of the Dallas location. I used to shop at IKEA in my college days... cool furniture, but most of it is very cheaply made (hence the low prices). The Burbank, Carson, Covina and Costa Mesa locations are all in the LA region. Their stores are massive warehouses that (seem to me) can only be supported by very large populations. If Shreveport were to get one, my guess is that it would be a much scaled-down version.
  20. Very nice photos, Woob! I always enjoy them. Thanks for postings this photo too, Brian. I know I should be asking this question in the "developments" thread, but how many levels for the parking garage on the corner of Milam (My - lum ) & Clyde Fant Pkwy? Also, what's the scoop on the 2nd parking garage? I haven't heard about that one...
  21. I knew about Costner, but Ashton & Demi, too? So actors like the area enough while filming to buy a home there? Wow
  22. ^^ Good work, jcasey, that's great news!! Maybe Stirling Bossier or Regal Court? I didn't realize Fuddruckers and Koo Koo Roo were the same company! Although thinking back, they do have signs on the door adverising Fuddruckers burgers - makes sense now! Koo Koo Roo is one of my favorite "lunch" places. They have delicious healthy food at great prices. It's a great company. On a separate note... I saw Shreveport on HGTV AGAIN a couple nights ago. A new episode of What You Get for the Money. As I've said this before, Shreveport is the only LA city that I ever see on that network besides New Orleans, which I may have seen twice. I think the house was in a neigherhood called Southern Trace, near a golf course maybe... sound familiar?
  23. This article gives a run-down of construction activity in NW Louisiana's 10 parish region for 2006 compared to 2005: Single-family building permits in 2006 close to '05 mark
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