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  1. I found a retail land sale of 5.23 acres which took place last month (Dec 2006) on the NWC of Bert Kouns & I-49: Circuit City sold the land to ALT-Shreve, LLC. It is zoned B-3. This is right across the street from the Stevens Village Properties 22 acre lot. No doubt we'll be seeing some activity on that sight in the near future. That area seems to be getting a lot of attention recently!
  2. In response to the "new SWAC headquarters" discussion back in November, Shreveport has apparently been chosen as one of the two finalist cities, including Birmingham, Al (their current host city): Shreveport may be one of two cities in running for SWAC headquarters
  3. Wow, I didn't realize you guys such a hot thread about skylines here. I know Houston's skyline is often compared to LA's, but in my opinion LA blows Houston out of the water. LA has numerious skylines that many people don't often see, like Century City, Westwood, Glendale, Universal City/Burbank, Warner Center, Mid-Wilshire/Miracle Mile, and many sporadic highrises throughout Hollywood. I'll share some: This shot is my favorite of downtown: Century City (West LA, about 10 miles from downtown): Westwood (West LA also, near Century City, but entirely separate): Glendale (5 miles north of downtown): Universal City/Burbank (8-10 miles west of downtown, north of hollywood hills): Mid-Wilshire/Koreatown: Koreatown in the foreground with Hollywood in the back: Historic Hollywood in the foreground of this city, downtown LA in the distance:
  4. ^^ That building is phenomenal!! BR is lucky to be attracting thos types of proposals. Wow, I hope it happens. Richy, I found an recent aerial image of BR on Google Earth from Sept 2006: http://archive.digitalglobe.com/archive/sh...0100100052E2201
  5. I discovered in Google Earth a way to find recent aerials in the Digital Globe Coverage layer option. I found 2 aerial shots of SBC that were taken in November 2006. I stitched them together and labeled some of the major new developments over the last few years that are now visible. The detail isn't great, but you can see progress:
  6. ^This is a smart move by El Dorado to make the RRD a more family friendly environment. More restaurants and maybe a coffee shop could bring in more of a dining crowd. Families could linger afterwards over some live entertainment, and the 21+ crowd still has the Funny Bone and Wet Willies as late night options. That's a healthy mix of tenants and patrons, something that was missing from the beginning IMO. When Elkington had the idea of recreating Beale Street in downtown Shreveport, he tried to use the same recipe to be successful, but didn't consider downtown Shreveport's unique needs - like parking, security, etc. EDIT: Taking things a step further, imagine a more vibrant (and expanded) Red River District in downtown Shreveport connected to the Louisiana Boardwalk by a beautiful pedestrian bridge over the river. That's would make a nice city. Can city leaders please see the importance of a pedestrian bridge in SBC!! Anyone interested in seeing my suggestion!?!
  7. Where is everyone? I'm starting to feel lonely here. Finally, El Dorado is stepping up to revamp the Red River District!! "New restaurants, live music and more police presence are part of a bigger plan to boost foot traffic in the district..." "Whitemaine's vision for the district includes filling the three empty storefronts facing the open-air mall with restaurants. The interior promenade connected to Eldorado's parking garage that was once used for retail will remain empty for now." "The perception of a lack of parking, despite the availability of Eldorado's free garage, has also hindered revitalization efforts, King said. A two-level, 190-space parking facility being built by the city at the corner of Milam Street and Clyde Fant Parkway should be completed by June and help efforts to bring people downtown..." Eldorado Casino plans to make Red River District youth-friendly
  8. It's a little slow today at work, so I thought I'd check out some demographics of SBC using our hi-tech demographics software - GeoVue's iSite. I was surprised to see that Shreveport's population has been estimated highly in 2005 from 2000, even after a decrease from the previous 10 years... and projected to be at nearly 250,000 in just 10 years!! Of course Bossier is showing steady growth also. The numbers are encouraging, and maybe Shreveport's not doing so poorly (population wise) after all!! Here is the 6-pg demo report:
  9. These 2 articles are from Dec. 29th (somehow I missed them), but they give a good review of commercial development in SBC, and remind us of some things to come in 2007: Retail, airlines, banks all made news in business world in 2006 2006 was a big year for local retail Also, the first wave of businesses in the new Stirling Bossier development will open in July, including PetSmart: Buzz on business: PetSmart to open in Bossier City
  10. ^^I agree, and it's great that people are starting to take more interest in this area. I remember earlier this year we all surmised that this could be the next big area to develop. We may be right! I was purusing LoopNet yesterday for land listings and found large parcelized lots on Bert Kouns east of I-49 were for sale also. Also, more land adjacent to the Home Depot is available for sale. All of these are clustered around I-49 & Bert Kouns.
  11. Hey guys! I have some news regarding the Stevens Village Properties development at I-49 & Bert Kouns. I emailed these guys before the holidays and it bounced back, but I tried again yesterday and I got a response!! Stephen, Thank you for your request for more information about Stevens Village Properties. This location has 21.3 acres located at I-49 & Bert Kouns in Shreveport. Our desire is to bring in a national brand name restaurant and hotel for a portion of this property. There aren't any sit down type restaurants in the area, just fast food. There aren't any hotels on I-49 from I-20 south for 60 miles. This area is fast becoming a medical corridor. We feel that this will become the next medical area for Shreveport. Our intention is to sell the parcels, not build out for development. The only marketing material is our website at this time. If I can assist you in any way, please contact me at the address below. Again thank you for your inquiry. Ronny
  12. I found these elevations for the retail component of Provenance called the Windrush Village Marketplace: I don't think anyone's posted this before.
  13. They fly the MD-80 series aircraft which I suppose, is more of a "mid-size" plane, but still has a seating capacity of 150+. Here's a photo of an MD-83 from wiki: 36 rows with 2-3 seating.
  14. Allegiant Air is expanding their service to include more flights to/from Vegas and Orlando at SHV. Allegiant to expand flights to Las Vegas, Orlando I know the flights to Vegas have been booked to capacity for a while. Maybe eventually they'll begin to add daily flights. I'm going to start connecting thru Vegas to Shreveport if possible - what a luxury it would be to have a full-size jet to SBC!
  15. I remember reading about this project before... Shreveport needs more news like this, especially for the inner-city areas. Church groups are banding together to develop affordable housing in the MLK area of the city. Lots that have been vacant or abandoned will soon become new homes for people who need them. A new park and new businesses could follow: Groups working to develop MLK neighborhood
  16. I found this PDF of the Bossier City's Dept of Public Works capital budget plan thru 2010: http://www.bossiercity.org/capital_budget_2006.pdf It covers all street improvements/extension/widening projects in progress and planned in Bossier, and has many photographs/maps of some. It must have been prepared in early 2006.
  17. Also, I've been meaning to ask about the Inner Loop expressway extension. Isn't that scheduled to be completed early 2007? Anyone been keeping up on the progress?
  18. Awesome news! I'll have to see what I can dig up online about the extension. Do you know how far north it's being extended? Also, in other news, I found a rendering of the new Orr BMW dealership going up in Shreveport:
  19. Me too, Brian. I feel like something's gotta give soon.
  20. The new Starbucks at Line & Pierremont in Shreveport: Sorry for the blurry shot, I snapped it quickly one evening. This is a very nice location! One of the baristas told me that in addition to live bands, poetry readings, etc, they plan to exhibit the work of local artists along all the walls.
  21. We should, Brian. We could do so much for downtown Shreveport - and it's something we would love doing. I think we can find many people with $$$ who would be interested in a mixed-use project in Shreveport's West Edge. I think we should talk to more people who are part of that community to find out what they want to see happen there. Target those people specifically and build a project for them, afterall they'd be the ones buying a new home there anyway - you can't loose! I think the city offers tax incentives for residential development in downtown too.
  22. Absolutely! Having retail shops on the ground floor of a res building gives people that convenience they're looking for when they decide to buy in an urban area. They're paying for convenience and a lively urban atmosphere - otherwise what's the point of spending more money on less space? There's nothing like this in downtown Shreveport. It would be a huge hit - no doubt!!! This is not good news. It's too bad someone doesn't see the value in a historic building - downtown only has a limited supply, and they're irreplaceable.
  23. Brian and Woob - you two always do a great job of keeping us updated with photos of SBC, but this weekend it's my turn! I have all day Friday to roam the city. Usually I don't have any extra time b/c it's just a quick in and out weekend trip, but my dad is lending me his corvette and I have my camera!! I won't be able to post the photos until I'm back in LA early next week... but they're coming. Happy holidays to you all.
  24. Starbucks is always a favorite, but The Coffee Bean is second to NONE! There's actually one on the bottom floor of my building One of the reasons I bought a place here in my new building. I'd be down there right now if they weren't closed.
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