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  1. Woob, I've noticed that the parking garage for the Beverly Center in Beverly Hills uses tickets from your company. It has Shreveport, LA printed on the bottom. Very cool!
  2. Starbucks doesn't charge anymore than any other coffee shop. Where else would you buy your coffee... besides maybe a gas station or fast food place.
  3. Thanks for posting that article. I hope it doesn't end up like Isle of Capri also, but the buyout could mean the new owners will invest more money into SBC's local properties. My guess is there won't be a name change - the Harrah's name has a reputation and the new owner's should see the value in that. Anything could happen though!
  4. ^^ My first stop Friday morning. The new $2.2M Benton library grand opening is today: Shreveport Times Grand opening for Benton library Sunday
  5. A glimpse of Shreveport's flourishing downtown around mid-century: Downtown Shreveport once was a gathering place for Christmas shoppers
  6. Awesome! I'll be coming to SBC Thursday morning thru the weekend for the holidays. I have Friday all to myself with my parents and sister working, I definitely plan to check out the development along Airline and other parts of north Bossier. Like I've said before, I haven't driven through there in 8+ years, basically since I've lived in L.A. I know I'm going to be blown away!!
  7. The former Just for Feet building on Bert Kouns is still listed as available for sale. The listing shows the owner is motivated and recently reduced the price - maybe the buyer is still in escrow on the property. Bill McFadden - (318) 797-4393 - listing broker's contact if you want to get the scoop for us!!
  8. On a quick note - the new Starbucks in the Uptown Shopping Center has officially opened. I saw them listed on Starbuck's website, and called them to confirm their opening. That makes 4 corporately owned Starbucks in the SBC area, and 9 total locations including smaller kiosks (with the yet unopened Hilton location).
  9. I'll see if I can find that. That's cool. I see Shreveport on HGTV fairly often. It's definitely the most featured city fom Louisiana, even more so than New Orleans - which I may have seen once or twice.
  10. Here's the article from the Times dated Dec. 12 describing Barksdale as one of three air force bases that is being considered for a long-planned training camp: Barksdale mission expansion topic of public meeting tonight "The chosen base would gain 166 buildings at 124,192 square meters, with up to 9,000 acres -- just under 14 square miles -- required for field training..."
  11. This is a great photo in downtown Shreveport. It belongs to MattyMattyChooChoo from flickr:
  12. I should make one for Baton Rouge also! Can do Richy, no problem. I had to start fresh on the Shreveport banner b/c Emporis no longer accepts night-time cityscapes. Remind me and I'll get to it next week!
  13. Well, as it turns out, they're phasing out nightscapes so I'm going to have to redo it!! That could take some time.
  14. They provide a template for Photoshop that has layers setup for all possible backdrops and times of of the day. Then you have to build it from actual building photos. I chose night time b/c I wanted to showcase the neon lights. Did you notice the rose sculptures?
  15. I created a new cityscape banner for Shreveport's page on Emporis. I've been meaning to do this for a while, but just finished it today. I thought I'd share it with you guys. These banners are intended to be a bit abstract... an artist's depiction so to speak, so build placements are necessarily realistic. I sent the image to the Emporis website administrators to have it added. Hopefully it's up soon!
  16. Two things: OK, one things I'm noticing that you do is take something out of context and then spin it very pessimistically. I never said the LA Film Fest would be the next Sundance. The point I was making is that cultural events such as film festivals are a very positive thing to a city, regardless of their size. And Sundance didn't happen over night, it was a gradual growth that lead it to be what it is today. And the LA Film Fest could very well turn out to be a major regional and/or national film festival in itself. It will grow. Secondly, most American cities have trouble revitalizing their urban cores. Poor lighting, lack of quality housing and parking are very commom problems. Shreveport is not unique in this sense. These problems take lots of time, planning and money to resolve. A part of this urban renewal is adaptive reuse, which is converting older (usually vacant) buildings into new housing/retail. When developers come in and spend money on renovations, they include improved lighting, parking and security. This is a sign of a gentrified downtown area, and is a very good thing for any city. You can't sit back and "preach" about security, parking and housing - then in the next sentence say revamping old buildings is a bad thing. You obviously know very little about urban issues. Why don't you try developing some cultural for yourself and supporting places like the RFC, instead of sitting back and coming up with reasons why it won't succeed. :-) I'll be at the opening ceremony!
  17. SBC is progressing - very well actually. If you need tangible proof, MSNBC just reported that Shreveport is the new Hollywood South: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/15939486/ If Shreveport wasn't truly progressing, the film industry wouldn't be hanging around. They would've packed up and headed back south. The reality is Shreveport stepped up to the plate and created an infrastructure to support the productions. Production companies, casting agencies, production equipment rentals - all of these organizations have offices in New Orleans AND Shreveport. Shreveport is progressing in a big way, and this is just ONE industry I've elaborated on.
  18. Um, no one said that film production came to Shreveport due to an "artsy" reputation. We all know about the state tax incentives and hurricane katrina. The point Rardy was trying to make is that a film center will help develop Shreveport's reputation as an arts-oriented city - and it will. Having resources such as a major film center will also help keep the film industry in SBC. No one's saying that it's Milan, but you have to give Shreveport credit for all the progress it's made just over the last 5 years.
  19. Hardly... how about: ArtSpace Architectural firms located in the West Edge Strand Theatre - Still bringing in Broadway-quality productions last time I checked Southern University Museum of art Robinson Film Center River Cities Repertory theatre Tipitina's Odyssey sound lab NW Louisiana Art Gallery / Bistineau Gallery Minicine Municiple Auditorium West Edge Artist Co-op / art gallery Shreveport Symphony Orchestra Shreveport Regional arts council Bossier Arts Council
  20. Sometimes, people can't hide their ignorance. The Robinson Film Center is gonig to be a huge success. Hands down. First of all, it's one of only 7-8 film centers in the nation (and if I'm not mistaken, the only one in the South). Aside from regular movie screenings, the center will have film production resources and film events, such as local premieres and film festivals. The RFC will host the newly founded Louisiana Film Festival once it opens. Film festivals are MAJOR events that have huge economic impacts on cities... consider the Sundance Film Festival, Telluride, Tribeca, Cannes, Los Angeles, AFI, Toronto, Berlin - these are ones I can name off-the top of my head without even pausing. Small towns in Utah like Park City and Telluride that host these annual film festivals have become national art havens and draw in ten of thousands of people during those weeks. Think of how unique Shreveport will be to play host to such an event (given the Louisiana Film Festival won't be as big in it's first years, but it will grow) and to actually have a thriving film industry to match. This is a great opporunity to Shreveport to build a reputation for itself. Aside from those benefits, the RFC will be an asset to local film production and residents - not only the artists in the West Edge, but anyone in the city who wants to see quality filmmaking. All of my favorite movies have been independently made, and have been a huge advocate of this project by donating a lot of money to their captial campaign. I take it very seriously. By the way, there will be a winebar and bistro located on the 2nd floor fo the facilty. You can have dinner and a movie all in one building.
  21. ^ ^ Speaking of Texas Street, are there any new tenants in the West Edge to speak of? The film center will be a key anchor to this district once it's complete. I'd like to see this area really take off.
  22. New renderings of the Robinson Film Center on Texas Street!!!! I've been looking forward to this project for a couple years now. I'm a big fan of independent and foreign film, and I'm glad to see Shreveport will have such a nice venue. Street Facade 1 Street Facade 2 Winebar & Bistro (I hope this is a full-service restaurant) Grande Theatre Celebrity Theatre (with one of my favorite movies "Amelie", on-screen)
  23. Shreveport Times: Dec. 5, 2006 Wal-Mart store expected to be complete by mid-April or June Original Article on Times website
  24. Well, looks like we got 1 of 2 - the better restaurant (Capital Grille), but the second-choice bookstore . Although, Books A Million may step it up for this upscale shopping center. I agree that Borders may be considering Shoppes at Bellemead as their location. I wonder though - can that retail corridor of Youree Drive support THREE major bookstores in such a close proximity?.... maybe. I was aware that Alexandria had a better convention market, but glad Shreveport has now repositioned itself above Alexandria - and rightfully so!! My mother's family is from Pineville/Alexandria, so I get the displeasure of driving through around the holidays. That city is a stagnant cesspool.
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