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  1. Small progress is being made on the new Green Agurs Marketplace on North Market Street, but the old industrial building can't be fully converted until the final EIR is complete: Proposed north Shreveport farmer's market awaits final environmental report
  2. What is that "upscale" Wal-Mart Supercenter like? I tried to find photos online... no luck. I can't wait to see other large national (and possibly more "upscale") tenants announce new locations in Shreve City.
  3. So then nothing has closed down? Are they constructing a new building for the new O'Briens Irsh Pub?
  4. Very cool!!! I've been to the O'Briens Irish Pub on Wilshire Blvd in Santa Monica (if it's the same one). I actually think I had dinner there on Thansgiving day a few years back. I'm not the "pub" type, but they have great, authentic Irish food....it's very popular (the restaurant, not Irish food). I'm really impressed that they're opening a location in Bossier City... and glad it's not another country-western style place. Louisiana already has too many of those. By the way, what happened to all the original tenants in the entertainment district? I missed all that somehow.
  5. If you do inquire, ask about the marina around Bass Pro also.
  6. Hey Brian. Do you remember any more specific information about the Marriott hotel hotel proposed for the Boardwalk? I want to add it to Emporis for Bossier City, but I need a solid source. Got anything? Was John Good to be the developer?
  7. I agree. Consider Nashville as an example... after they got their 3rd major interstate, the city grew substantially. Shreveport could easily be the next Nashville. I think SBC will even experience some early growth (down the road) just before I-69 is constructed in anticipation of an ecomonic boom.
  8. jeez... people will come up with anything. I'm glad Bossier is like Brian said, aggressive and progressive enough, not to cave into the NIMBYs.
  9. Exactly! That's why I thought it was so silly she said that. and more residents means more retail!
  10. "We're not anti-growth, we're just anti-rezoning". Whatever. I'm glad that rezoning passed!
  11. Wow! Thanks for those great shots Brian - I always appreciate when you take the time to do that for the forum. The Uptown Shopping Ctr looks so much nicer - almost unrecognizable. I guess they're a little behind schedule, but the exterior arent' far from complete. The Shoppes at Bellemead is beautiful too - just as nice as anything that any other city has. I hope the retailers there are doing well.
  12. Hmmm... if Regal Court and Shoppes at Bellemead both get bookstore tenants, my guess is Books A Million at Regal Court and Borders at Shoppes at Bellemead. It doesn't really fit the other way around - well, at least Books A Million doesn't fit, like you said. Although, it may turn out that Regal Court will get the bookstore tenant and Shoppes at Bellemead will find another large tenant type. I guess it depends on when that site plan was drafted.
  13. My guess is they took the 2000 census numbers and grew it by about 1% annually to get their figure (it's almost spot on). Demographics are a big part of my job - and I've learned numbers can vary greatly from different "official" sources. The bottom line is that estimations made after census years are projections based on previous trends. Even the census bureau's #s are just estimates until the next census year rolls around. Economic indicators such as loss of jobs can be factored into estimates, but no one knows for sure. In my opinion, based on Shreveport's growing economy, I'd be surprised if Shreveport's actual population has dwindled below 200,000 - but 216,000 may be too optimistic.
  14. Really?! whoa, that's ridiculous. even a city of shreveport's size should be familiar with multi-level condos. they must have had a taste with it when some of older bldgs in downtown were converted last year. man, i'm just waiting for somebody with deep pockets to step up and have a vision for downtown shreveport/bossier. Good was close with the boardwalk, but something new to the area that would make people take shreveport seriously as a city. I think it's either going to be Cane's Landing or Cross Bayou. why aren't developers jumping all over this???!! it's a no-brainer!
  15. ooohh!! a condo tower would've been nice!! Could've been the beginning of a trend along Clyde Fant, which actually would be a beautiful drive for condo towers with views of the river. Maybe sometime in the future. Thanks for posting those pictures Brian. Is there going to be a retail component of the Island Park TND?
  16. Wow! What a beautiful neighborhood development it's turning out to be. I've been a big proponent of TNDs since Seaside, Florida. I hope the concept proves to be popular in Shreveport. Thanks for the pics update, Brian.
  17. A lifestyle center would've been a vast improvement over what's going up there now. I think surface parking lots are the most unattractive and poor uses of land... although I do realize they're a necessary evil. The architects should at least dress it up with some landscaping or interesting brick patterns. It's funny how earlier today I was just thinking how these wholly utilitarian, non-descript strip centers were a thing of the past. Man was I wrong. Edit: In L.A. the parking lots have to go behind the building. That would be a better way to go. Nice! What is Phase II to include?
  18. Ah! I remember you mentioning that retail strip. I bet the Stirling Bossier is going to spur all kinds of developments along Airline in that area of the city. I haven't been over there in 8+ years. My parents live closer SE Shreveport, so it's on the opposite end of the metro. When is Stirling Bossier planning to open? How's it progressing?
  19. This one is certainly no lifestyle center. Here's the location description: Airline Dr is home to Bossier City's most intense retail development. This site lies next to the Bossier Medical Center, just north of Pierre Bossier Mall and a power center containing Old Navy, Books A Million, Office Depot, Pier 1 and others. Lowes and Wal-Mart are just north of the site. Excellent street frontage, high visability. If they're actively listing this as available space for lease, then seems to me like it's moving forward.
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