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  1. OK, I have more from LoopNet. Forgive me if this is old information. This is a 22,800 sf retail center planned to start soon on 2 acres of 4-acre tract next to the Bossier Medical Center (land for possible build-to-suits, ground lease or future phases of retail). The center is called Airline Marketplace. The architecture is pretty much utilitarian in my opinion, but new development is always welcome.
  2. I found this rendering of the renovated Uptown Shopping Center on LoopNet: It looks beautiful, and I particularly like the patio area which looks to be around the new Starbucks(?).
  3. Looks like the convention center hotel construction is dragging and the new target date for completion is February 2007: Delays with convention center hotel bring attention to city's problem with contractor Can anything ever just go as planned? Geez...
  4. "The Louisiana Bond Commission approved $500,000 in cash Thursday for planning a digital music broadcasting center backers say is another step toward their goal of reviving the 'Louisiana Hayride'... The center will be an incubator for the music and film industries in Shreveport... Lt. Gov. Mitch Landrieu said Shreveport is becoming a leader in the rebirth of the cultural economy. 'It is a wonderful outgrowth of the film tax credit program and an example to the rest of the state of the value of the cultural economy.'" Here's the article: La. OKs $500K for digital recording center in Shreveport
  5. Yes, there's the Provenance development in southwest Shreveport: http://www.yourprovenance.com/au/aboutus.htm I think Phase I should be nearly complete by now.
  6. Well, even though Shreveport may have missed out on a posh Mirage resort - I can't help but believe that something great is being planned for Cane's Landing. That large chunk of riverfront land is oozing with potential. Why can't someone just plan a nice development AND COMMIT to it?! If John Good and his development team don't want to build that highrise hotel, fine - sell the land to somebody else who will.
  7. Uh, knowing all of that makes me angry. Should we all write a letter to Blanco?
  8. Woob! Very nice.. I especially like the twilight view with the LA Boardwalk. Very pretty skyline scene. Thanks for sharing.
  9. Even those it isn't new development, adaptive reuse is a positive trend in any city: Businesses make existing buildings their own
  10. I recently discovered deviantart.com - I have a photo gallery on here as well. If you search by keyword for Shreveport, there are pages of beautiful photos of the SBC area - here's a link: http://search.deviantart.com/?section=brow...mp;q=shreveport I'm sure it's a constantly growing collection. Enjoy!
  11. Going bck to the Regal Court discussion for a second, two large sporting goods stores (that have a big presence here in CA) that could possibly open a location in the development are SportMart and Sports Chalet. I think both would be new to the SBC market - even the South.
  12. Are the latest estimated down to 175,000? Geez... Shreveport may be loosing population, but it seems counter-intuitive to me that a city that's experiencing all this growth is loosing population. What about the the residential developments in southeast Shreveport? Doesn't that count for something? Also, Bossier City and suburbs included, the metro area HAS to be growing in population, right? Or are the same amount of people just "shifting" around. The way I see it, Shreveport is finally catching up (and in some cases surpassing) the quality of life offered in similarly-sized cities. If the demographics are warranting all of this upscale development in SE Shreveport and Bossier City, something positive is happening. Is it just an increase in avg household income? Something isn't adding up.
  13. It's approximately 400,000. I don't know any precise numbers though.
  14. I'm still wondering myself how Shreveport's doing it above all the competitive southern markets. I will say though, aside from Baton Rouge, Shreveport has made more of a name of itself nationally. Maybe it's partially the riverboats, maybe it's more now because of the film industry presence, but something's catching on. I'm not ashamed to say I watch some shows on HGTV, and last night was the 3rd or 4th time I've seen Shreveport featured in the last couple months. Last night on "What you Get for the Money" (a show were they'll tour 4 - 5 different cities around the country and show the quality of home you buy for the same $ amount) there was a family who recently moved to Shreveport from San Fransisco. The couple's daughter has a medical condition and they relocated to Shreveport b/c of the medical support network that was available in the city. The introduction to the segment also described Shreveport as a thriving city with a "blossoming" real estate market. They had some nice panning shots of the riverfront too.
  15. Yeah this is great news! Looks like we're probably getting the best of each... Borders AND The Capital Grille. Wow, Shreveport really hit the jackpot with this property! I also love the park-like landscaping and water feature planned... to me this kind of property makes more sense for these upscale tenants. I'm really excited about this one (and I know my parents will be!).
  16. I guess we'll find out, but then why would have there been any mention of the Capital Grille brand? jcasey says KTBS is still reporting Capital Grille. Let's keep our fingers crossed!
  17. My guess in no. I think Hilton Head Island preceeds the family's success.
  18. Where's Brian this morning? He made a quick cameo and left. With all these developments happening around SBC - you can't help but see the city is blossoming. Not to get off the subject, but does anyone know what the status of that upscale mixed-use development in Bossier along Teague Pwky near the CenturyTel Center? Are those acres fronting Youree Drive? For some reason I was thinking Regal Court would be the last infill project there.
  19. Agreed, a weird mix of tenants. Borders would definitely fit in more with the upscale restaurants. Even though Kohl's and DSW are discount retailers, they're quality national tenants that Shreveport doesn't yet have. It's all good news. Uh oh.
  20. That must be for the other location in the King's Crossing, which could open much sooner. The article said that Capital Grille wasn't official yet, so they probably haven't signed a lease. My guess is they wouldn't be posting for that restaurant now anyway - not a year out from completion. I'd say both restaurants are possible. Maybe they think the demographics can support two of their restaurants.
  21. This tenant list is a nice start, but this is to be a huge development. I don't remember the site plan well, but there should be room for at least 15 tenants, right? I'm still expecting some other big names to jump on board as things get rolling. This is shaping up to be Shreveport's premiere retail address.
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