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  1. Yeah, it may have been Kings Crossing. Both announcements were made so recently... do you think they would've changed the location and the brand so quickly. Maybe there doing both?!
  2. Wasn't a Longhorn Steakhouse just announced for an outparcel in the Eastgate Shopping Center? I'll have to go back double check, but if so, this location should definitely be a Capital Grille. Yeah, I'm banking on Borders. All of a sudden, Shreveport only deserves the best.
  3. OK, here's the Times article on the announcement: http://www.shreveporttimes.com/apps/pbcs.d...NGNEWS/61106009 It is a Borders! <-- oops, or Books-a-Million!
  4. I was hoping for a long list of tenants to be announced, but the ones that were announced are definitely the best. I've been to a Capitol Grille in DC and it's incredible... the food, atmosphere...very urban and sophisticated. For Shreveport to possibly get a location is impressive. I checked the website and they're only located in major metropolitan areas, and we don't even have one here in LA. I don't know La Madeleine, but from the website it looks very nice and there are locations in major metros of Texas, Baton Rouge and New Orleans. Regarding the bookstore, considering its to be a national chain, a Barnes & Noble is already located on Youree, and the caliber of these other tenants, I think it's safe to bet that it will be a Borders. I think none of us are surprised about the PF Changs, but it's exciting none the less!
  5. Hey Brian... not sure if you saw my previous post, but I definintely agree with you on the Williams Sonoma for the Regail Court development. What are your thoughts about my Whole Foods idea?
  6. There isn't much to the Borders at teh Boardwalk. South Shreveport could definitely use a full size location. I just bought a condo in downtown LA, near Figueroa & Wilshire. It's awesome b/c I only have a 5 minute walk to work now. The closest I ever get to El Segundo is LAX, but it's not far. You guys visit often?
  7. Alright! Looking forward to seeing that new list. This is the last chance for a national retailer/restaurant who wants to be located in Shreveport along Youree Drive - I believe it's going to be an impressive list. Youree Drive is comparable to Baton Rouge's Corporate Blvd and I think any tenant who is located there is a likely candidate for this Regal Court development. Let's see.... PF Changs is a big possibility (great restaurant!), Johnny Rockets, Corner Bakery Cafe, Yard House, Jamba Juice and TGI Fridays could be (I'm not a fan though). CPK is one of my favorite restaurants and I eat there at least once a week. I guess it could be similar to San Fransisco Oven... I consider CPK to be more of an upscale gourmet pizza and wine restaurant - they also serve items like hummus, goat cheese salads, and thai dishes. I'd love to see a CPK in Shreveport, but I think we'll see Cheesecake Factory first. Aside from restaurants, I think Borders, Apple Computer Store, Staples, Williams Sonoma, Aaron Brothers, CompUSA are all good possibilities. I wouldn't be surprised to see a Whole Foods in the arena. This area of Shreveport could support a larger upscale market - especially with the new residential development like Provenance. Shreveport is definitely worthy of a Macy's, but considering the other big box retailers, it's not likely for this development.
  8. I think AirTran did fly in Shreveport before 9/11 (service to Atlanta?), then pulled out to focus on larger cities. Looks like they're considering re-entering some of the mid-size markets. I already voted several times for Shreveport, spread the word guys!
  9. Shreveport is on the ballot for AirTran airline service! Here's the article from The Times: Shreveport on ballot for AirTran service You can actually vote for Shreveport to be the next AirTran destination (or any other city, I suppose). Baton Rouge is on the list also. Click here to vote.
  10. I'm not sure if the original article made it here on the development string...but it looks like the developer of a low to moderate income housing project near the airport is considering alternate sites after receiving a lot of flack: Developer puts housing development proposal back on table
  11. This is great! Shreveport has such an incredible inventory of historic builidings that other cities its size and larger aren't so lucky to have. I'm glad it wasn't torn down to be replaced with a gas station. I can't think of anything more aweful. Also, looks like the city of Shreveport will be spending a little money to repave the sidewalk with herringbone patterned bricks and plant trees around the building. Here's a slideshow of the new Silver Lake Ballroom: http://www.silverlakeballroom.com/photogallery1.html
  12. Too bad it's not a PF Changs, but any new development is exciting. I was also impressed when Fat Burger opened a location in Shreveport... which is one of the only locations outside of the west coast states. Fat Burger is hugely popular here in CA and I hope it's doing well in Shreveport. Although I can't imagine any restaurant on Youree not doing well.
  13. That's incredible!! That's comparable to Los Angeles retail prices. At a 10% cap rate (just guessing) for an investment sale, an imputed avg lease rate / sf / mo for those tenants is approx. $1.60. From an analytic's perspective, that's impressive! Go Shreveport.
  14. That's good news. Where'd you find out about the new Starbucks?
  15. Nice detective work, Brian. PF Changs is a great restaurant and would be a nice, more upscale addition to Shreveport's restaurant scene. So the proposal is for a single freestanding restaurant on one smaller parcel? If so, PF Changs would definitely fit the bill. Thanks for sharing.
  16. Thanks for following up on that Brian. Did she say whether it's going to be an "exotic zoo".
  17. Do you guys think it could be a full-fledged zoo? I'm a little skeptical with the name "Gators and Friends".... seems like it would be the Shreveport Zoo, or something along those lines. Hmmmmm.... it's hard to say. Did anyone call those phones #s? Maybe it would give us a clue if we call. Also, I'm surprised there hasn't been anything about this in the Times. The whole thing is bizarre to me... especially since they're already to the point where they're paying for major advertising.
  18. Wow, that is new!! And exciting! Maybe I can contribute to this... as usual my curiousity got the best of me and I googled "Gators and Friends" in Shreveport. I didn't find much, but maybe we can investigate from this: http://shreveport-bossier.org/coupons/attractions.pdf It's PDF file.....on the 4th page of these attractions coupons, there are two coupons for Gators & Friends, L.L.C., the phone numbers listed are 318.938.1199 and 877.938.1199. It also shows the location as Greenwood. I have to run to the gym now, but when I get back I want a full report!!! EDIT: This is strange. I just looked back at the coupons and noticed they expire in October of this year. Huh?? How can that be?
  19. We all know it's happening, but I thought I'd post this anyway: Isle of Capri officially becomes DiamondJacks
  20. I feel like that's inevitable also. Although a real highrise "boom" may not happen until the new interstates come online.
  21. Brian, are you saying we need to trick people into visiting SBC? Just kidding Of course we don't!
  22. Thanks. Nice to meet you too Nate.
  23. Am I still the newbie here? My name is Stephen and I'm originally from the SBC area. I'm 25 yrs old and I've lived in Los Angeles for the last 7 yrs. I do the best I can for being 1,500+ miles away!
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