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  1. Disagree. We need mass transit. We are doing just fine without casinos, which some feel we "must have". And we are doing just fine without Amazon Many years ago, Dell came to town with big promises. And now we have a nice call center. I would be ecstatic if Nashville is selected, but I'm not drinking the Amazon kool aid
  2. The Transportation and Mass Transit Megathread

    That question has been asked, and we learned the tunnel is the cheaper alternative to anything above ground. By tunneling, business impact will be none to minimal; which could have a financial impact on the city far greater than the cost of the tunnel
  3. Nashville Bits and Pieces

    Love the self-portrait!! Hehehe! Or that's what we'll all look like if West End Summit ever gets built!!
  4. - Nashville is just not attractive to top level tech talent, not big enough?, maybe the country music?, lack of creativity?, who knows. While Nashville has come a long way; techies are still excited to move to LA, Austin, Seattle, Silicon Valley, Atlanta, etc, not Nashville - I am a senior level techie. 35 search hits in LinkedIn, by Thursday morning when I woke up plus numerous emails, messages, etc. Annoying. NOT tooting my own horn, just demonstrating the need for QUALITY talent My personal experience with the influx resulted in more newbies and junior talent. Mid-level and senior-level talent is nearly non-existent. Honestly, I feel like we get the leftovers and rejects from other cities, but maybe I'm a bit harsh. For what it's worth, of 5, I see 1 great, 1 good, 1 ok, 1 slow/lazy, 1 will be arrested. Not too good when compared to LA, Austin, Atlanta, etc. Sorry, my opinion from 20+ years experience
  5. - always value your input! Notes: - 3 DC sites. Any questions? - Bezos home in DC will not be a deciding factor - MANY companies have their corporate HQ (especially healthcare) in the DC area, but they are typically only top brass, less than 50-100 employees - Miami over Tampa Bay is a surprise - if PX/healthcare is truly a factor, Nashville, then Boston, and Chicago - BNA meets criteria well, only negative is too many cities that are only serviced by Southwest and supplier chain will need connections to China and Mexico, which will happen "soon" - personally, I don't think the River North site has 1% chance - Amazon lists tech talent as an important factor. Nashville struggles to attract the talent it has. The Amazon name could change that issue for the better, but that's a LOT of people to recruit to move here **my opinion is Nashville is in top 10, still expect DC (MD), Boston, or Atlanta, possibly Philadelphia
  6. West End Summit

    At this point, I doubt AP could solicit a "professional" in Las Vegas 2 + 2 = ? .... sorry, couldn't resist
  7. Nashville Bits and Pieces

    100% correct. The dams now provide a steady flow year-round to enable river commerce. And with the constant stream of traffic on the river, it is almost impossible to freeze now
  8. Before and after: 100% of the steel and 85-90% of the concrete will be recycled: 23-story Hyatt Regency Hotel site in foreground: View from Commerce St. (a block away): View from Commerce St.:
  9. Special guest Mary Beth Ikard, Manager of Mayor's Office of Transportation & Sustainability Mary Beth smiles!! Fielding a question from the back of the room: I think we had 24, not including Mary Beth
  10. The Transportation and Mass Transit Megathread

    The Nashville Media Is Getting Played by Transit-Bashing Hired Guns
  11. Nashville International Airport

    BNA airport data
  12. Nashville International Airport

    Correct sir. And passed Lambert St. Louis for the month. (BNA is growing at nearly 10% now while STL is less than 6%) I am still thinking WOW and Condor will watch the BA flight numbers for 6 months. The rapid growth of WOW concerns me BNA is insane now; in that there are no midday flights that are not full. Yet, capacity has only been expanded on a few routes for UA and AA