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  1. Old Hickory Lake came within 8 inches of overflowing the dam Only 14 inches fell in the official Nashville rain guage, while most places had 15-16 and up to 18 inches Both Center Hill Lake AND Lake Cumberland were at or below minimum pool at the time of the 2010 flood. Both dams were undergoing repairs and could not be used for flood control. Having them available certainly would have helped, but the majority of the rain fell directly in the Nashville Basin - downstream from those lakes Also, 2010 was not the worst flood in history and was several feet below the highest crest. The flood would have been much worse without the dams and Corp of Engineers
  2. Who would like to see a 50-story tower here, next to the 40-story Four Seasons?
  3. I'm gonna say around 2005ish is when it was changed to a two-way street
  4. First photo: 1201 Demonbreun office building, 1212 condo, and the cranes are for the 16 story W hotel Second photo: 27 story Endeavor and 20 story Gulch Union office building
  5. Local artist Phil Ponder was our guest speaker at HealthStream this week. We are currently displaying 8 original pieces of his artwork The following photos have a date on the back of Oct 81 This one has a boo-boo resulting from a drop of paint. So there is a fictional building to cover the spot The initials of all 32 metro council members are included in the following: Some of his drawings are very detailed, as in 32 lines of brick per inch. His drawing of Linden School contains 82,000 bricks - yes, hand painted
  6. Correct. The amount paid for the product that was delivered is a joke. We didn't get the height, nor the LED lights, that was part of the approved plan. The artist decided to change the height because the longer poles were deemed too expensive (by the artist) and installation would have been even more expensive. He nixed the LED lighting because he decided he no longer liked it. And then, wouldn't even allow a description to placed anywhere nearby for people to know what it is But yeah, the most expensive arts project in the history of Nashville is: stix
  7. I hadn't really paid attention to the website, but now I have heard from multiple circles that the website was hacked. Wishing them all the best and hope they recover quickly. Hopefully, the delay is just ongoing investigation and securing lose ends to prevent any repeat
  8. I don't know why, but they have really been pumping out planes on the 13-31 crosswind runway for 2 weeks now. Maybe just load balancing. I haven't heard anything about it
  9. But Publix BOGO reigns supreme Let's not devolve into a best grocery store discussion! We have a Publix downtown with a Whole Foods coming soon! I think both will do well. The lines at Publix are impressive, thus far. And I think the lunch crowd will continue to grow
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