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  1. **Yes, but you must remember, when it left BNA, it only carried enough fuel to get to ATL. Nowhere near fully loaded, weight wise This is actually somewhat common for those long haul flights to be diverted to BNA
  2. Back Alley Dinner? Closed several months ago
  3. October 2018 was the first time BNA topped 1.5 million monthly passengers. That has happened 4x this year Oh, and BNA has passed DAL
  4. I'm still waiting for the 3 story downtown Motel 6!! Nashville is kind of like the Hollywood of Music. You would think Nashville would already have high end shopping/restaurants and multiple 5 star hotels. But we don't. And that is why many stars do not make Nashville their home and why we hear shopping stories from Atlanta
  5. I guess our next airline will be Cape Air. Owensboro, KY recently told Cape Air that they will be retained for EAS (Essential Air Service), but they must add BNA as a destination This is the thing I have been talking about for years. BNA needs a 'Cape Air' to bring in folks from from places like Owensboro/Evansville, Dyersburg, Bristol, etc. One of the most important things mentioned in this article is the ability to only go through security once. Providers for ORD and ATL require going through security twice - not good for connections Cape Air recommended for essential air services contract
  6. Correct, 10 am. And, as Ron stated, I normally park at 4th & Harrison in either the state surface lot (by the railroad) or the state parking garage. Both are free on the weekends unless there is a special event
  7. @Baronakim, the concept behind your Notre Dame proposal is brilliant! Best of luck to you! And enjoy retirement!
  8. Editorial: I am nervously excited to see the new space. Right now, the Science Center is just a place for kids when it should be a destination for adults, also. The current Science Center is basically just temporary exhibits and a play gym for kids, while Nashville lacks a true Children's Museum. The Discovery Center in Murfreesboro is the hidden jewel of the area, although small $1.8 million is a DROP in the bucket of what this place needs. But it is a start. I am hopeful the new permanent display will provide visitors of ALL ages to experience the science of sound and music - a Nashville staple. This was built with a small budget, so cross fingers and hope this is a hit The expansion of the Innovation Incubator is long overdue and will finally allow class sizes above 6 people for 3-D printing, laser cutting, etc People travel to St. Louis, etc to visit their science center. Nobody comes to Nashville just to visit the science center. The planetarium rebuild (years ago) helped. This could be an easy win for city to have a quality family attraction About 3(?) years ago, the Science Center said they were on a mission to improve the Science Center. Thus far, it has not happened, nor will it happen without more community and, most importantly, corporate support. It looks like we have good leaders, just need to rally support
  9. The last I heard, which was March, was there are 12 critical properties that must be acquired before the project can move forward As for Genesco, the outlet store will have to move (which will give them the opportunity to revamp) while the other space lost is minor. The huge issue here is providing a new entrance off Murfreesboro Rd to the property in conjunction with the new tunnel expansion
  10. Absolutely. This removes issue #1 - no human on board. When there is an incident, no choice has to be made by the computer whether to protect the life of the occupant or others. The trucking industry is typically a good 10+ years ahead of the auto industry, from what I have seen. Also, replacing OTR would eliminate fatigue accidents, help with driver shortages, reduce delivery times, and of course save $$$ by removing the cost of on board professional CDL driver(s)
  11. Personally, I think the guy behind this is pure scum and never thought this to more than a marketing scam. But, with the sale of the mall; even I admit 2+2=3.9 if not more. But I still wouldn't be surprised if there was one more sale
  12. The Highwoods' Tennessean site would be a great fit
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