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  1. ^^yes! While nobody expects 100% of the population to get vaccinated, it's beginning to look like there might be concerns about what percentage actually get the vaccine. However, time will tell us much in a few months when many variables stabilize
  2. @ruraljuror, that's a lot of words to say: Which is more important? Quality of life or money?
  3. That is a future possibility, but it is not possible now due to time constraints
  4. We don't know, yet. The type of aircraft, closing Concourse A, and other factors will drive those decisions Shuttle busses
  5. A330 would be parked at what gate? That is a question I look forward to! I think you will be seeing that on a regular basis, in the future
  6. Yes. There is a master plan for the Richland Creek Greenway to connect all the way to McNabb There is no way I know of to see which project has priority. While Metro Parks seems to place value in adding new land/parks, it seems many projects get proposed and then.....nothing....for years. However, most greenway issues are impeded by property acquisition or easement. And limited funds The only suggestion I have would be to send an email requesting status to Metro Parks
  7. That would be an even bigger PR nightmare for the city than the Joy Ford (Country International Records) eminent domain condemnation that got national attention 10+ years ago Developers (in East Nashville and other areas) use dirty tactics all the time to drive homeowners into selling (by reporting codes violations, etc). This is much bigger than that and would have immediate consequences for Nashville
  8. It's difficult to believe that will be built. Hopefully, this info is being released for leverage
  9. I just hope he remains after the next change in leadership
  10. We hope the MCC will buy or lease this, from First Baptist, for future expansion. It's the only place left where the MCC can expand
  11. That is awesome! Thank you so much for sharing! Love the MCC tunnel shots!
  12. BNA® Canopy Watch: Rise of the Steel - great video detailing the current construction phase
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