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  1. Hensler cannot start until the Rolling Mill Hill Parking Garage is complete, as @smeagolsfree noted Hensler last built Twelve Twelve as an apartment building. The banks would not finance condos and, at the time, Nashville had not taken off. The goal from the very beginning was condos. After it was 2/3 built, the banks finally agreed to allow the switch to condos. And it is now a condo building today - a very successful one
  2. Satellite Concourse - 2021 Nov-Dec: Utility Work to begin - 2022 June: Satellite Concourse Start Construction - 2023 October: Substantial Completion Info: - 68,000 sq ft with 8 domestic gates - 7,600 sq ft shuttle station located in Concourse C - Shuttle Station/Wayfinding will assist passengers entering into C-Concourse (C6) to find the bus gate and it is most intuitive to sign the satellite as a C-gate. The satellite concourse gates will be numbered C4 - C12, which will be accessed at the current C6 hold room location Design - design must meet an Optimal Level of Serv
  3. Still waiting for FAA approval I still say there will be a short period between announcement and start of flights, but that is my opinion A while back, the board approved an incentive package to restart the flight. Funds will come from leftover funds from the original incentive package used to start the flight. That deal expires at the end of year, but I don't think it would be a surprise to anyone if that were to be extended into next year
  4. ✈️ CLIMBING HIGH: This past Sunday, September 19, was the busiest day we've had in 18 months (since the pandemic onset in March 2020). More than *30,589 departing passengers* were screened at the security checkpoint on Sunday. https://flynashville.com/news/bna-climbs-high-again-as-air-travel-picks-up-in-music-city The all time high is 32,828 on a day in Oct 2019
  5. Be on the lookout for Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner
  6. No, there is no connection to the Center for Operational Excellence. However, Amazon Air is part of the logistics that will be managed by them
  7. I wish we knew details about the current lease, when it ends, etc. This may be more about seeking $$$ reimbursement for moving expenses and timeline, as you noted. Thanks for the insight
  8. ^^I wish they still spelled out 'Go Titans', etc with the lights at night As for Alcove, I just drove down Union St. and round the curve to Church St. What a crazy incredible drive that will be in a few years
  9. This is getting a bit out of hand. And let's not call people "imbeciles", please Nobody is trying to shut down lower Broadway. The point of this discussion is to keep Lower Broadway from spiraling down hill to the point where companies and residents want to leave downtown. Nashville is seen as a fun safe place to visit and we just want to ensure that it stays that way
  10. This is a huge win for Nashville!
  11. The bigger Nashville gets, the more appealing Cookeville becomes!
  12. It was designed and built to support a light rail station. The structure is already built
  13. I think it's safe to say Oracle will make an announcement when they want regardless of anything else. But everyone is entitled to speculate; let's just not fill up a whole thread about speculation, please and thanks
  14. Sunda, in the Gulch, is Asian fusion, it is Philippines food. Once a month they have a Kamayan feast - it's not cheap, but worth 2x the price. Boodle fight. Traditional to eat with fingers! Speaking of Philippines, Maemax in LA Vergne has authentic Philippines food
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