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  1. Geez, these are from July 19th What a normal day looks like on the Harpeth River
  2. Closed for the foreseeable future, due to storm damage that collapsed this section
  3. I decided long ago that I could spend $1,000 a year on something better than tv
  4. Unless something has changed, they don't want it. They are happy with their county fair, as is. To become a state fair would mean they no longer have a county fair. Let WilCo have it
  5. Saw this today, sadly I remember this building like it was in this pic
  6. I think everyone's first reaction is bye bye Rivergate. But then you hear Cool Springs only collected about 25% of the rent due. So, expect the unexpected
  7. In case y'all don't remember (or didn't know) the interactive lights will "follow" (light up) as you walk underneath
  8. I felt the same way when they closed the state parks. The same number of people went out to the few places still open, making them super packed But in the defense of the downtown bars, it's politics as usual. The government tries to do a good thing; but just make matters worse. People are sneaky in finding ways and laws/mandates/etc
  9. Somebody can correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't believe there are any dependencies on the parking garage being built by the city. I believe having Peabody Place finished is the only dependency for Hensler to proceed with the residential tower and retail space
  10. Thankful for underground utilities
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