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  1. @Rockatansky, I would say you had bad luck. I have bad luck with American, yet dummy me still flies them when I must Ok folks. Why would any of the big 3 put a new hub anywhere? If, say, an Alaska or JetBlue wanted to take on the big 3, then Nashville becomes a strategic location. A new terminal would be required to reach 35 million. Growth will increase at a lower rate soon. Ticket prices at BNA are far cheaper than most airports in the US - this is the competition between airlines working for us. Thankfully, American pulled the hub out of Nashville. We will get a few more significant flights to Asia, Europe, and Central/South America which will connect Nashville to the world. We are very lucky to live in Nashville
  2. Companies really like these towers on the back 40 stretch; due to the proximity to the interstate. Leaders hear the horror stories of traffic for the downtown buildings, so they are wanting space next to the interstate to "have your cake and eat it too" by snagging both downtown and suburban talent
  3. Here's a quote from the minutes of the Dec Board Meeting: "Narita believed Miami and Nashville were the top two markets for opportunities in the United States for non-stop service to Asia" December 18, 2019 Board Meeting
  4. No, that is for a single, 480 seat restaurant. The 15,000 sq ft is for an office building. Plus the hotel, there are 3 buildings planned. Community meeting about this development was held in January, and there was no opposition
  5. I guess I can post this: a top Fortune 50 company sent representatives to Nashville and was scheduled to tour the Century Farms development in Antioch for potential office space, up to 15 stories. However, after meeting with representatives from the mayor, the tour was canceled. That was around December, from what I know
  6. I know USN has one, and I think it is the oldest pool in Nashville. I know I've seen a few more, just can't recall where
  7. Spirit Airlines moving 250-350 jobs to Williamson County. Could be positive for BNA Spirit Airlines Announces New $11 Million Operational Control Center in Greater Nashville Area Work is seemingly underway for the new Delta SkyClub July 16th, 2020 - Concourse D opens, in the evening January 2021 - The existing terminal lobby is scheduled to close for the BNA Vision rebuild and International Arrivals Facility. For the next 2 years, access will be through the North Terminal Wing (for Concourse A/B) and the South Terminal Wing (for Concourse C/D)
  8. Not sure if this has been posted here Nashville SC Offers More Money For Stadium, Most Of Which Isn’t Real Money Actually
  9. Contour Airlines seems to be hinting at a Memphis - Indianapolis route based on this graphic released last week when it announced a few new routes
  10. There's a big difference between reposting a photo I took vs. Music City Aerial - which is a photography business. I am an amateur and anyone here is welcome to use any of my pictures anywhere, anyplace, anytime. I have always been happy to provide originals upon request. Credit would be much appreciated. But let's provide credit or link or something when it is a business and there is not a watermark in the pic
  11. Overall, the renovation looks like it will be great! I don't like the moving walkways being elevated and I have concerns about the ceiling, but will be much higher, which is great Here are a few updated pics from 2 weeks ago of the B renovation
  12. So, March 31 deadline for losing the team "In February 2018, Nashville Soccer and MLS entered into a formal Expansion Agreement that brings Nashville Soccer into MLS and allows it to operate an MLS team in Nashville. The Expansion Agreement requires Nashville Soccer to begin stadium construction by March 31, 2020. If this milestone is missed, MLS can terminate the agreement and Nashville Soccer could lose its team. Metro was supposed to have delivered a site at the Fairgrounds for stadium development as of June 30, 2019 and Metro and Nashville Soccer are working vigorously to secure that delivery immediately. 2020-02-07-Memorandum-in-Support-of-Motion-to-Intervene.pdf
  13. I met Jim Cooper last year and I cannot begin to express how disappointed I was. That man is filled with nothing but hatred I met John Cooper recently and, at least, he was nice. Looks like we are all learning about him very quickly
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