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  1. That is correct. This is the most likely configuration for the new Concourse A. There will be 2 gates at the end of Concourse A that will be capable of handling widebody planes...like an A330...like Hawaiian Airlines uses This what the terminal and ramp areas will likely look like after BNA Vision 2.0 is complete
  2. The first step towards the new Concourse A begins. This is a BNA Vision 2.0 project that will fill a 95 foot depression to allow room for planes to maneuver around the new concourse. This will add 27 acres of ramp space https://flynashville.com/news/massive-earthwork-project-set-to-begin-at-nashville-international-airport
  3. NEWS: @flairairlines is coming to BNA® next April with nonstop service to #Edmonton and #Toronto! More international service, 2 fantastic Canadian destinations and a brand new airline partner? April 2022 is looking pretty good. #FlyNashville https://flynashville.com/news/nashville-international-airport-announces-addition-of-flair-airlines-and-new-international-nonstop-service-to-edmonton-and-toronto Edmonton is a first-ever route for Nashville International Airport. Flair’s Toronto flight adds to existing nonstop service from Nashville to Ontario. Other Canadian air service at BNA includes Calgary, courtesy of another carrier. Flair is Canada’s only independent ultra low-cost carrier (ULCC) and brings Nashville International Airport’s total number of airline partners to 17.
  4. Steel actually went DOWN last week - believe it, or not
  5. Great place to see prickly pear cactus! If Long Hunter is considered overlooked, then the Couchville Cedar Glade is the hidden pearl! Lots of Lake overlooks on the Volunteer Trail
  6. Not handy, but I have pictures somewhere! The interesting thing was noticing power lines in mid-town areas that were clearly built more recently, say after 1970, that clearly had no bedrock issues (an expense we always hear about in Nashville) Not saying I would ever want to live there personally, but I agree with you that it appears to be a high quality city
  7. I highly recommend visiting Toronto. Each city is unique and Toronto has overhead power lines - just like Nashville! But it is interesting to see 3am traffic jams on a 14 lane interstate. High rise clusters in the suburbs. A good bus system + mass transit. There are a lot of square boxes, but there is some amazing architecture. Historical areas preserved. Wrap your head around the concept of Don Valley and why it is undeveloped. And definitely go window shopping downtown, Hudson Bay!
  8. Ok everyone, sadly, I knew this would be a political firestorm. I am only hoping this is technology jobs for Nashville Let's please get back on track Thanks!
  9. Congrats, you were lucky, coming from there. Many flights canceled and some folks got no rebook with only ticket price refunded. Left them stranded with zero options. Bad weekend for a big airline during Fall Break for many people. It will be interesting to see if this hurts them down the road. They definitely hurt a lot of people the last few days
  10. Well, this conversation went as expected, lol, anyway, plenty of news articles about it now. I originally saw the NPR tweet and did a post and run, but here is the story: https://wpln.org/post/far-right-friendly-social-media-website-parler-will-move-its-headquarters-to-nashville/
  11. I posted this for the technology aspect, I decline comment on the politics. I work in technology, it's more technology jobs, another HQ for Nashville, that's all I have to say
  12. Correct. This particular site must sit, after being filled, to allow ample time to settle. Once the staging area clears, this will receive a final makeover and surfacing. Expecting concrete. This will be one taxiway plus RON parking The original fill project (to get it to its current state) was one of the first 2 steps in BNA Vision 1.0 and the final surfacing will be one of the last steps
  13. Parler moving headquarters to Nashville Another tech company **Updated** https://wpln.org/post/far-right-friendly-social-media-website-parler-will-move-its-headquarters-to-nashville/
  14. Hawaiian Airlines started flights to Austin and a few other places during the pandemic. I heard Nashville was interested and vice versa, but that was months ago Paris was the rumor before the pandemic, on Delta metal or a partner. It is widely believed this is a reason for the huge new lounge (Sky Club). However, the airport authorities are very clear that there will be no incentive from the airport to any airline for any flight that would be competing against the BA flight to London. Once the BA flight has past the incentive period, that will change. The original period was 2 years; now with the pandemic, who knows for sure, but I think it will be 6 months after the restart
  15. I've been hearing December return, also That's really cool you got a reply! Thanks for sharing!
  16. That is 2 International Finance Center in Hong Kong, 1,363 ft, 88 floors Source: https://en.wikiarquitectura.com/building/two-international-finance-centre-hong-kong/ I think it would look nice on Commerce St
  17. Signature Tower was a casualty of the Great Recession. Paramount was proposed on city owned land and the proposal was an attempt to get that site available to private developers YMCA selected Tony to develop their property and has an agreement in place. So, this is completely different dynamics
  18. WeGo and Uber combine for last mile https://www.nashvillemta.org/Nashville-MTA-WeGo-Link.asp WeGo Link is for any of our riders who find getting to and from their bus stop a little challenging; whether that's because of a stubbed toe, bad weather, time restrictions, long walking distances, or because of safety concerns. All you need to do is request a ride, and we'll come pick you up. WeGo Link is currently available along route 55 Murfreesboro Pike, and all trips must take place within a specific service zone
  19. I believe this would be a big hit today, especially with all the developments and people in the area. Could be a bar or restaurant; but bar/lounge is probably more reasonable expectation
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