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  1. jpl02


    I wonder what DCA had to say about the mall in its sufficiency reviews. I wish I knew the person over there who is reviewing the DRI......
  2. Just out of curiosity............what are the largest jets that can be flown into TLH? Do they have capacity for 747s or even 777s? I know those planes will NEVER come to Tally, but was just wondering for emergency purposes.
  3. Or it could be from the redneck rumor mill and be unsubstantiated
  4. jpl02


    Has anyone given thought that the Pinnacle should be renamed? I mean, there is the existing Cross Creek Square along CCSE between Apalachee and Park Ave. Seeing how the Pinnacle will be in a different part of town, shouldn't it be renamed to avoid confusion? Besides, the name "Pinnacle at Cross Creek" sounds sooooo stupid and pretentious. Pinnacle? Of what, bad planning?
  5. jpl02


    Florida, I'm going to have to disagree with you on this one. It's sprawl, plain and simple. Not all growth = sprawl, but this does. It's out in the hinterlands of this town, away from most development. If it was built at the edge of the city but near substantial development (i.e. along Capital Circle), it would not be a bad development. But it's a leapfrog development. And let's call it out for what it is: a shopping center. It's not anything particularly spectacular that would be a big loss to this town if it's not built, unlike something special (i.e. a zoo, airport, etc). Just another strip mall, which in that case, could be built in a number of places within the urban area. Yes, I am libertarian, and yes, I am pro-growth. But look at it this way. DeVoe Moore has a right to pursue development of his property, and the citizens have an equal right to protest the thing and not have it built. Oh yeah, and this thing will open up the sores placed in the community by Fallschase. You think Fallschase was controversial! The residents didn't like that, but they'll absolutely HATE this!
  6. jpl02


    That's all they said; didn't go into details. I'm not working on the project either........I do work in SW and NE Florida. I could probably find out who the planner is for Pinnacle. That said, I don't like how the project fronts I-10. I'd rather it front Mahan. Driving by on Mahan, you'd probably think it was just another small strip mall. I also don't like how it's so linear - it's going to discourage walking if anything. Nobody's going to want to walk from the theater to the stores at the other end.
  7. jpl02


    From what my co-workers at DCA have told me about me about Devoe's project, it's in trouble.
  8. jpl02


    I didn't care much for Broadway, but it is still sad to see the mall dying. But let's face it people, malls fail all the time; Tallahassee is no exception. I think the best thing that can be done for Tallahassee Mall is to raze it or convert it into an open-air, big box store "power center". As much as you might disagree, it's just following a nationwide trend of malls thriving, failing, then being converted into power centers. I say, it's better than a big empty mall.
  9. Street view in Old Town C.K. Steele Plaza Movin' along
  10. I went to United's site, and it appears that all the routes out of Tally are actually operated by U.S. Airways with connections in Charlotte. So it's not really like having a new airline
  11. jpl02


    I never really liked the Dillards at the Tallahassee Mall.........the Governor's Square store seems to have a much better selection in clothing whenever I go in there. Part of the problem with the Tallahasee Mall is its size - it's only one level. Hardly any malls these days are one level unless they're spread out over a huge area (like Sawgrass Mills). Part of me thinks that it should be redeveloped into a lifestyle center, as is the fate of many a dead mall across the country. It'd be a better use for the land, and with Ross and the other store (can't think of the name, Shoe Carnival?) already detached from the mall, you have a start.
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