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  1. Quite the opposite. If you look at the current cost of a barrel of oil the prices are delayed a bit to market so prices will continue to increase for a few more weeks to reach the current price per barrel (~$123). In fact, the local station that I get gas at (cheapest one too) just raised their price per gallon by $0.07 overnight. My car requires premium so the price now is $3.89. I expect to be paying over $4.00 in the next 2-3 weeks. In fact, I would suspect that regular (87) gas will average above $4.00 within the next couple of months due to the current cost for oil.
  2. Has anyone given thought that the Pinnacle should be renamed? I mean, there is the existing Cross Creek Square along CCSE between Apalachee and Park Ave. Seeing how the Pinnacle will be in a different part of town, shouldn't it be renamed to avoid confusion?

    Besides, the name "Pinnacle at Cross Creek" sounds sooooo stupid and pretentious. Pinnacle? Of what, bad planning? :)

  3. Florida, I'm going to have to disagree with you on this one.

    It's sprawl, plain and simple. Not all growth = sprawl, but this does. It's out in the hinterlands of this town, away from most development. If it was built at the edge of the city but near substantial development (i.e. along Capital Circle), it would not be a bad development. But it's a leapfrog development.

    And let's call it out for what it is: a shopping center. It's not anything particularly spectacular that would be a big loss to this town if it's not built, unlike something special (i.e. a zoo, airport, etc). Just another strip mall, which in that case, could be built in a number of places within the urban area.

    Yes, I am libertarian, and yes, I am pro-growth. But look at it this way. DeVoe Moore has a right to pursue development of his property, and the citizens have an equal right to protest the thing and not have it built.

    Oh yeah, and this thing will open up the sores placed in the community by Fallschase. You think Fallschase was controversial! The residents didn't like that, but they'll absolutely HATE this! :)

  4. Here at DEP where I work, many people believe his project to be in trouble simply because it involves the words DeVoe Moore. Can you elaborate on what your co-workers have said? Thus far, there are concerns over the fact that he's gone ahead with the infrastructure w/o approval from a permitting entity. I say, let the man invest!

    That's all they said; didn't go into details. I'm not working on the project either........I do work in SW and NE Florida. I could probably find out who the planner is for Pinnacle.

    That said, I don't like how the project fronts I-10. I'd rather it front Mahan. Driving by on Mahan, you'd probably think it was just another small strip mall. I also don't like how it's so linear - it's going to discourage walking if anything. Nobody's going to want to walk from the theater to the stores at the other end.

  5. I didn't care much for Broadway, but it is still sad to see the mall dying.

    But let's face it people, malls fail all the time; Tallahassee is no exception. I think the best thing that can be done for Tallahassee Mall is to raze it or convert it into an open-air, big box store "power center". As much as you might disagree, it's just following a nationwide trend of malls thriving, failing, then being converted into power centers. I say, it's better than a big empty mall.

  6. I never really liked the Dillards at the Tallahassee Mall.........the Governor's Square store seems to have a much better selection in clothing whenever I go in there.

    Part of the problem with the Tallahasee Mall is its size - it's only one level. Hardly any malls these days are one level unless they're spread out over a huge area (like Sawgrass Mills). Part of me thinks that it should be redeveloped into a lifestyle center, as is the fate of many a dead mall across the country. It'd be a better use for the land, and with Ross and the other store (can't think of the name, Shoe Carnival?) already detached from the mall, you have a start.

  7. Belk seems like a nice addition to the Tallahassee Mall. I've been in their stores before and they're nice.

    However, with this Parisian closing, that just leaves 2 left in Florida.....one at The Avenues in Jax and the Cordova Mall in Pensacola. I wonder if they'll be closing those stores as well.

  8. I almost couldn't believe it myself, but unfortunately that's her bio. Strippers used to be fine but now it seems like any chick can become a stripper.

    Ha ha! :D Khia is just nasty nasty. At least Trina has glamour to her.

    A friend of mine from back home told me to watch the "Hustlin'" video from Rick Ross. It has scenes from all around my 'hood, including this one corner store 3 blocks from my house. And who can't forget Carolmart (aka the Carol City Flea Market) and the CC Chiefs! Watchin it just feels like home :P

  9. It could be worse than T-Pain.....a lot worse.......

    Think about us Miami folks, we got people reppin us like Trick Daddy, Trina and Jacki-O, the last two who are just plain NASTY. All of Trina's songs revolve around the following topics: sex, money, gettin paid, sex, Beemers, Benzes, oh and did I mention sex?? I'm not hating on Trina (lord knows I love her) but there is worse than T-Pain! And Jacki-O, with her song "P****". Before she made it big, she was a phone sex operator.....go figure!

    And then before all of those people, we had II Live Crew put us on the map, and I don't think I have to explain them! :P

  10. here's a question for those of you who are familiar with the show the Golden girls, where are some good guesses of where they lived in the area. Their area seems to not be very ethnic but still be close to Miami.

    I always thought the Girls to live in North Miami Beach or somewhere around there. This was 15 years ago, and back then the area was far "whiter" than it is now. Either that or they lived in south Broward........in east Pines or something. They do make a few references to Biscayne Blvd in the show, and Rose even mentions 135th Street in one episode.

    Their address was fictional of course, and so were a lot of the places, road names and geographical figures. There is no Highway 12 for Blanche to get cut off on, there is no Sunset Beach to get stuck with Mel Bushman, and nor is there a Richmond Street where the Girls lived.

    The poster is right about the house resembling many of those in Pinecrest. As a matter of fact, funny thing happened back in December. I was driving a friend of mine to the house of another friend of mine who lives in Palmetto Bay. The first thing he says when we pull up to their house....."she lives in a Golden Girls house". :lol:

  11. What a handsome boy! I'm a serious dog lover....more like fanatic. If you're interested, there's a cool website where your dog can have it's own webpage......Dogster. I have all 7 of my babies on there. They're back home in Miami, of course. There's even one for cats, so Ebony can put her cats on there! :P

    Here's links to my dogs, if anyone's interested









  12. From an outside view, there's South Florida, than there's Miami/Dade. Need more proof, just look at the amount of people who refuse to venture into Miami/Dade unless they absolutly have to because it's "so different" down there.

    That's too funny, but it's very true! I grew up on the Dade side of County Line Road, but we've always done all of our business in Broward...shopping, banking, entertainment, etc. Why? My parents always told me Broward was safer (and it *was*, key word being was) and you could go everywhere and not worry about people not knowing English (we're white). My grandparents, who live in Hollywood, never, EVER go to Dade, because they have no reason to.

    Those perceptions were once true, but not anymore. Nobody seems to speak English anymore in Pembroke Pines and Miramar. Crime has increased.......the credit union my parents patron (in Pines) was robbed for the first time over a year ago. In that same shopping center, people's cars are being broken into. People are more rushed and hurried than they used to. Broward's not so different anymore, and in many ways, it's now the same as Dade. Not that it's all bad, but it's just a fact of life.

  13. The difference I was refering to is more of a cultural/economic/social difference. The whole premises of South Florida becoming it's own state is because its so "culturally" different from the rest of the state, not because it's so more developed or physically different from the rest of Florida. There is no denying that Miami/Dade is "culturally" different from not only Florida but the even it's two northern neighboring counties. The speed of life and way of life, from what I experienced, it's drastically different than in Broward county. The diversity and international influence is uncomparable to the rest of South Florida. The food selection and variety aren't even on the same field. And the entertainment and nightlife are second to none, no one writes songs about Ft. Lauderdale, but just about every rapper or singer has at one point dropped Miami in a line. Miami, being the center of commerce/trade/banking with the Carribean and Latin America could be economically self sufficient. Miami is just a whole another world. I loved the place while I was living there, I left because of the horrendous commute time (my job is in Broward). From an outside view, there's South Florida, than there's Miami/Dade. Need more proof, just look at the amount of people who refuse to venture into Miami/Dade unless they absolutly have to because it's "so different" down there.

    I would have to disagree with that. 15 years ago, yes, Broward was drastically different, but a LOT has happened since I was a wee lad. A lot of foreigners have moved to many places throughout the county. Look at Miramar and Pembroke Pines for example.......Pembroke Pines is now like Kendall as far as Hispanics go. Go anyplace in Pines and it's like going anywhere in Dade....nothing but Spanish being spoken. The same is true for west Miramar. East Miramar, on the other hand, is like little Kingston with all the Carribbean folks over there. Other places like Lauderhill, Plantation, Lauderdale Lakes.....very diverse.

    And a lot of those people, guess what, moved from Dade County and bought their lifestyles and culture with them. I would definitely say that Broward is now comparable to Dade, which is saying a lot. It's not a bad thing at all, but Broward is not the sleepy retirement graveyard it once was. And mark my words, the 2010 Census will show that whites are no longer the majority in Broward. Broward's got culture now, baby. :D

  14. As much as we may think it's a good idea, it simply won't happen. South Florida is drastically different than North Florida and is in essense, it's own state. But we just can't deny it as part of the state. Someone from northern California probably thinks LA should be it's own state, but it's part of the culture and fabric of California. I mean......Florida wouldn't be Florida without South Florida...the beaches, old folks and latin culture.

    I think it's important to make a distinction between South Florida and Southwest Florida. They are not the same thing people!!! :P When I think of SW Florida, I think of old people and tons of golf courses. When I think about South Florida, I think of totally something else.

  15. What does the Leon County Commission do for us other than public libraries and EMS and Sheriff?

    Actually, what functions the county does is determined by the state. Since counties are subdivisions of the state, the state mandates that counties perform minimal functions, such as the sheriff, tax collector, property appraiser, etc. Beyond that, the county doesn't have to do a darn thing it doesn't want to do. And if it does, it may not have the resources to do so.

    I'm biased, but Tallahassee needs a true two-tier "metropolitan" government like Dade County does. Dade County does some functions, the cities do the rest. There is never any conflict over who does what. You never hear about Dade County bickering with the city of Miami.

    And the beauty of this set up is - no government consolidation. Let's face it, consolidation will never fly in this town. Contrary to popular belief, Dade County DID NOT merge with the city of Miami, it simply changed its name. With a two-tier government, a lot of problems could be solved.

    Dade County ain't perfect, trust me. But it's nowhere near f-ed up as Leon is.

  16. I need to get myself a new digital camera..... I had a Canon PowerShot A200. It was a really nice camera, but I sold it earlier this year to someone who'd never had one. It took nice photos and had video capabilities, but I'm not that much of a photographer these days. I used to photograph buses like crazy, but those days have come to an end.

    I'm looking for a camera with a decent zoom! The PowerShot had okay zoom, had up to 4.0 digital zoom, but the pictures came out more blurry as the zoom increased.

    Good luck with your cameras! :)

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