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  1. Here I am . It's a cold, wet rainy day and I've been busy with more papers than I know what to do with... In response, I envision a road that provides a better north-south route through town, that at the same time doubles as a road providing better access to the "lower" Panhandle. My proposal, the "North Florida Greenway" - a freeway from I-10 @ Thomasville to Panama City. I kinda stole the name from the Central Florida Greeneway in Orlando, but that's beside the point The freeway would begin at I-10 and Thomasville, and run along an route a la freeway upgrade to Capital Circle NE/SE before turning west toward Panama City, connecting with several major routes along the way, such as US 98, US 319, SR 363, SR 267, SR 65 and SR 71. It'd most likely have to be a toll road, such as the case for all new freeways in Florida. It'd probably be built and funded through the Florida Turnpike Authority, which operate many toll roads in Florida, not just the Turnpike.
  2. Great photos, you really have some talent! You will have to drag me on some of your photo excursions, seeing that without a car, I don't get out much....
  3. I'm kinda late responding to this, but here goes: I'm Jason. I'm 21, a student at FSU, originally from un-incorporated northern Dade County. I've been here since August 2002, and I graduate in December. I'm majoring in political science with a minor in Urban & Regional Planning, and I'm applying for grad school here in URP. I'm a big transportation person - love all aspects of it. Other interests include buses, street signs, music, to name a few. I'm a devotee of TalTran since I do not own a car (I can drive, very much so). I live in the heart of "University-town" - off of Dewey & Virginia Street across from FSU. I live there, all my classes are in the Bellamy Building, I work at the Telecom building at FSU behind University Motel - I live, work and place all within 1/4 mile of each other. I guess I'm pretty lucky to be able to do that! Look forward to meeting yall and talking with ya!
  4. I've been in Tallahassee since August 2002. I am a student, but I absolutely love this town! I'm from South Florida, but would never, ever move back down there. Not that I don't love it, but the people are rude, hostile and I'm hell bent on speaking the native tongue of America. As a student, I have a circle of other students who are from other places. But I also know as many locals, since I also work at FSU, and have friends who are Tally natives. I know a lot of the South is backwards and unchanging, but people in Tally are smart and definitely not stupid. They're not inbred at all. I have a major pet peeve of students and other transplants bashing this town. Not related, but have a co-worker who's a Blounstown native, and she told us this joke about this extremely hickish town nearby called Altha. What does an Altha girl say after having sex? "Move over Daddy, you're crushin' the cigarettes!". Which proves not everyone is inbred!
  5. The thing I find about Tallahassee, is the locals' perceptions. Since Tallahassee is the largest city for a good 100 miles, a lot of people up here think that its "soooo big" and that it shouldn't get any bigger, since it's already big enough for their tastes. They think Tally traffic is utter gridlock, for example. Then, you have (mainly) college students from Tampa, O-town and "Mee-am-ee" who think this is the utter boondocks and that it's too small, and traffic is no problem at all. In this day and age, and in Florida, it's hard for a city or urban area to grow. Environmental regulations, NIMBYs, and others. Tallahassee will grow, but I don't think it'll ever become another Tampa or Miami, because forces will prevent this from happening. I'd love to see Tally grow, and it will, but not to the extent that other places have.
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