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  1. Payless Shoes is closing at the mall. Is Forever 21 taking over that space as well? If F21 is subleasing their space from Sears, do they have a lease agreement with the mall also, or has Sears bought that part of the mall to sublease (unlikely, I'd think)? Sears' renovation is coming along.
  2. I bet they will move where The Arts Company was. They just closed and work is going on in there.
  3. I can't really see Nordstrom or Von Maur locating amongst Marshall's, Petsmart, Ross, Lowe's, OfficeMax, etc. Greenridge has some upscale smaller tenants, but not much as far as larger ones. I don't think Haywood has anything to worry about. Worst case scenario for them is eventually they lose a few higher end tenants or one of the anchors, but they have plenty of other stores that aren't going to bolt downtown or anywhere else....the vast majority of them. I agree that downtown is a bigger threat to Greenridge. Haywood survived Greenridge fine and will survive downtown developments. Haywood has so many mid-level stores that have their sole Greenville location there that will always draw. The mid-level stores draw way more traffic than J. Crew, Guess, etc. at Haywood, at least when I'm there on the weekend. Asheville Mall was mentioned here. I haven't been there in AGES, but from what I can see, I don't think that mall has any danger of slipping in to "dead" state any time soon. If it can hold its mid-level tenants and is safe, it will be fine, sort of like Westgate in Spartanburg or the malls in Charleston. Hasn't The Limited at Haywood been closed for quite a while also?
  4. That's interesting. I don't see how that's possible with the current mall configuration....will they take the store between Sears and Payless (forget the name) out?
  5. Bath & Body Works is currently in the old Bakers location while their regular store is remodeled. Sears is remodeling with new tan walls and faux wood flooring replacing the carpeting as a result of the Forever 21 deal. They are re-arranging the store, as well. A lot of the left side of the downstairs has been blocked off with plastic and work is going on, but how are you going to access Forever 21 from the mall? It doesn't look like it's going to run the entire side of the store as I thought it would. Sears' elevator is on the wall that runs against the mall on that left side. Will you have to go in to Sears to get to Forever (interestingly, they have put their new Juniors department right in front of this area)? They have redone all of the entrance area in the new Sears theme so it doesn't look like Forever will be getting its own entrance from the mall, but I find that hard to believe. Anybody know?
  6. I don't think neither JCPenney nor Sears will close soon at Haywood, unless the entire chains go under, and I doubt that will be happening soon although both have a long road if they are to return to profitability. Actually, people keep mentioning Sears but JCP is doing way worse right now (their sales last year were absolutely horrid, while sales at Sears sales are rather stable in comparison). JCP has been pouring money in to their Haywood store and Sears is remodeling currently. I realize I'm in a very small minority here, but I, personally, hope neither close. Not everyone has the money to shop at Von Maur or Nordstrom (myself included). Those stores aren't going to close their only locations in the GVL area unless the entire chains go under, which could happen (although I don't think both would). I can see both closing some underperforming stores (as Sears has been doing for a while), but I don't think their only Greenville stores are going anywhere. No decent sized city lacks either of those stores. Haywood has done just fine with all of the higher end stores at Greenridge. If they can keep the stores they have, which shouldn't be difficult, I think they will be fine. Greenridge hasn't hurt them that badly, if at all.
  7. Has that photography place closed (Picture People or something I think it's called)? The past few weekends it's been closed. The furniture store between Sears and Payless on the bottom floor has closed.
  8. Club Tabby is one of the tackiest stores I've ever seen.
  9. I don't see any anchor changes at Haywood any time soon. New furniture? store is opening downstairs next to Sears, the space has been cleaned up and painted
  10. The Arts Company has completed their new store and will open upstairs next to Belk. They were stocking and setting up.
  11. Aeropastle opened up yesterday What is opening in the remaining space from the former Eddie Bauer? Something is about to go in, hopefully not another mom and pop store selling pocketbooks...
  12. How many places are there left that could make room?...there are a few mom and pop stores, but not many. The ones that are there (SC Place, Nina's come to mind) do too well to close. Here are the combination ideas I could think of: The spaces where PoppyPia/Payless/empty space are next to Sears, put a store there between Pottery Barn and Sears, in the upscale corridor. The space that hosts The Silver Link could be combined with the space Aeropostale temporarily occupies (former Borders Express). If Silver Link stayed, they could move to the unused portion of where Eddie Bauer was. The space that has that Indian style apparel next to Sears downstairs, SC Place, and that empty space behind it (entrance corridor beside Apple) could combine, and could even absorb Bordwalk and Park Place. That's all far fetched, but make the best combination scenerios I could think of. As Seen On TV has moved back to their old location and some place that has parties or something for tween girls will take that space next to Dillard's.
  13. The bookstore next to Sears has closed. That tenant space looks awful!
  14. They do have a temporary store, it's in the old bookstore next to Belk.
  15. Thomas Kinkade is a thing of the past. Sign's gone and store is empty. Is anyone ever at Sanibel Sunglasses? Mall was packed but nobody in there today as usual.
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