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  1. That happened in July 2021 for the Garth Brooks concert. The "Thunder Rolled and Lighting Strikes" and forced the show to cancel.
  2. Looks like work is being done on the Donelson Pike relocation. It appears a retaining wall is being built next to 20L.
  3. Didn't realize that the terminal wing expansion areas had security zones part of them. Makes since due to the main lobby construction starting soon. I assume the south terminal wing expansion will include one as well. I think I remember reading that the B and A terminals will be cut off airside from C and D during the main lobby renovation, correct?
  4. Isn't this the new ticketing and baggage expansion towards concourse A ("North Terminal Wing Expansion")? I haven't been to the airport in 6 weeks or so though.
  5. I've flown them on the Grand Rapids to BNA route and the Punta Gorda to BNA route. Both were newish Airbus planes and no issues. Would fly them again in a heartbeat. Seat is a little thin on the padding, but much better than connecting with another airline.
  6. I think BNA will eclipse 18,000,000 this calendar year after seeing these fiscal year numbers. Very impressive! Those additional gates from BNA vision can't come fast enough. Also, the expansion of A is very much needed.
  7. Nashville GIS maps aren't showing any recent purchases on those homes, but they might not be up to date. It seems there are three owners that own a majority of the remaining homes south of 02L.
  8. Spirit Airlines. Somebody on Airliner.net broke the story.
  9. I've had the opportunity to fly on the A380, both Emirates and Singapore Air. By far the smoothest and best flights I've ever had. It's a shame it's a dying bird, but hard to make economical sense of it. Was a huge swing and a miss by Airbus.
  10. Anybody else notice the north side of the project is designed in a way accommodate a future tower if the developers picked up the small lot they previously had under contract?
  11. Looks like there is one business class, 3 premium economy, and 10ish economy seats available as of 12:30 May 4th.
  12. https://www.tennessean.com/story/money/2018/03/05/nashville-air-port-bna-new-airline-destinations/395578002/ Spirit or Allegiant? Which one is going to be better for Nashville? I don't really know much about either airline other than they should help bring prices down at BNA.
  13. It's definitely a 787 dreamliner. The easiest way to pick out a 787 is the serrated edge on the rear portion of the engine. See this photo
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