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  1. Nashville International Airport

    https://www.tennessean.com/story/money/2018/03/05/nashville-air-port-bna-new-airline-destinations/395578002/ Spirit or Allegiant? Which one is going to be better for Nashville? I don't really know much about either airline other than they should help bring prices down at BNA.
  2. Nashville International Airport

    It's definitely a 787 dreamliner. The easiest way to pick out a 787 is the serrated edge on the rear portion of the engine. See this photo
  3. Nashville International Airport

    Realistically it's going to be the 787-8/9 or the 763. I seriously doubt it'll be a 772. Fingers crossed for the 787. BA has 24 787s and only 7 767s.
  4. Nashville International Airport

    Looks like the Southwest Cancun nonstop is Saturday only. I really wish it was more frequent than that. American and Delta already fly that seasonally on Saturday.
  5. Nashville International Airport

    Southwest just announced this morning direct flights to Milwaukee twice daily starting in November. They will also start flying to Cancun nonstop in November as well.
  6. Nashville International Airport

    Not entirely true as they can fly the 737-800 into Nashville more. It has an additional 30 or seats over the smaller 737s.
  7. Ikea is out. Target, Publix, Cinebistro are looking hard at this development. Multiple parking decks is what I heard.
  8. Signature Tower

    It looks like the site where the old shoneys is on division near roundabout. I believe the Lionstone group bought that land. Sounds way to early to start construction in Jan of 07 though.
  9. Murfreesboro: Tenants Announced For The Avenue

    I'd like to see you say that after it opens. Cousins does a great job with their Avenue projects. It will be one of the nicest places to shop in the state.
  10. Signature Tower

    I counted 86 reserved as of 2pm this afternoon. This includes the two townhomes that are reserved in the new townhome section of the floorplan section.
  11. Murfreesboro: Tenants Announced For The Avenue

    If somebody will host the site plan, I will send it to them. I have the lastest version that was sent to me from Cousins this week.
  12. Signature Tower

    Does anybody know the magic number of reservations needed to get the financing?