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    I am going to school to be an Urban Planner - I love the city.

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  1. Im glad to hear this! I really like Detroit! Keep up the renaissance!
  2. Woah woah woah... Let ME set things straight, since I supposedly "started this." I never meant to start a fued (I think thats how you spell it.... LOL). I said I like Detroit. Im from Seattle, and while I like it, I like do sincerely like Detroit. Seattle is a Pacific Rim city. Thats why we're so cosmopolitan. And surprisingly we're still 70% white. I believe our foreign born population is around 20%. Comparing this with Detroit, your white population is only around 12% and your foreign-born population is the lowest of any major american city at 5%. Seattle used to be a one-industry kind of town like Detroit, Detroit being centered around the automobile while Seattle was centered around Boeing. Luckily, Seattle had an opportunity to diversify its economy and thats why our economy is so vibrant now. Detroit is just now able to do it and is making some good progress. Detroit also has some pretty severe racial issues that seattle has never had, due largely in part to our geographic isolation that also is the reason for our late development. Anywho, I could write a report on this crap. Im so passionate about it.... :-) But to make things clear... I did not mean to start a war here. Im very sorry. And Im also surprised to those of you who read everything. Kudos!
  3. This is amazing! I cant wait to visit this city! Ill be there this summer I hope!
  4. Its purely beauty. Old wealth. I love it! Tickles my fancy. Nonetheless, my compliments go out to this forum! You really keep it going. I love that! Keep it up!
  5. Photos like this just keep me falling in love with this city!
  6. I just want to chime in again and applaud everyone in this forum for representing Detroit and clearing people's negative stereotypes. Keep it up! You ARE the force of citizens that are changing Detroit for the better! :-)
  7. I could dig that, but I havent heard any talks of it. Its sad really.
  8. You know, that is a very good point. Places like Atlanta even have NHL (If Im not mistaken). and we know Atlanta is far away from Canada. I really enjoy hockey. Its my favorite spectator sport. I hardly doubt youll see me playing it... but yeah, Vancouver's got the Canucks in the NHL and the Grizzlies in the WHL and Seattle's only got the Thunderbirds... Oh well, maybe after they boot the Sonics off to Oklahoma, we can use the Arena for NHL!!!! (Hopefully)... LOL
  9. Hahaha.... I love the humor! And I wish the Seahawks the best season possible.... hopefully, theyll do just slightly better than last season... (That means by winning the Superbowl...) But I said ew because I only like hockey and basketball... Sorry football and baseball just arent my thing.
  10. Im beginning to take on a liking to Detroit!
  11. I had NO clue Panama had a city! NEAT! Im gonna have to do some research on this place. Wikipedia here I come!
  12. You must have went there during an event.... or something... Portland just doesnt have bad traffic.... not even during rush hour. I know I go there all the time to go shopping... :-)
  13. "Morris Brown" off the new Outkast album "Idlewild" (Thats the name of the Elementary school I went).
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