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  1. vdogg

    Oceanfront Hyatt's Progress

    Second building will be 19 floors, 224 ft.
  2. vdogg

    sports in norfolk

    I know that was a looong ride back to Richmond. 1.8% chance of winning, I was shocked. They should’ve played the lottery that day. Hopefully this gives them some confidence going into the rest of the season and we can start building that win percentage.
  3. vdogg

    The Wave

    Apparently the Dome Site contract went before the Development Authority today. Let's hope we get some movement on this.
  4. I would love to see that second building on VB Blvd. I could see VB Blvd lined with buildings like this on both sides. It'd give the area a very dense, almost European urban, feel.
  5. vdogg

    Norfolk Development 2

    Ahh. "I want to live in a city, but I want to change everything that makes living in a city different from living in suburbia." If they have a problem with late night bars/restaurants, they should've stayed in Va. Beach or Chesapeake.
  6. vdogg

    1500 Monticello Ave

    Could just be they're removing the fence because it's an eyesore. Maybe the city told them to take it down.
  7. vdogg

    New Bonney Road Development

    The convergence buildings don't fall under the mixed use category. This is definitely for the site next to Days Inn.
  8. vdogg

    Norfolk Gateway

    There is now a link live on the HL website. Not much new info but they appear very serious about this now. Opening date is still December 2020 so they have to start construction in the next few months. I’d expect to see something pass through design review shortly. https://www.harveylindsay.com/gateway-tower
  9. vdogg

    New Bonney Road Development

    There is a new mixed use project being planned for Bonney Road. No details yet on scale or scope. The applicant name is American Engineering. Edit: I think this is related. We may be seeing preliminary movement on this project.
  10. vdogg

    Norfolk Development 2

    There can be no retail on the ground floor due to the new flood plain restrictions requiring the ground floor to be elevated 5-7 ft above normal. They give a bit more detail in the project description part of the document.
  11. vdogg

    Norfolk Off-Topic

    This is the only building I actually liked. I'd love to see something like this in Norfolk.
  12. vdogg

    Norfolk Off-Topic

    So, for all of you who want Casinos in Norfolk. I'm in Vegas right now... These buildings are ugly as [email protected] Big, blocky, ugly, and gaudy. There are a few buildings that look sleek, but they are few and far between. Their skyscrapers don't make sense, they have plenty of land, more land than Va. Beach actually. It's a very weird, non dense, glossy skyline that doesn't follow the principle of land value driving up height. I do NOT want to see this crap on Norfolk's skyline. No, just... No. You all have lost your minds. I posted before even seeing this post, but this looks very Vegas. I think we need to leave Dominion Tower alone.
  13. vdogg

    St. Paul's Quadrant

    Well, lucky for us they don’t ever follow through on anything, so we can probably just throw that rendering on the trash heap.
  14. vdogg

    Marriott Oceanfront Progress

    Took these pictures the other day. It's coming along nicely.
  15. vdogg

    The Wave

    Honestly, I think this might actually be the one. This time just seems different, I'm just being impatient because it's been going on for so long. We NEED a win, after every other major project has failed to come to fruition. It looks like the renderings have changed significantly. Especially the location of the high-rise, it is now closer to the oceanfront. All things being equal, the new Dome design is absolutely stunning. It's the type of modern architecture we don't get to see around here often. Hoping they don't change a single thing about that design.