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  1. I'm about to file a complaint for false advertising...
  2. The special session where this issue was to be heard was canceled due to the hurricane. Hopefully it will be on next week's agenda.
  3. Archived threads require a different level of privileges. Get a list of threads that have been archived that you want reactivated and Neo can unarchive them for you. I believe threads are automatically archived after 2 years of inactivity but don't quote me on that. It's a way to limit drain on site resources and keep things running smoothly. Yeah, that thread was long since dead. That Zombie is 10 years old.
  4. Not so fast. The elevator shaft has been raised again, and now extends five floors above the actual 20th, for a total of 25 floors. We may be close to the original height once this is done.
  5. The building itself will only be between 280-290 ft, so 7 ft won't matter. The crane is 330ft. Original tower would've been 326 ft.
  6. Given that each crane mast section is 20ft you can eyeball the height of the tower when comparing to the total height of the crane itself. Elevator shaft tops out at around 270ft from the looks of it. The crown may extend anywhere from 10-20ft above that last floor which will give us a 280-290ft final height if 24 will indeed be the last floor. 27 floors with the way they're building it would have given us around 320ft, which is close to the 326ft quoted in the paper when the tower was 27 stories, so fairly comfortable with the height estimate.
  7. They have completed what they call the 21st (actual 20th floor). Elevator shaft currently stops at an actual 24th floor. Whether that floor is considered mechanical, time will tell, but there will be at least 24 physical floors.
  8. Actual 20th floor completed, elevator shaft goes up to the actual 24th floor. Not seeing indications that they've topped out yet, we're probably going to get a lot of lift from that glass crown. It's interesting to me that the elevator shaft forms are still in place, makes me wonder if we might still go higher.
  9. Train station is there, as is the ballpark, future African Art Museum (maybe) plus the future redevelopment you mentioned that is on the boards. I think the train station is the main draw, easy day trip, and casinos like captive audiences. When I went to Vegas, the area around some casinos away from the main strip was quite desolate ( in both the literal and figurative sense), but they still seemed to be successful and have plenty of customers.
  10. Another article. It should be said, all of Rush Street Gaming’s casinos look like this, so at least they’re not giving Portsmouth their version of an inferior product. That said, I wish Portsmouth had gone with a higher quality developer. https://www.wavy.com/news/local-news/portsmouth/developers-reveal-renderings-for-planned-portsmouth-casino-spend-100k-to-launch-vote-yes-campaign/
  11. 13th actual floor completed. 14th and roof to go. This will certainly clear 250 ft. It has a massive presence.
  12. 19th actual floor completed. Working on the 20th (labelled 21st). You could easily tell me this is the entire skyline of another small city and I'd believe it. Midtown is developing quite nicely. Wanted to get some top of the garage picks but there was lightning and I didn't feel safe up there.
  13. But that's the problem. "This is Portsmouth" is what's held them back for so long. Accepting less, because they think they can't do better. At a certain point, they have to demand better if they wish to get out of the rut they're in. On balance, it's better to have this development than not, but I am not in the camp that thinks this is the best they can do.
  14. It will be the highest class resort for hundreds of miles around. If it's not successful here, it won't be successful anywhere in the region. One thing that will guarantee absolute failure though is not building it at all. Sometimes you have to take risks, and that aversion to risk and overall conservatism towards development has held our region back for quite some time.
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