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  1. The interior and street level shot are new. Unfortunately, we're still stuck with that same exterior...
  2. Very interesting Casino info. 2 years away from construction if everything goes right.
  3. Between this and the CHKD tower, I feel like Norfolk may have turned a corner architecture wise. No more bland EIFS paneled monstrosities. Modern architecture using modern material and building something worthy of a major city, finally. Even the EVMS tower has a modern design. My only problem is River Tower, I really wish we had kept the original design on that.
  4. Here’s some clean renderings. Looks like tall floor plates. EVMS and CHKD both averaged 14-15 ft per floor for their office towers. Going by that template you get 280 -300ft, which is pretty much the NS tower compared to ICON. Both those towers have a good presence on the skyline so this should look great being right next to the freeway.
  5. Yeah, it’s been there since last week but they haven’t done much with it yet. Usually takes about 3 months to drive piles so I’m anxious for them to start so that this thing can start going vertical. I also imagine that they’ll probably use 2 pile drivers for this site.
  6. The pedestrian bridge that’s circled in the foreground has been torn down. The one behind it is still standing.
  7. Could be anything from the pedestrian bridge that still exist to a shuttle. I wouldn't read too much into it, It’s just marketing speak.
  8. That's only because of the perspective. The building is a lot closer in that rendering, which is why it looks taller. We'll *probably* get 300 ft out of this, which is about on par with the ICON tower. That'll still make it 40 ft shorter than Dominion. Speaking of Dominion, the new Dominion Energy building in Richmond is only 20 stories but 400 ft tall. I wish someone would design one of those for us, lol.
  9. The date hasn't been updated, but this is obviously the newest rendering. I STRONGLY suspect 20-stories is not an accurate figure. At bare minimum, we're at the 22-story figure that Jared Chalk gave a few months ago. Edit: The news release says 20,000 sq ft floor plate, so we should actually gain 5 floors. Unless the hotel is part of the shorter portion that wraps the parking garage, which would make sense actually.
  10. IF this is accurate, then that is no longer a 20-story tower. Previously it was 260,000 square feet and 20 stories. Now it is 360,000 square feet. Estimating 25,000 square feet per floor, I'd say we've gained 4 floors. That would make this a 24-story building.
  11. vdogg

    Norfolk Development 2

    This is right after your pass under the bridge on the left when heading towards ODU. You turn right at the end of 21 st street and this is about a block away. I like the general concept but wish it were denser and more integrated with the street.
  12. This is extremely recent, as in, I was scrolling through their site a week or two ago and this wasn’t there.
  13. Where did this come from? Is it on a planning docket?
  14. Or, in true Amazon fashion, they could be pitting two sites against each other to see what kind of incentives they can get...
  15. vdogg

    Norfolk Development 2

    WPA Architects has an item up for discussion on the upcoming ARB docket listed simply as “The Railyard Development”. No further info at this time, but there are only a few places where that title makes sense. I’m guessing this is related to redevelopment in the Ghent 21st street area.
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