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  1. New Amazon HQ2 Opportunity

    Where's your bid Kenny? You mean to tell me Norfolk couldn't find ANYWHERE? What about that empty St. Paul's lot that is literally on the light rail line? Or the massive amount of land in St. Paul's quadrant? I want Fraim back.
  2. Virginia Beach Arena

    This sounds good-ish? I remain cautious, not quite optimistic, but maybe.... Just maybe, we'll pull this off.
  3. So we get the fiber but Richmond gets the data center... Hmm, what happened here? We have plenty of land for this. http://via.wtkr.com/xnDhz
  4. Virginia Beach Arena

    My, my, my... What is this? It looks like actual....progress. It looks like something you'd do when you're actually getting ready to build something. Could good news be around the corner? I'm really pulling for this project. We've got to get something big off the ground. " Record 2017-ZVER-00120: Zoning Verification Record Status: Submitted Add to cart Add to collection Record Info Payments Custom Component Work Location 0 19TH ST Record Details Applicant: United States Phone 1: 000-000-0000 NA Project Description: ZL - 19TH STREET ZONING LETTER FOR VIRGINIA BEACH ARENA (19TH STREET & JEFFERSON AVENUE) Owner: CITY OF VIRGINIA BEACH 2401 COURTHOUSE DR VIRGINIA BEACH VA 234569120 More Details Parcel Information This was submitted last Tuesday.
  5. Finished 3 times faster than normal. Pretty big deal for our area. https://www.theverge.com/2017/9/25/16359966/microsoft-facebook-transatlantic-cable-160-terabits-a-second
  6. River Tower

    I hope it's not true either, but my gut tells me that it is. It's still above 20 and it'll still be a decent addition to the area, just a little bit disappointed is all.
  7. Dollar Tree Tower Progress

    I agree it's nothing spectacular but we've gotta kinda grade on a curve with Chesapeake. This is their first tentative step towards urbanism and will hopefully be a catalyst for future development.
  8. River Tower

    That's what I'm most worried about, that design was very sleek and modern. This reduction may be a precursor to the use of cheaper materials and/or a less inspired design. As far as reductions go it's not the worst we've seen. Granby Tower (from 34 to 0), takes that cake. The Hilton reduction from 26 to 21 is about the same. I really thought this was going to be Norfolk's signature tower, now it's just another 20-story building. We sprout those things like weeds.
  9. River Tower

    Floor plans only go up to floor 22, crap. It'll still be a good addition to the area, but I'm not nearly as excited as I was earlier. We just can't catch a break with these buildings. An increase in units plus reduction in height tells me this building will be pretty squat. If we lop off 50 ft to account for those 5 floors we'll get a 276 ft building. Not terrible, but far from 2nd tallest. http://harborsedgerivertower.com/floor-plans.html
  10. River Tower

    Hoping this is a typo. New website says 22 floors. http://harborsedgerivertower.com Doesn't make much sense considering this page seems to indicate they've increased the number of units from 120 to 135. http://harborsedgerivertower.com/residences.html
  11. St. Paul's Quadrant

    I think it was this one (from all the way back in 2006!). Unfortunately, the link leads nowhere now. There have been several St. Paul's plans, and in the original highrise development was specifically mentioned for the section I noted. I'd search for more links, but don't feel like wading through 20 pages of posts.
  12. St. Paul's Quadrant

    It was similar to your first link except the green crescent area marked " open space" was purple and marked "high rise residential". I think your link is a later version of the original plan. I may actually have the original on my computer somewhere, I think I downloaded it. I'll have to look.
  13. St. Paul's Quadrant

    The Norfolk 2020 and 2030 plan designated a portion of that area for highrise development, complete with rudimentary renderings and style books. It's on the norfolk.gov site. I'd have to search for it last I remember if you type "master plan" in the search box on their website several of their documents pop up.
  14. Virginia Beach off-topic

    Not happening, Va. Beach doesn't want transit. There is simply no way around this. The light rail system in Norfolk will not be enough to satisfy Amazon's needs, we need a regional network. We had a chance at that and lost it. This is a fools errand, and I honestly believe that money is better spent elsewhere. Maybe in 20 years when the younger generation grows up and starts voting in appreciable numbers we'll have another shot at this.
  15. CityView Progress

    I am more than a bit confused as to the city's planning process. Apparently, a preliminary concept plan has been submitted for review. This is surprising to me, seeing as this is already been through the planning process and been approved by city council. Are there more revisions yet to come? This should be interesting. https://citizenaccess.vbgov.com