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  1. vdogg

    Norfolk Off-Topic

    Is the Pilot website down for anyone else?
  2. vdogg

    St. Paul's Quadrant

    That entire strip along St. Paul’s/Monticello needs to be dedicated to mid to high rise development and be a true extension of downtown. This whole thing looks way too suburban to me. Way too much land wasted.
  3. vdogg

    River Tower

    On a more positive note, I'm pretty sure this is supposed to break ground next month. That means it will be going up at the same time as the EVMS building. It has been a long time since we've seen simultaneous construction of highrises in this area. It'll be nice to see.
  4. vdogg

    River Tower

    That said, me and baobabs should go into business predicting architecture, cause damn if this thing isn't brick and glass. Comparing this to the original tower makes me want to cry.
  5. vdogg

    River Tower

    Well here it is... 1_app.pdf Well, we gained 2 floors. Now 24 stories. Rounds out at about 270 ft. Taller than 250, but I wish we could still at least get 300. That said, design is NOT BAD. Still can't hold a candle to the previous design, but not nearly as bad as I was expecting. All things being equal, I can live with this.
  6. vdogg

    Norfolk Off-Topic

    Torn about this. Bringing new people to the region is always a good thing but at what cost? We need to diversify the region's economy away from the military but this is just driving us further in.
  7. vdogg

    VB "Sports Center"

    Just not excited about this. We already have a wonderful sports center that serves our needs. Without the arena I just don't see much benefit to this. It's like losing on a game show where the main prize was a car and the consolation prize was a basket with an assortment of barely edible cheeses, meats, and candy that nobody likes that I somehow manage to get from someone every Christmas. I mean, I guess it's the thought that counts...
  8. vdogg

    Norfolk Gateway

    Looks to be about the height of the NS Tower, so it will be close to 300ft. Think we could push 300,000 out of this if we're waiting till 2020. Seems like they're being conservative on space for now.
  9. vdogg

    Norfolk Arts District

    Good. I was worried with the budget cuts this wouldn't go through.
  10. vdogg

    CityView Progress

    Wonder what the hold up is on construction. I know they were going through the permitting process, but that was some time ago.
  11. vdogg

    Columbus Village at Town Center

    This will mean a change to the rest of the site plan when they do finally develop that land. Might as well toss those renderings out the window.
  12. vdogg

    Columbus Village at Town Center

    That's what's confusing me. I wouldn't think that a site plan would be required to occupy an existing building. I haven't seen that happen before.
  13. vdogg

    Columbus Village at Town Center

    Looks like it will be occupying the building in the B&N parking lot at the corner of Constitution and VB Blvd. Makes me wonder if this is a temporary lease while they wait to develop the property.
  14. vdogg

    Columbus Village at Town Center

    Looks like the first small part of this development has been submitted to the planning commission. Not sure where the restaurant is going.
  15. vdogg

    Block 2 Tower

    More important than that is that suddenly the only have 5 spaces available.