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  1. The site plan review has been updated to "needs revisions". Hopefully this means they're making them alter it to make sure it's in keeping with the urban character of the area.
  2. What would be nice is if WAVY 10 actually had real journalists who would try to get to the bottom of a situation and figure out what is going on, instead of doing a fluff piece. Perhaps the Pilot will dig something up in the future.
  3. I saw that one earlier but didn't post it. By the site plan it seemed like it was going to be fairly suburban to me.
  4. Don't know. I think that site has tended to focus on the current phase they're leasing for. So long as they keep updating the loopnet listing, block 2 is still in play.
  5. Development was approved last night. http://wavy.com/2017/08/15/crowd-raises-concern-over-10-million-incentive-for-new-vb-development/
  6. Lots of tech firms coming to this area. This is a good sign.
  7. That's correct, the EVMS Tower would be about a block or so in front of this Tower at the Colley Ave intersection. The river Tower will be directly across from the EVMS Tower.
  8. And the other building will be named 700 canal place when finished.
  9. Hmmm...What's your take? Good/bad? I'm unsure at this point.
  10. This tower will be named "600 Canal Place". Apologies if this has already been mentioned but I didn't see it here yet.
  11. https://www.evms.edu/media/evms_public/departments/marketing__communications/publications/annual_report/FY14_FINANCIAL_REPORT(15-487).pdf This is their 2014 financial report. They had over $280 million in assets back then. Additionally, they requested $67 million last year for the new education building. Funding should already be in hand. There should be a very short time frame from proposal to construction much like what happened with the Sentara vertical expansion. http://www.evms.edu/media/departments/leadership/president/2016_State_of_the_School.pdf
  12. That's what i'm saying. They have deeeep pockets. A lot of this construction is self financed. They have a 5 year plan so I expect to see both of these towers under construction within one year, tow at the most.
  13. https://pilotonline.com/inside-business/news/entrepreneurs-innovation/california-business-incubator-plan-coming-to-virginia-beach/article_45408372-958e-5310-8cc0-b87f18c9c159.html "The Founder Institute, a Silicon Valley-based business incubator, will be introduced to Virginia Beach at the 1701 co-working space on Baltic Avenue. Joel Nied, a partner at law firm Price Benowitz, worked with Jeff Werby and Lisa DeNoia, co-owners of 1701, to bring the program to Virginia Beach. The three will be directors for the local program that Nied says is strictly for those who are serious about starting a business or improving their startup. “This area is really exciting from the perspective of what should be a hotbed for startups and entrepreneurship,” Nied said. “One great thing it has that a lot of people don’t have is ... tens of thousands of military who are looking for something exciting to do” as a second career." Seems like the Technology industry has really startrd to take notice of VB in the past year.
  14. It'll pan out. They've done a lot of design work to just do nothing. These types of projects are generally pretty solid because they're owner occupied and don't have to worry about the types of financing issues you see with apartments, condos, etc.
  15. https://www.rbapc.com/hospitality-studio?lightbox=dataItem-j3d2xryx The same website, but under the hospitality tab instead of mixed use.