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  1. The bad thing is, it's actually not horrible design wise. And if this had been their initial pitch, I might have actually been for it. But don't sell us some outsized bill of goods, and then downsize it later. I'm so tired of that. Show us what you actually intend to do, be truthful and honest, is that really too much to ask?
  2. If I'm Cordish I would have been sending in an unsolicited proposal the minute I saw this trash. We have a lot of wiggle room in the contract, and can change the preferred operator if we need to. So glad we didn't go the federal route.
  3. Why were the renderings for Richmond so tall and yet we get this crap? I knew this would happen. Bait and switch yet again. I hope this doesn't get past design review. At this point I think we should give Cordish another chance. So tired of this happening.
  4. That looks great! Now if only they'd put the sign up so I can change the status of the thread.
  5. One would hope. Been hearing an awful lot about the Portsmouth Casino, been hearing a ton about the Richmond Casino, been hearing nothing about this one...
  6. Construction starts in May! This is truly going to be a transformative project. https://www.virginiabusiness.com/article/construction-to-start-in-may-on-66m-pinnacle-apartments-in-va-beach/
  7. Had to come back here and verify but the renderings at that link no longer exist. Perhaps our voices have been heard.
  8. vdogg

    St. Paul's Quadrant

    Where does it end though? It is correct that Norfolk doesn't have the best history in this area. It is also correct that the residents have a right to be concerned about this, though I think the statements of the city not reaching out have been overblown, because they have. I also think that the media has a right to bring these issues up. The thing that concerns me however, is that the discussion is only centering around what has happened and what is bad rather than what should happen. Okay, so we've been at this for 20 or so years and we are finally executing a plan, and now people think that that plan is not as good as it should be. Fine, then provide a solution. That is not what is occurring here, they're simply saying stop the process altogether this is not fair. They need to offer an alternative to what's occurring, because simply keeping things as they are is not a valid option.
  9. vdogg

    St. Paul's Quadrant

    I can understand that, however, this plan has been in development for 20 + years. There have been multiple meetings, charrettes, etc., with all involved stakeholders. The city has been both up front and vocal as to their intentions. Many of these meetings were attended by members of this very forum, which is why I find the allusions to and characterizations of some nefarious subterfuge on the part of the city confusing. It’s simply not true. At a certain point, a plan has to make it from paper to reality. They have to pull the trigger and see where things go, perhaps make adjustments along the way. Is it perfect? Absolutely not. But doing nothing was not an option.
  10. vdogg

    St. Paul's Quadrant

    We appear to be drifting ever so close to the line of personal attack (perhaps we’ve already crossed it?). I am trying to hang back and let the discussion develop, but let’s stay off the personal and concentrate more on the points brought up on both sides of this discussion.
  11. The Pamunkey proposal was half the investment of all other proposals. They never stood a chance.
  12. Richmond cut the Pamunkey Casino from consideration. Let's see if we can get back up to 750!
  13. Hampton Roads housing market is red hot. Only about a month of supply regionally. https://www.pilotonline.com/inside-business/vp-ib-housing-market-0322-20210323-iupzuwdh4jgoxhke7gfgkvx52a-story.html
  14. vdogg

    St. Paul's Quadrant

    The people complaining must want nothing to change. As stated above, this was not a once vibrant and historically black community. It is and always has been public housing. It’s concentrated poverty, which is the death knell for any neighborhood. The complaint seems to be that not every single resident can come back. I’m sorry, but if you keep the exact same people in the exact same place what have you really accomplished except, perhaps, updating the housing stock? The concentrated poverty is still there, the reasons for that poverty are still there, and jobs will not magically appear for folks who may not have a high school diploma/Ged/vocational degree/etc. I don’t know what the answer to this problem is but I do know that simply giving the area a face lift and doing the exact same thing ain’t it. Mixed income is the way to go. Expungement of criminals records for minor offenses is the way to go. Scholarships to technical and trade schools would provide huge benefits. Provide people with a pathway toward upward mobility. Let’s solve the underlying issues first.
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