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  1. These people are STILL crying about this tower... It's over, move on. https://www.13newsnow.com/article/news/local/mycity/virginia-beach/opposition-grows-as-westminster-canterburys-22-story-tower-gets-approval/291-b82899c5-0f10-4741-af12-d7361662ac70 "VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. — A company that manages a senior living community in Virginia Beach is moving forward with a new 22-story tower on Shore Drive. Tuesday night, Virginia Beach City Council voted 9-1 to approve Westminster-Canterbury's request to move the public beach access point." "Now, neighbors are voicing some of the same concerns they had three years ago. Residents told 13News Now the proposed building will just be too tall in comparison to the surrounding area. It would be the third-tallest building in Virginia Beach. But their concerns don't stop there. They fear the building will increase traffic and reduce the value of their homes. "
  2. Of course delayed for another "study"... I don't even have the energy to discuss this now, just completely uninterested. I'm not paying any further attention to anything they say until piles are being driven into the ground. Rudderless, helpless, hopeless, feckless, such is Norfolk City Council. I'm done.
  3. Land clearing and site work has begun.
  4. There's a Richmond thread where it seems like the casino developer said some exceptionally objectionable stuff about the local population in a live interview that seems to have sealed it's fate. Too bad, because the proposal itself was quite stunning, and something that I would love to have here instead of whatever it is the Pamunkey think they're building.
  5. Obviously the voters in Richmond, for whatever reason, do not want a casino. Perhaps it’s time for local politicians there to move on. This does benefit us here locally though IF Headwaters ever gets off the ground.
  6. What am I missing here? The city specifically, and CLEARLY, stated that the developers were NOT allowed to build in phases, yet they ignore that guidance and submit a phased development plan anyway? This thing is DOA. I'm done
  7. Here we go...The people in this city are unbelievable. https://www.pilotonline.com/2023/10/11/letters-for-oct-12-virginia-beach-doesnt-need-a-hotel-across-the-street-from-the-convention-center/ "Virginia Beach Mayor Bobby Dyer should not waste our time and money on a hotel across the street from the Virginia Beach Convention Center. We already have a rather large hotel not far away. Building a new hotel will only take away occupancy from existing hotels. I read recently that the era of big conventions has passed, and we will be wasting our money, similar to what we did when we tore down the Virginia Beach Pavilion and replaced it with the costly convention center. The city is probably going to have enough expenses trying to make Pharrell Williams happy with his grand plans"
  8. It is, but I feel like Chesapeake doesn't listen to their NIMBYs as much as VA. Beach listens to theirs. They've pushed through several developments over objections, so I think this has a good chance of coming to fruition.
  9. One thing that is missing from this conversation is how much depth this will give to the ocean front. This project combined with the vibe district and Atlantic Park will culminate in a large area of continuous urban development. This will basically become a second downtown for Virginia Beach, and together is at least two to three times larger than Town Center proper. This will be quite the game changer once all is said and done.
  10. I'm guessing "small town flavor" is when you threw your lettuce at the phone, because that's when I threw my coffee...
  11. This looks absolutely fantastic and I'm encouraged by council's response, Henley notwithstanding. She just doesn't want any development anywhere, time for her to move out to a smaller town.
  12. Believe it or not, it's actually taller than it was supposed to be . Originally slated to be a 1-2 story building. Definite suburban office park vibes, which matches what's across the street. At least it adds to density though.
  13. What was Thompson's proposal ( not sure I've seen it posted anywhere) and what do you think is wrong with this one? I think it looks pretty sleek, and seems designed to compliment the new terminal.
  14. 1) Yes, 100% 2) Maybe, but I wouldn't get your hopes up. We've never had trouble getting warehouses from anyone built in this area, but office is another story...
  15. The Art Institute in Town Center is closing. Nothing to do with Town Center itself, instead, this has all the markings of ridiculously poor management. All their campuses nationwide are closing effective tomorrow. I feel for these poor students, you can't tell me they didn't know that they were going to have to close their doors before today. The fact that they gave people no notice is dumbfounding to me. https://www.pilotonline.com/2023/09/25/the-art-institute-of-virginia-beach-abruptly-closes-surprising-college-community/
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