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  1. Norfolk Development 2

    7-stories isn't going to give you a view of anything really, lol. He needs to go big. Well, at least I didn't have too much time to get my hopes up.
  2. Norfolk Development 2

    This kinda snuck under the radar. Looks like Gadams wants to build 250 new apartments downtown on Olney. Not too many details yet though. Judging by the size of the land, this one may have highrise potential. https://pilotonline.com/news/local/health/norfolk-will-spend-million-on-new-headquarters-for-agency-serving/article_b0c8b469-bdcd-512a-ba4d-a24ffb7d224b.html "Developer Frank “Buddy” Gadams bought the board’s downtown buildingfor $3.7 million in December 2016 with a plan to eventually demolish it and an adjacent building. He wants to build 250 apartments mixed with retail and parking." Keep in mind the ICON, at 24 floors, has 300 apartments. Parking garage plus retail should give us a decent size building. It's also the first time significant redevelopment hops north of Brambleton.
  3. New CHKD Tower

    That shorter grey building definitely needs to go. I took my mom to a doctor's appointment in there and the state of the building leaves much to be desired. It's old, rickety, and poorly layed out. Have no idea where they plan to move offices, as the new tower would be for CHKD, but something needs to be done.
  4. EVMS Education Building

    I lay you odds then that future development entails updated, and perhaps denser, student housing.
  5. EVMS Education Building

    They received all necessary funds in the state budget from this year and last year. No official ground breaking date as of yet though.
  6. EVMS Education Building

    Just noticed something in the EVMS plan that I missed before. First and foremost, they state clearly that they plan to cross over Brambleton for future growth. This will do wonders for Fort Norfolk. Secondly, I never noticed that parcel of land marked for future development that's across Colley. I wonder what that is for?
  7. River Tower

    According to the video the developer found a more "efficient" way to build it, which would account for a shorter building with a higher number of units. Sounds to me like this is a fancy way to say that they shrank the size of the apartments so they can pack people in like sardines all while paying less for the actual structure. Can't fault them for cost savings, but I wanted that extra 5 floors. Let's just hope the crown is really tall. I want a minimum 300 ft, though we're probably looking at closer to 280 now. I'll be following the planning process intensely. Also I'm fairly certain EVMS is starting construction next year too. It'll be very nice to see these structures going up right across from eachother.
  8. River Tower

    Construction will begin this Summer. Expect to see planning documents very soon. http://www.13newsnow.com/mobile/article/news/local/mycity/norfolk/new-tower-will-be-added-to-downtown-norfolk/497725929 22 floors confirmed. 135 units.
  9. Virginia Beach Development

    I'm sorry, but these people live in the highest possible APZ and noise zone. Let's not pretend that this area is full of pristine vegetation and frolicking wildlife. We have 1100 jobs that make an average of 70 k a year on the line here and yet the folks that complain about everything are even complaining about this. These are the same folks that will decry our lack of decent paying jobs and low wages. It's ridiculous. They need to stop being selfish and realize how much this will help their fellow citizens and the city at large.
  10. Town Center North

    Honestly, those are pretty decent designs for a hotel. The Town Center North plans never called for anything taller than six stories on that particular plot of land, so I wasn't expecting it. This will be a good addition.
  11. Virginia Beach off-topic

    Correction, she perfectly represents the most vocal portion of the city, but not necessarily the city at large. See this past election as an example, or even the light rail vote in 2012. High turnout elections tend to moderate the city's stance on a lot of issues, and go in a direction that is a bit more progressive towards our city's future. I think she represents a faction that is trying with all their might to cling to power in this city, and the latest protestations are a direct result of them feeling that power is slipping away. Generational change is always hard, and the results tend to be uneven with a bunch of fits and starts. I think that, generally, we are moving in the right direction. It's just taking a lot longer than any of us had hoped.
  12. Virginia Beach off-topic

    In what is possibly the best news we've had this year, Kerry Dougherty is retiring! https://pilotonline.com/news/local/columnist/kerry-dougherty/what-i-m-thankful-for-manson-s-death-college-football/article_3cb525d6-37f9-591a-a425-6db1b88c4cc2.html It simply cannot be overstated how much her negative attitude towards anything resembling progress informed the public discourse. One less voice in the John Moss, John T. Atkinson, and Reid Greenmun faction of Va. Beach and perhaps a chance for a more moderate point of view. I'm not looking for a cheerleader, but I'm hoping that whoever the pilot chooses is a bit younger, and can perhaps look at our city's future with a fresh set of eyes. After so many disappointments this year, this feels like an opportunity to move forward.
  13. Virginia Beach off-topic

    I was going to delete a lot of these comments, but I decided to just move them to off-topic with the reminder that we need to remain respectful of each other and our cities. City vs. City arguments are generally frowned upon on this site and can lead to threads being shut down. It's been a very long time since I've had to moderate or warn anybody about comments that they've made, please let's keep it that way. Thanks.
  14. Norfolk Development 2

    I would be absolutely ecstatic if the southern part of the city seceded...
  15. Norfolk Development 2

    “A lot of things seem like common sense,” Alexander said. “But we have been so parochial and so territorial.” And with this one comment, Alexander has redeemed himself ever so slightly in my eyes. Let's see what he can get done.