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  1. vdogg

    River Tower

    River Tower goes before the planning commission for it’s development certificate December 13th. Expect construction to begin shortly thereafter, probably the first part of spring. https://www.norfolk.gov/AgendaCenter/ViewFile/Item/4582?fileID=9180
  2. vdogg

    Norfolk Development 2

    Something big brewing from the Franklin Johnston group for the military highway light rail station. 236 apartment 302,000 square foot mixed use within walking distance of the station. They’re applying for a TOD certificate. This is on the December agenda. Yuck. Very suburban design, disappointed.
  3. vdogg

    Norfolk Light Rail and Transit

    I'm sorry, but I have to vehemently disagree here. This is a very simple math equation. Those cars don't simply disappear into the ether. There is no portal to another dimension where they can just enter when they leave the tunnel and pop out near the Naval Base. They HAVE to go somewhere. And if they aren't traveling along what has been the main thoroughfare to the base and the ports for decades, then they are traveling along neighborhood and side streets. Norfolk is going to find out very quickly how poor of an idea this is, and it will likely cost millions to revert everything back which they WILL have to do. Hoping that cooler heads prevail here.
  4. vdogg

    Norfolk Light Rail and Transit

    This is, by far, the dumbest idea I've ever heard of. So, no light rail, and now someone decides it's a good idea to remove lanes and reduce capacity on Hampton Blvd because... accidents? As an ODU alumni I promise you that road is already at capacity now. The only thing this will result in is gridlock. https://pilotonline.com/news/government/local/article_5719244e-e854-11e8-8da0-afd9e9b56634.html
  5. vdogg

    New Amazon HQ2 Opportunity

    I take the train up to Dulles for international flights every year because it’s far cheaper to fly out of there than it is to fly out Norfork. I could easily see it going the other way.
  6. vdogg

    The Wave

    Haven’t seen this video posted yet. Pharrell is doing his best to raise the profile of this city. http://thewavevb.com/
  7. vdogg

    New Amazon HQ2 Opportunity

    Big win for Virginia. Lots of tax money coming from this one.
  8. vdogg

    New Amazon HQ2 Opportunity

    Even Raleigh would be a benefit to the area if Apple located there, especially considering the new freeway they plan to build between Norfolk and Raleigh that would cut travel times drastically.
  9. vdogg

    Virginia Beach off-topic

    Moss held on. Very last precinct came in big for him. He won by 315 votes. Just. Can’t. Get. Rid. of. This. Guy. Jones held on, but he’s a known quantity. The rest of the council will keep Dyer in check. He’s a figurehead, but he still only has one vote. We just need to hope we can keep his mouth from shooting Virginia Beach in the foot. Here’s hoping there’s a recount in Moss’s case.
  10. vdogg

    Virginia Beach off-topic

    Dyer withstanding, the fact that the remaining council is so pre regionalism could finally mean an end to the end fighting. The old guard is finally gone. Norfolk and Va. Beach can do big things together. If this only had happened when it was time to do light rail...
  11. vdogg

    Virginia Beach off-topic

    Well, the good news is almost all the pro-development candidates are winning. The bad news is that we might get Dyer for mayor. That said, the fact that Moss is probably going to lose his seat, makes it all worth it.
  12. vdogg

    Hampton Inn at Town Center

    This project is again moving forward. Resubmitted application was received on October 19th, and it is now in review.
  13. vdogg

    Virginia Beach off-topic

    Well, it's election time in Virginia Beach. Time to go vote. Even if you're turned off by the national issues the local elections are what's really important. There are 22 candidates for city council, most of them younger and new to politics. If even half of them win their election, it can take our city in a new direction. I'm encouraged by how many of them are for regionalism and for cooperating with other cities on our transportation issues. That's a start. Please research the candidates and exercise your right to vote.
  14. vdogg

    New Amazon HQ2 Opportunity

    Also, if the second Amazon HQ has anywhere near the effect it had on Seattle, this is going to drive housing prices way up. This may be result in an exodus of people from that area looking for cheaper land, and a second population boom our in our area akin to what happened in the 80s.
  15. vdogg

    New Amazon HQ2 Opportunity

    Man, you guys are quick! I was just about to post something similar. The entire state of Virginia will reap some benefits and I think at a bare minimum will get some data centers in the area due to Va. Beach being a hub. Great news for Virginia! https://www.theverge.com/2018/11/3/18058980/amazon-reportedly-in-advanced-discussions-hq2-crystal-city-northern-virginia