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  1. CHKD In-Patient Tower

    I think the Pilot is mistaken in conflating these 2 projects. They seem to be separate facilities for separate uses. That, or the city is mistaken in their facility descriptions. I’m leaning more towards the pilot being wrong.
  2. CHKD In-Patient Tower

    This brown building does not exist, the tower that it’s attached to does, but not in it’s current form. This is the new “in-patient” facility. This is separate and apart from the medical office tower that is to the left and out of frame in this image. That tower is in the rendering that 23320 posted. It fronts Brambleton and is directly across from FNP.
  3. Museum Apartments Progress

    Which thread is it currently posted in? I'll transfer those posts in here and make a progress thread. What street is that located on? I don't recall seeing it in my travels. NVM. Just saw you said it was in the pictures thread. Don't know why we never made a thread for this.
  4. CHKD In-Patient Tower

    Ah, so perhaps a remodel of the existing tower then. The shorter brown building connected at the right of that tower does not currently exist.
  5. Museum Apartments Progress

    Currently under construction.
  6. Norfolk Arts and Entertainment

    Bump. Forgot we had this thread.
  7. The Tern

    A lot of stuff being worked on that wasn’t mentioned by the media that just magically made its way into this document. Not sure where this is located either, I’m looking for information.
  8. CHKD In-Patient Tower

    Folks, I was mistaken. This is a completely separate building from the other CHKD Tower. Working to get some more info on the location.
  9. 15th Street Pier Redevelopment

    And it’s over... https://pilotonline.com/pdf_0f59d83e-289b-11e8-95ed-2fda0f3c930f.html https://pilotonline.com/news/government/local/article_8a1e02ec-288d-11e8-ac26-af61c0e7d82d.html Virginia Beach knows no bounds in it’s race towards mediocrity. “Earlier this week, Bruce Thompson said he didn’t know if he was going to continue chasing a partnership with the city to build a pier. In an interview, Thompson said it wasn’t fair that the city started the bidding process over. “I don't need to do it,” he said. “I have a lot of better things I can do with my time and a lot of markets that seem appreciative.”” Hopefully he’s talking about Norfolk. If we can’t have it here then having it there is the next best option. I could see something like this working over at the waterfront near Harbor Park.
  10. 1500 Monticello Ave

    FWIW the for sale signs are down. Not sure what, if anything, this means but they were trying to have a new investor by the end of last year. Perhaps this indicates some sort of success.
  11. Marriott Oceanfront Progress

    I’m really liking this: “It (the Marriott) will be part of The Cavalier campus and they will share amenities, operations, charging privileges. It will be part of the campus,” Thompson said. The Marriott Oceanfront won’t be a Marriott Autograph Collection hotel like The Cavalier, but it will be full-service and possibly a luxury JW Marriott, Thompson said. The hotel will have three restaurants, including a beach bar, a sushi bar with an Asian influence, and an “eclectic” rooftop restaurant that will “feel like Grain” (at Hilton Norfolk The Main) and have a panoramic oceanfront dining room, Thompson said.” If you haven’t been to Grain it’s absolutely fantastic, but crowded. Being the only thing of that caliber in this area the crowds never died down from the initial opening. If anything, it’s even more popular. This area can definitely support another location like that, especially at the oceanfront, which could use a few more classy places. I will be visiting opening day.
  12. CHKD In-Patient Tower

    CHKD expansion takes another step forward. Building will be part mental health facility and part office space. http://wavy.com/2018/03/13/chkd-plans-new-mental-health-inpatient-beds/
  13. Beach Dome Site Proposals

    The area is supposed to be heated for the winter, though I don’t know exactly how that works with that design. We’ll see though.