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  1. A site plan was submitted for "29th street hotel" on November 15th. It's listed as a preliminary concept plan. No further details at this time.
  2. Horrible, unacceptable, building placement. Both buildings need to be moved closer to the road with parking in the back. There's zero reason for this not to front the main road, I don't understand the misuse of this property in such a fashion. A small parking garage and some additional retail would do wonders for that piece of land. I actually hope this doesn't go through, because we can do much better than that.
  3. I think that the success of Something in the Water clearly pushed this deal over the finish line. The city was all in after that. Pharrell is nothing if not a savvy business man.
  4. With Pharrell's name attached to this, I don't see how this doesn't go through.
  5. In a rare show of unity and forward thinking, the vote was 10-0 for the project. Moss abstained due to a conflict of interest.
  6. The city council has approved the Atlantic Park project.
  7. Project has been approved by VBDA, goes before council for final vote tonight.
  8. Project received final approval on November 15th. Construction should begin shortly. First post in this thread is from 2005. We’ve been talking about this project for 14 years...
  9. Sounds like something has pales in comparison to the original proposal. Will have to wait and see.
  10. vdogg

    Norfolk Off-Topic

    Let's not bump the Starwood thread again until there's actual news on the project please. Thanks.
  11. Happy that the property is being redeveloped, but man that rendering can’t get anymore bland. You’d think for something in the ViBe creative district they would have tried to design something a bit more....creative.
  12. More than likely for the annual ice skating rink that goes in that spot.
  13. There is already a referendum scheduled, by law, for November 2020. All this effort is pointless. I can’t for the life of me figure out what the [email protected] these folks are trying to accomplish.
  14. I try not to inject politics into this forum, but sometimes it's inextricably linked to major projects. There was support on both sides of the aisle for doing casinos in some form last year, but there was still some resistance in the house. The passage of the final casino bill is now far more likely with the results of last night. It's basically a guarantee. The biggest thing standing in the way of the casino effort right now is the local effort to stop the deal with the Pamunkey. I think that we might actually get this project off the ground eventually, seeing now that the state may come through before the federal portion does (and the results of the election last night also bode well for for any referendum that may appear on the ballot).
  15. vdogg

    Norfolk Development 2

    So I saw an advertisement for this on Facebook but don't recall seeing an article about it. It looks like more co-working space is coming to another office building downtown. https://novelcoworking.com/locations/virginia/norfolk/city-center/?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=cpm&utm_campaign=Novel+Coworking+Conversions+Campaigns+-+Norfolk&utm_content=Broad+Ad+Set+2019-10&utm_term=Gallery1+yellow+sofa
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