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  1. Was hoping for a lot more than 85. Might get a 3-story building out of that. Imagined something mediocre, and they failed to live up to even that dismal projection. At this point I’d rather they just keep the Willis building…
  2. I swear if this falls through AGAIN at the last minute… I’m sorry, but other areas don’t have anywhere near the trouble getting projects financed as we do in HR. It’s just dumbfounding to me, this project is basically a home run. It’ll practically print money if they can get the thing out of the ground. Starting to question that start of 2022 groundbreaking.,,
  3. That tunnel might as well be a moat with a drawbridge and a dragon on standby if you should attempt to swim across. The traffic issues at that choke point have balkanized the region, but the expansion should go a long way towards fixing that. I usually only go to the peninsula to be on the peninsula a couple of times a year. Other than that, it's simply an area that I have to pass through to get to D.C.
  4. It was super exciting when it was a tower, now it's just kinda meh. I'm not getting my hopes up, as I'm confident that this far more mediocre version will get built. My hopes were up with the tower, never again. The only reason that I'm still for this project now is because of the clear economic benefits in both jobs and prestige.
  5. I'm wary of anything that Moss touches. He is vocally and vehemently anti-density, and I think that this may be a trojan horse. Let's make sure we read the fine print.
  6. Richmond is probably the most urban place outside of NoVa and they have a ton of hidden surface lots. When I think urban, I think the streetscape and overall connectedness are far more important than anything hidden from view. And surface lots don't have to stay surface lots forever. We've seen plenty redeveloped in this area, so I don't think we're locking ourselves in by having lots hidden from view.
  7. vdogg

    Norfolk Off-Topic

    It's not entirely dead according to some construction trackers I've been watching, but I can't seem to find firm confirmation. It appears that there *MIGHT be a chance to still get this off the ground. Gravity 400 posts have been moved to Gravity 400 thread. https://www.urbanplanet.org/forums/topic/120070-gravity-400-approved/
  8. It might not be ideal but let's not exaggerate here, there is nothing suburban about what is depicted. Chesapeake doesn't look like this, most of Va. Beach doesn't look like this, and the few surface lots you mentioned are all hidden from street level view. I too wish there were more to this development, but suburban it is not.
  9. So, this is basically Ghent 2 with more modern architecture. Liking that they keep it an urban neighborhood. Some of the designs are unique and eclectic, but nothing really bold. Holding out for 645 Church Street, hopefully we get something significant there.
  10. Blocks 9, 10, and 16 all go before design review on September 20th, so we'll be able to see more detailed renderings on Phase 2 blocks in about a week.
  11. vdogg

    Norfolk Pictures

    That's the health department lot. It is slated for development in the future, perhaps even as another extension of the retirement community.
  12. Yeah. It was something in the 25-30 story range if I recall. I refuse to let my mind wander there though. Trying to deliberately imagine something mediocre.
  13. Well that settles it. That is a decent sized building and could have been renovated into a lot of apartments. Gives me hope that what's replacing it has some good size to it. That should be a gateway and focal point for the St Paul's quadrant.
  14. It was 20 years before the first shovel of dirt was turned in St. Paul’s. This is actually pretty quick by Norfolk standards.
  15. I suppose it’s better than nothing. Being phase 2 maybe we can revisit the rail option if the military highway extension takes off.
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