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  1. Soleil Center I & II at Crabtree

    Personally I think the view will have a unique mistic flare about it. Has anyone played Half life 2? That game gives a pretty good example of what to expect.
  2. Dorothea Dix Property

    That would be the biggest waste of valuable land in history!
  3. Soleil Center I & II at Crabtree

    As always, thank you Flash. May you be blessed on your journey through life.
  4. Triangle in the national media

    Raleigh continues to show a strong economy. I mean heck, we're are one of the best in the US, and the best in NC. I'm very proud. Even during the recession, our economy was better than other metros accross the country, in their more affluent times.
  5. Triangle in the national media

    Actually the commute is 25 minutes,and 30 with traffic. It's ridiculous how they're split up though. Alot of people work in each others city.
  6. Triangle in the national media

    There's actually a civil war going on. No seriously. I don't know. I think it maybe political.
  7. Soleil Center I & II at Crabtree

    Orulz, try using the force, to help you imagine.
  8. Soleil Center I & II at Crabtree

  9. Soleil Center I & II at Crabtree

    Thank you for keeping this on topic. Yeah the site is very nice. Imagine when people come in from out of town expecting a generic city, and they see an ambitious project such as this one. Trust me. This will stand as a symbol of prominance.
  10. West

    True, but it's still a nice place.
  11. Soleil Center I & II at Crabtree

    I highly dought that their just going to build a 42 story building and allow it to be flooded. I mean seriously, the flood issue will be handle. This isn't the first building built on a flood plain. You can nitpick any building in the city, to make it sound like an awful project.
  12. Soleil Center I & II at Crabtree

    Thank you. Also it certainly does look like something out of Chicago . I wonder if the building will be shipped here instead? Man, UPS is going to have a field day behind this one!
  13. West

    I'm not from Charlotte, because i'm Raleigh's finest! Anyway, no Charlotte does have some nice architecture DT. I love the way the DT area has a bluesh gray hue about it. The Goth aspect is just the vibe I get from the place. What I mean by underrated, is the fact that, you wouldn't expect such architeture in a southern city,in NC.
  14. West

    I love Charlotte's downtown architecture, it's kinda like Neo Gothic. Charlotte is kinda underrated when it comes to their downtown architecture.
  15. Soleil Center I & II at Crabtree

    You and ncsugrad are my new best friends. I mean what the heck type of complaining is this? This is a top notch development!!!!!!! Just because it is much more prominant than the rest of the monotony, surrounding it, doesn't mean that it is a bad project. On top of that the design is exotic and a breath of fresh air for this town. It kills me to think that if a stuccoed 10 story project took it's place no one would complain. I hope Soleil makes it 50 stories, just to tick the mayberrys off.