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  1. That would be the biggest waste of valuable land in history!
  2. Raleigh continues to show a strong economy. I mean heck, we're are one of the best in the US, and the best in NC. I'm very proud. Even during the recession, our economy was better than other metros accross the country, in their more affluent times.
  3. Actually the commute is 25 minutes,and 30 with traffic. It's ridiculous how they're split up though. Alot of people work in each others city.
  4. There's actually a civil war going on. No seriously. I don't know. I think it maybe political.
  5. This is a sketchy development for the simple fact of all the parkies in Raleigh. This place has a potential of being a dense urban mini city so to speak, with plenty of park space.
  6. Kidds Hill looks like WWII Germany. I think the measurement of success with Soleil tower, will possibly lead to a more grandeur project at Kidds Hill. We'll see.
  7. It wouldn't undercut the urban fabric. It would just be a highrise building with intense shopping inside. A project like this would spur development through several surrounding blocks.
  8. Putting roudabouts on hillsborough street is the dumbest idea ever! It's a waste of money and extremely counter-porductive. This project really reminds me of the whole fayetteville street mall idea. It never worked. In fact it drove people away. Hillborough street is one of the only urban streets in Raleigh, that has a true function for everyday people. I'm not saying it's perfect, but to turn it into a mayberry like thoroughfare, is not going to solve anything.
  9. New York has finally recognized us. Raleigh you have finally met your goal. You may cease to exist now. lol
  10. Yeah 100,000 does seem a bit high. I think the Raleigh figures are a tad conservative. More like 550,000. Wow just thinking about it, makes you realize this area will be a major metropolitan area.
  11. Wake county has 775,000 residents currenty. 2020 I guess ehh, around 1,000,000.
  12. I'd like to know what you guys envision Raleigh as 14 years from now. It will be a city of about 520,000. What's your vision what would you like to see more of. How much of the landscape, do you think will change. Thoughts?
  13. It's like these people are living in small box, inside of their heads. Forget it, just put KB homes on the hill.
  14. That's exactly how I feel. How many freakin parks do we need? How about giving the underused, miskept, Pullen Park a makeover. This place is directly across the street from the Dix property. If Raleigh turns 300 acres of land near downtown into a park, i'm moving to Charlotte!
  15. I don't have the energy to really dabate over the Dix property, because all it's going to turn out to mostly be, is the Dix we see today minus the patients, and care givers. The buildings aren't going anywhere because everbody is on the save the historic building bandwagon. It's highly disappointing. The vision I see is a development with a mix of shops,entertainment,homes, and park activities. All fused together in a heavily dense environment.
  16. I have a gut feeling this project is going to go down hill, because of all of the NIMBY's. There's going to be nothing there, really impressive structurally, when it's all said and done.
  17. I hope they still decide to build downtown.
  18. I feel as though Raleigh is in another league, much higher league when it comes to nightlife.
  19. It hasn't been canned, but it's pretty much on the ropes. Glen Tree will hopefully bring some development to that area, if the project falls through. I'm thinking something on a much smaller scale,ie upscale 1 story shopping center. More than likely that will be the final outcome, because this this project has shown lackluster efforts from the start.
  20. The Kidds Hill project is in ICU. It doesn't look like it's going to be built from the heresay i've come past. The funding for the project was botched, so the developer is currently looking for some investors, but it's looking pretty grim.
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