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  1. Norfolk History

    From Today's Virginian Pilot. Norfolk readying for the Holidays on Granby St. in the 50s.
  2. The Icon at CityWalk Progress

    From Saturday night at Grand Illumination Parade
  3. St. Paul's Quadrant

    Looks like this new development will encircle the church I grew up in and will build on top of the empty parcel on Fenchurch St. where my late Father's dental practice use to be.
  4. Norfolk History

    The corner of College Place and Granby 1943.
  5. Norfolk History

    Photo of Plume St. at Monticello early 1950s?
  6. Norfolk Development 2

    New Hotel and retail center planned for near new IKEA and Premium Outlets on Northampton Blvd.
  7. Norfolk Pictures

    From Today's Virginian Pilot online.
  8. Norfolk Arts District

    WVEC News story on the continued growth of Norfolk's Neon District.
  9. Waterside District

    Waterside can cater to both adults and children during the day. The play area is a great idea during day. Maybe orient some of the restaurants for everyone during the day including children. At 6pm or there about orient it to adults only.
  10. Norfolk Development 2

    I'm glad Campostella is getting some new development, but the rendering makes it look so suburban. Nothing to write home about.
  11. Waterside District

    I think Waterside is going to suffer during the daytime because the venue is so bar centric. All I am advocating for is for the Waterside to attract a Dave and Buster's type restaurant that would appeal to adults and kids alike. Being a bar only ensures the place is busy at night on the weekend just like the old version of Waterside.
  12. Norfolk Off-Topic

    Grocery store is badly needed. When we walked from Downtown over to Ghent a young gentleman asked for directions to Harris Teeter and I told him I thought it was over on Colonial Ave. The young man said he walked from the Residence Inn looking for the grocery store. I think maybe the market is ripe for a scaled down urban type of grocery store like Trader Joe's or Wholefoods.
  13. Norfolk Pictures

    Took this picture Saturday on the Amtrak bus to Norfolk from Newport News. One of my favorite views of Norfolk's growing skyline.
  14. Waterside District

    The Waterside District is one nice looking building from the inside and outside. I am a drinker and love that there were so many bars and restaurants to choose from, but there is nothing for the kids or families. I thought this version was supposed to be family friendly. This is definitely a place for adults only even during the daytime. The jury is still out on whether or not Waterside can sustain itself being so bar centric.
  15. Norfolk Off-Topic

    I was there and Downtown was very lively and even with the weather the wine fest was fun as usual. My partner always comments on how clean Downtown Norfolk is. I tell them that is a result of the Business Improvement District (BID) and years of planning on the part of the city. Downtown looked great and it seems Norfolk is finally getting close to its full potential.