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  1. Downtown Norfolk 1955.
  2. 1963 film on the redevelopment of Downtown Norfolk. Gives you some perspective on the attitudes of the time.https://youtu.be/Nde92jgpKnw
  3. I understand your down vote. My friend works out of the DC office but he travels frequently to the Norfolk Headquarters. I talked to him Friday about the situation with NS and he also added on top of the air service that NS owns a lot of land in Midtown Atlanta and for cost efficiency it may be better to consolidate corporate employees into one location and build on the land NS already owns.
  4. A friend of mine told me that the biggest drawback for Norfolk in keeping NS headquarters there is the airport. It is just too costly and too hard (Connecting flights) to get from Norfolk to major hubs. Altanta's airport is huge and offers direct domestic and international flights. NS employees are able to find a lot more direct flights to where they need to go for business. Norfolk International needs to be greatly improved.
  5. I enjoyed myself at Greenies the two times I went there. What I liked was how friendly and welcoming the staff and other customers were. Reminds me of my neighborhood bar in DC which has already been torn down to make way for more over priced Condo/Apartments in a market saturated with them. Would be great if Greenies could have been renovated and made more welcoming to the increasingly high income people moving to Ocean View.
  6. Ocean View is one of the fastest growing areas in Norfolk and needs more nightlife not less.
  7. Looks like the Ocean View Landmark Greenies is going to be closing on September 5th and will torn down to make way for parking and increased access to the beach. Norfolk still loves tearing down buildings and replacing them with ugly parking. https://wtkr.com/2018/08/17/norfolks-greenies-beach-bar-grille-closing-september-5/
  8. Whatever happens to the Pilot's building, I hope Norfolk will do all it can to keep the Pilot in the city and not let it move to Virginia Beach. Move the Pilot into another building Downtown. Great to hear there is a lot of interest in the building.
  9. 24 stories will have quite the presence in the area. Can't wait to see it as I am driving down Brambleton Ave.
  10. Saint Paul Apartments wraps around St. John's AME Church where my family attended church when I was growing up in Virginia Beach. It occupies the former location of my late Father's Dental Practice at 555 Fenchurch St. I'm glad they are adding more housing to the area and many of the units are affordable. As for the SPQ re-development I like the mix of mid rise and townhouses seems about right for that area. Taller buildings should be located next to city hall and the jail as well as across St. Paul's at the former Snyder lot.
  11. Looks stubby in comparison to the original but not bad for the Fort Norfolk area. A second skyline for Norfolk is well underway.
  12. I hope that citizens take part in these drop-in sessions. More importantly the residents of the park need to chime in. When DC was planning a major redevelopment of the Southwest waterfront there were numerous meetings with the developer and the city which netted us a new park and new affordable housing.
  13. Norfolk State University is in the process of increasing on campus housing with the addition of new dorms. I'm not to thrilled with all the parking spaces, but always cheer increased density. https://pilotonline.com/inside-business/news/continuing-education-work-development/article_d9f8a08a-756b-11e8-ad22-634c8696e591.html
  14. Looks like Norfolk is seeking a Federal Grant to jump start the redevelopment of the SPQ. https://pilotonline.com/news/government/local/article_aa228e76-6f25-11e8-b06f-3f9ab7f90c43.html
  15. Forgot I had this picture which I took from the Amtrak Bus from Norfolk to Newport News a couple of weeks ago.
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