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  1. skylinefan

    Norfolk Off-Topic

    Norfolk State University is in the process of increasing on campus housing with the addition of new dorms. I'm not to thrilled with all the parking spaces, but always cheer increased density.
  2. skylinefan

    St. Paul's Quadrant

    Looks like Norfolk is seeking a Federal Grant to jump start the redevelopment of the SPQ.
  3. skylinefan

    Norfolk Pictures

    Forgot I had this picture which I took from the Amtrak Bus from Norfolk to Newport News a couple of weeks ago.
  4. skylinefan

    Norfolk Pictures

    I was in Norfolk this weekend for the Town Point Wine Festival and took these pictures of a very busy Downtown.
  5. skylinefan

    Norfolk Off-Topic

    The growth of working space for start ups in Norfolk has been a hidden story! New space for start ups is opening up on Monticello Ave.
  6. skylinefan

    Norfolk Pictures

    Picture of Downtown Norfolk Waterfront from Visit Norfolk website.
  7. skylinefan

    Norfolk Off-Topic

    Editorial about Norfolk city council woman Angelia Graves' opposition of recycling plant off of St. Julian Ave. She and other residents are kind of late voicing opposition to this project. They should sit down with Meeks and have a discussion about their concerns and maybe he will be amenable to their suggestions.
  8. skylinefan

    Norfolk Pictures

    Nice picture of the American Rover on the Elizabeth River
  9. skylinefan

    Portsmouth development

    Portsmouth is looking the fill up some of the empty spaces Downtown.
  10. skylinefan

    Norfolk History

    Picture of the demolition of Atlantic City neighborhood in the 60s. In the background is the new Norfolk General Hospital tower.
  11. skylinefan

    Norfolk Off-Topic

    I think we lose perspective when you compare Norfolk to other cities. Norfolk has come a long way from the 1980s when I last lived down there. The vibrancy of the city is amazing. And I credit the leaders, NRHA and the citizens for doggedly pursuing making Norfolk into a World Class city. The country and the world is taking note.
  12. skylinefan

    Norfolk Off-Topic

    Video about all of the wonderful attractions Norfolk has to offer. Downtown Norfolk is attracting a lot of attention not just in the US but in the World.
  13. skylinefan

    City Profile: New York City, NY

    Great video of the New York skyline from the Empire State Building from 1931 to the present day.
  14. skylinefan

    Norfolk History

    From Today's Virginian Pilot. Norfolk readying for the Holidays on Granby St. in the 50s.
  15. skylinefan

    The Icon at CityWalk

    From Saturday night at Grand Illumination Parade