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  1. This is probably a dumb question, but what is the building on Pine St. (visible from 195 which I hardly use which is why I ask only now) that is getting a new glass Atrium?
  2. There are a few good views from the area around Fatima hospital.
  3. Yes, the cities had that, but given the fact that CF approved the demo and the new building permit, there is a question of how well things could be blocked easily. But apparently you are a superstar so I look forward to all problems in the city being resolved appropriately now that you have moved your office.
  4. I never knew you were so evil

  5. I wonder how much the city would profit if it enforced sidewalk snow removal as much as red light running. I walked from my house in the Bucket all the way down Hope St. through Thayer and down to Wickenden this morning. I came back on Brook for that portion. I would say roughly 40% of sidewalks were uncleared. That's completely stupid.
  6. they were also there at least at the beginning of May during blooming season. Are you sure you were on Armistice?
  7. The area north of the Station is CF. I marked the rail line for commuter rail in red. you can see it splits off to the right and quickly into S. Attleboro, by the holding facility which I'm sure doesn't need a train stop. I guess there are a couple of possible sites but nothing that looks as convenient as the station.
  8. I would think it is a good thing, no? This means that the Paw/Cf station is the most likely place, and looking at the other possible sites in Pawtucket would be less than ideal. I know there were one or two other locations in Pawtucket that were looked at.
  9. They expanded to include the hatch shell and had the best one in years in 2005. But it was bigger money than before. The Hatch had Interpol and The Killers. I agree that this would be a sad loss. but the new ownership of the Red Sox has certainly done everything they can to clean up the area, and with private investment booming over there, especially Trinity and the Landmark Center, I suppose this was inevitable.
  10. He's trying to cover up the sinister end to Rocky Point. You better watch your back.
  11. Wasn't trying to accuse you of a bias, just making sure your g/f understands that just because the painters aren't there tomorrow (or whenever) doesn't mean her stuff isn't at risk, kind of thing. You know, typical blah blah be careful parental type advice If a working lock provided a barrier to forced entry, then it could, I think that's pretty clear from the language of the statement that you linked. Couldn't the case be made that the locked door meets the requirements and that the additional deadbolt is voluntary additional security? That's how I would argue it if I were the LL.
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