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  1. is reluctantly beginning the application for Graduate School at Auburn of all places... They have a Masters of Real Estate Development program online with limited on-campus residencies & field trips. Thank goodness for 13 years of experience in real estate which will hopefully let me waive some of the admission requirements. We'll see...

  2. Interesting statistic for the night... Since 1978, the Federal Debt has increased an average of 4.2% per year under Democratic Presidents. Anyone care to guess the average increase per year under Republican Presidents?? Almost 9 times that of their Democratic counterparts... 36.4% per year on average.

  3. Prejudice is just ignorance. - GLEE

  4. And that led to the followup movie, The Social Network which certainly wasn't a let down. Very interesting movie behind the concept of Facebook. I had a great day at the movies. I would recommend both to anyone thinking about seeing them.

  5. To anyone who watches Glee, they will understand... I've never seen more of myself in the character of Kurt than tonight. It was almost as if I was watching myself on tv.

  6. I just installed Rainmaker. Check it out at http://rainmaker.cc/

  7. wishes he could remember the song... "Will anyone miss me when I'm gone?"

  8. I can see Jupiter. How cool!

  9. And now switching to... dare I say it... Root for Tennessee to beat Oregon.

  10. I am everything you want / I am everything you need / I am everything inside of you / That you wish you could be / I say all the right things / At exactly the right time / But I mean nothing to you and I don't know why

  11. Just bought The Crisis of Islam (Unabridged) by Bernard Lewis on Audible.com. http://soc.li/4uhoOxE

  12. Why do grown adults have to act like little two year olds sometimes... Especially on vacation.

  13. That would be nice but I can't see it happening... With the rumored (although possibly cancelled now) Westin to go on the other end of the shopping center and Colonial's desire to move the center slightly more upscale, I don't see Target being a good fit. Plus a "regular" Target is in the neighborhood of 130k sq. ft. which would probably be pushing it for that site. I'm not sure what the existing building encompass however. Since leasing seems to have done so well with that office tower, I honestly would expect to see another office tower on site with ground level retail and restaurants.
  14. Kimco Developers is listing the Target location at over 191,000 sq. ft. which clearly puts it in the size range of a SuperTarget. Regular Target stores with the small food sections generally run 110,000 to 130,000 sq. ft. (the Target at Tannehill is 127,000). It's also clearly marked on the marketing information for The Grove that it is a SuperTarget.
  15. Well duh... It was always an asanine idea to place the dome anywhere else besides the BJCC. The racecourse was only considered because LaLa and McGregor are in bed together financially...
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