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  1. Columbiana doesn't need to be expanded. Not enough parking now as it is.
  2. I spoke with a few leasing people at other centers around town and they said they have been in talks with them, but they don't seem optimistic. I don't work there, I have a few inside sources in leasing and management.
  3. Columbiana Centre is not making comments on it. I don't even think the store is saying anything. They officially have stopped receiving shipments and currently don't have a store manager (not hiring a store manager either).
  4. Abercrombie & FItch and Abercrombie Kids will close in Columbiana Centre January 14, 2012.
  5. Not feeling too good about Abercrombie & Fitch lasting at Columbiana (Abercrombie & Fitch and Abercrombie Kids). I'm not expecting them to last too long after Christmas.
  6. Hey growingup15. This is a positive move for Columbia Place. Prior to this opening there were no family shoe stores in the mall and this is a very important category. Athletic shoes don't attract familes. Here's a look at the mix of what the other malls and Columbia Place consider as family shoes and hopefully you'll understand this as a step in the right direction. Columbia Place Burlington Coat Factory Macy's Marshall's (Outside the Mall) Payless Shoesource Shoe Dept Encore (Opening Fall 2011) Sears Columbiana Centre Belk Dillard's JCPenney The Shoe Dept. Payless Shoesource Rack Room Shoes Sears Dutch Square Mall Belk Burlington Coat Factory The Shoe Dept. Richland Mall Belk Village at Sandhill Belk JCPenney Rack Room Shoes Shoe Carnival TJ Maxx
  7. Opening Fall 2011: Shoe Dept. Encore - This store will be located on the lower level in the bottom portion of the former Old Navy. This is Shoe Dept.'s most successful concept and if you don't remember Columbia Place did lose Shoe Dept. in 2009 from the upper level across from the former Old Navy. Possible steps in the right direction for this mall.
  8. Macy's isn't going anywhere and there's a little bit of movement on the old Steve & Barry's space as well. Economy was the biggest factor in Columbia Place. I don't see Columbia Place taking a turn for the worst or magically getting it's luster right away. Columbiana is getting better and VAS is eating their lunch, but please don't forget. Columbia Place is Columbia's #2 mall with the markets only Macy's near Fort Jackson and I-20, I-77 and 277 from town.
  9. Despite the economic downturn. Columbia Place Mall is not losing any major stores during the January month. Last year they lost several stores. A few updates for you on the property. Basix is not going to open at Columbia Place. In my opinion someone must have heard my constant beotching on why this would only continue a downward urban spiral. There is activity on two pieces of property in the parking lot that are owned by others. The former Toys R Us is being renovated and the former Sticky Fingers space has very serious leads.
  10. WOW THIS IS UGLY!!! Glimcher bought a mall from the Richard E. Jacobs Group a few years back that shared the same name with the Charlotte Eastland Mall, but with a different makeup altogether. Now that Eastland is considered the redheaded stepchild; EastlandMall.com now points you towards the Columbus, Ohio Shopping Center. Eastland Mall of Charlotte is nolonger owned by Glimcher, but rather managed and their new website is http://eastlandnc.mallfinder.com/
  11. Keep in mind a good number of urban stores only do leases for 1-2 years. Examples include Trendz, Authentiks, Style Setter, and Just Casual. Northlake isn't dying. Eastland is dying simply because of the lack of investment in the mall and the area. To keep shareholders happy when a space goes dark put something in it until you get what you want.
  12. Listening to a good number of REIT conference calls. Retailers are cutting back where necessary and trimming expansion plans due to the economy. Healthy retailers do exist and most of them are continuing to renew leases for in some cases 1-2 years versus the traditional 5-10 years because things are so uncertain. Its forcing REITS to court Regional and local tenants because they haven't nearly been exposed to what the national tenants have gone through. Northlake is not dying by any means.
  13. Well while you guys discuss new anchors for Columbia. I'll add one specialty store is coming to Columbiana......Bare Escentuals opens in September. Now I'm going back to the other side of teh street to my forum at Columbia Place
  14. 1. Macy's has no plans to move to Columbiana 2. yes that is the only two story Old Navy in the state. 3. Best Buy just completed an extensive renovation of the Two Notch store and canceled plans to open their store at Sandhill.
  15. Old Navy will close later this month.
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