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  1. Could someone do me a favor? Could someone arrange these department stores in order from lower end to higher end? Macy's Dillards Neiman Marcus JC Penny's Sears Belk Nordstrom Bloomingdales Saks Fifth Avenue and add any other thatI might have left out
  2. Seems that there's a new "vision" for the "The Gulch" in Downtown Atlanta. Here's the AJC Article
  3. Have any of you seen this rendering or know the status of this project? Here's a rendering of the W Colony Square
  4. In 25 years, I honestly don't think Atlanta will resemble any other city. The way (as in location) Atlanta develops is so predictable, but it is also very strange. Also,I think that Downtown will most definately connect with midtown, but I think Midtown will have two "seperate, but equal" clusters (One at Peachtree and North Avenue, and the other at Peachtree and 10th-17th) Furthermore, Buckhead will grow (by the size and configurations of those lots, there won't be any "Boston-like" density), and there will be some impressive towers. It will extend further south along peachtree.
  5. Out of curiosity, exactly what color will the glass be on 12th and Midtown Phase II? Will it actually be the purple shown in the renderings?
  6. Well... I have observed this conversation and have seen several ignorant comments.
  7. maybe they'll look something like this
  8. ^^ I discovered this site called Flickr, and there are all kinds of photographers on there with great shots of just about anything you could think of.
  9. I have a question. Why does the State of Gerogia and Gwinnet County have seats on the MARTA Board? I thought Georgia wouldn't give a dime to MARTA, and Gwinnet didn't want anything to do with it. I was looking at the MARTA Board Here.
  10. Some Additional information... During construction of the APM system, many ground transportation services will have their staging locations altered. Customer service representatives and special color coordinated signs will be available to assist passengers at the airport. Expected Changes during the CONRAC construction: Limousine: Travelers who have reservations with limousine companies will find sedan limousine operations relocated from the current limousine lot to the South hourly parking deck. Taxicabs: There are no changes in the taxicab operation during this construction. Howeve
  11. This Is From Marta's Website Governor Signs MARTA Legislation
  12. Woah, it seems like the Ritz Carlton (Right Across The street) will have some competition. This is great. It will be easily accessed by the Peachtree Center Marta Station (Anyone been on that GIGANTIC escalator?) and a quick walk to the Five points area and the Fairlie Poplar district.
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