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  1. Couple years ago the original Renwick developers were planning low income apartments for the land next to it. That was the info the Renwick RE agent gave us. Anyone know if that will still happen?
  2. The renderings are more atractive than the Renwick. Enclave suggests being separate and different from its surroundings. Why would anyone move to an enclave unless they had to? That is the interesting thing about postmodern urban design. We want to be someowhere and yet separated from that place whether it's a SFH oriented to the backyard or a self contained highrise condo that virtually shuts out integration with public space. I hope such a blatant name suggests this trend is coming to an end.
  3. No wonder this place is $400/SF - it will cost a fortune to pump in all that blue water from Lake Norman! Wait until the buyers, bless their hearts, catch on to the fact that Little Sugar Creek has never and never will be anything other than light brown or dark brown. And then watch what happens when they find out it only gets to that depth twice a year: Spring flood rains and Fall hurricane season. 75% of the time it will be a 15'x15' funky smelling ditch. I've been flabbergasted by developers before but come on. These people will say and do anything to sell you a condo. Am I being unfair or upfront?
  4. Perhaps more to the point, it keeps out the riff-raff.
  5. I'm with dubone on this. What they're doing to Kings Dr. is a shame.
  6. So what do you call that architecture style? It seems like half a dozen of the major new/recent projects have a cylinder as the primary entrance or focal point. Providence Plaza, Parktowne Plaza and EpiCentre come to mind easily. Even Meck Cty courthouse has one.
  7. Forgot to mention the architecture celebrity sighting. At the meeting was David Furman. (I thought he lived in 2nd Ward at Ratcliffe.)
  8. I'll expand on D's notes below. These might be good for the time capsule. After hearing him speak, I believe he is trying to do the right thing. His vision is better than 95% of the developers here. Given other developer possibilities, we could be a lot worse off than slow progress. Here's what I captured from his comments and answers to questions from FW residents. Overall - 6 components include a park, a parking garage, retail, residential, office and institutional. - The vision is to create an extension or add-on of the 1st Ward neighborhood. - He said an example of his vision is the Lake Shore East neighborhood in Chicago: lakeshoreeast.com. - He expects to be able to develop buildings with value not found elswhere in the city because the density should allow him to leverage technologies across buildings. - Buildings will be at the 4 to 5 story low-rise height on Caldwell and transition to high rise on College/Brevard with some mixed heights in between. - He is stubbornly (his words) sticking to the underground parking plan. He believes we will need additional parking for existing uses as the new buildings rise. - He passed around a rendering that has been seen before. On the way out I overheard someone say that Levine has been showing him a different rendering. - Current zoning should allow him to do most anything. - Existing buildings that will stay include Treloar and the building with Dixie's Tavern. Other older buildings will stay for now. He wants at least 1 older building on each block. - Could take 10 - 15 years for complete build-out. Park - 4.5 to 5.5 acres - Designed by Civitas. - Bounded by 7th, 9th, Brevard and light rail tracks. - County will likely start public stakeholder process next month. It should be 4 to 5 months before a plan is readied for debate and discussion. Parking Garage - 1 floor underground parking deck under the park, mostly paid for by Levine. - He is trying to have get some of it funded by the county and city to support their neighborhood facilities and organizations such as the library, Imaginon, and 1st Ward Elementary School. Residential - 3K units with 1/3 rental and 2/3 for sale condo. - The rentals will mostly be located near/next to the light rail tracks. - Planning on some 4 story and 25-30 story buildings - Novare has definitely moved Twelve to their 3rd W property. Office - 1.5M SF Institutional/Cultural - Offering 400,000 SF of building space to any organization that will pay for the land and building so they are committed to the neighborhood. - UNCC is the first organization. Retail - 350K SF total - He expects to build a retail village concept around 8th and College. - He will try for local/regional stores that can draw people in from outside Charlotte as well as neighborhood services. - A restaurant new to the Charlotte market is expected to sign a lease for the Treloar building at 7th and Brevard next month.
  9. For newbies, here's the history of the project summarized in this quote from the Charlotte Business Journal, Sept. 23, 2005: "Uptown boosters have pushed Levine for much of the past decade to develop the prime real estate, to no avail. Each time Levine gets close to finalizing plans, a new adjacent development occurs and the developer goes back to the drawing board." If the past is any indication of the future, Levine may be bringing a sketch pad and pencil to the FWNA meeting.
  10. Just got an email from the FWNA. Quote: Daniel Levine will be our quest and he will give us an update on the Levine Properties plans for First Ward. Brings to mind an old Carly Simon song...
  11. This Tuesday is the day we hear from Dan Levine. Any bets on what he wants to speak to the First Ward NA about? Anyone going?
  12. Levine is scheduled to speak at the First Ward Neighborhood Association meeting in January. Anybody know if he has some progress to announce? Is this related to Novare cancelling the foundation permit?
  13. I agree completely. And I'm letting CCCP know. The designer just went overboard. On the other hand, it's fitting. Another instance of tearing down Charlotte's history. The irony of the history depicted on the signs is not lost. I can see something like this: "Second Ward in the Center City, AKA Uptown or Downtown, intersected by the Brevard Stroll District, was formerly known as Little Brooklyn. On the map you can see Second Ward between Uptown South and Uptown West, otherwise known as the area between Government Center and the Wachovia Cultural Arts District, the latter of which is between Uptown West and Uptown North, in an area known as 3rd Ward. The Cultual Arts District should not be confused with the Arts District on N. Tryon, which actually runs east and is located in Uptown North...." EDIT: According to the CDOT page, these concepts were approved by the project steering committe and stakeholders. Over the next 60 days, the project team will seek approval from City Council and CCCP. http://www.charmeck.org/Departments/Transportation/Home.htm
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