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  1. I guess bad timing for them then eh? It's too bad they can't lure Whole Foods there - although I'm sure that's not a particular location WF wants to be in anyway.
  2. So what's the latest with Orchard Hills? It's been pretty quiet thus far...
  3. I noticed some things are being moved around at the Greenville store, and they're redesigning the women's clothes department - produce had all their stuff moved around too so I'm not sure what's happening here.
  4. I just flew in to GRR last week and I have to say I am pretty impressed and I will feel a sense of pride for GRR when everything is finished and people flying into town will see the great work that has been done. On another note - I am not sure if this is old news I didn't take time to look back, but I noticed this on GRR's website - GRR will now be starting non-stop flights to Ft Lauderdale on November 13 via Allegiant Air.
  5. I had to fly to miami 3 weeks ago (to move) - I wanted to go to GRR - did a price check on flights - $280 with a layover in memphis... Detroit for a non-stop flight to miami international airport - $99 Guess where I went?
  6. Well I don't mean to be a Debbie Downer - but I know a lot of artists in Chicago and Miami and I told them about this and they were totally excited, and then as soon as they found out that Devos has their hands in the project - they're not interested anymore. It's kinda sad how politics comes over art sometimes :/
  7. So for the first time I had to go to Meijer Heart Center today - for unfortunate circumstances - but we took Ramp 7 and went into the skywalk - and all I can say is WOW - you see all these pictures on UP all the time showing the look - but you all really just have to see this in person it is mammoth. My relatives that were with me we all just sort of stopped and dropped our jaws. I think it is so cool that GR has something like this.
  8. Maybe they'll pressure GR Press to move out so they can build another building
  9. So has anyone been to GRR lately? Have there been any major improvements to the construction yet? You think it would be nice if they had a stinkin webcam so you could watch the construction
  10. The future of transit? I hope not! Thought I'd spread some extra motivation for getting mass transit
  11. Well I remember a long time ago that some of us here wondered what traffic would be like if this section of road was closed off (although I think we talked about converting it into a 55mph highway... Looks like we're actually going to see how this pans out. I bet that they will do widening with this project - they just may not make the lanes accessible until the entire project is finished - otherwise you'll just have a lot of unnecessary lane changes...at least I think?
  12. Thank you for the information GRDad... And that just proves my point. And I'm only going to say this one more time I AM NOT AGAINST RAIL DEVELOPMENT I am just saying that economically and feasibly it is not going to happen overnight...unless something huge in part of funding changes from the government and we shouldn't be in a huge uproar every time money is being thrown at roads. But they understand the need like I do to fix the roads. People are still going to drive cars no matter how many rails you put on the streets. You cannot deny nor argue that. I'm personally quite tha
  13. Well consider how long it took for other cities to gain rail lines...are there any statistics out there for towns and how many years it took for them to have multiple established lines...if I'm not mistaken I think it was Denver or some other city west of us that had been doing this development for over 20 years. BUT - I will agree that there are reasons that it takes so long for cities to get things started such as: - Not enough government funding - Not enough donations/support from local governments and people - Lack of knowledge in the public about the benefits of mass tran
  14. I wouldn't be down and out that we're not receiving any funding from this money for other transit related projects - but seriously folks - not every single person is going to ride a train in town - it will not be accessible for every single person in the town and surrounding it - these things take time to develop - a lot of our roads are in really rough shape and could use a boost to get them fixed. I'm not putting down anyone's ideas - I just don't think we should keep the focus of transportation to be so one-sided (granted it is sort of that way right now). Look at how far we have come a
  15. Yeah I agree the spire can do without - but it was all the cool cables and effects with the spire that made it kinda cool.
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