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  1. I have a question. Earlier the groundbreaking was moved to June or July, was it not? So now it is back to January/Early Spring?? Also I read somewhere that it had been raised another 5 floors making the total 70 stories. Anybody got the new height mesurement yet?
  2. Ok, So I asked this question once before when the Sig was only 55 floors, and the original height of whatever. Now that it has been changed I am once again compelled to bring it up. Now that the building is gaining/will gain much more national attention, not to mention height, would it be possible to have an observation deck??? Would this not be a great addition to the building?? I understand that they are very expensive to keep up, but Nashville has a huge tourist market, and locals will be going up this thing for awhile!! Why not put a really hip, modern bar at the top with outrageously pric
  3. so when does construction on the ole giant begin???
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