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  1. That is interesting - I hope it doesn't have a negative effect on the Dog Pit. I think it's a great addition to downtown, especially for a family friendly option. I hear so many people say they want fun places to take their kids downtown to eat when they're out at the children's museum or ice skating - or even at family events at the VanAndel. It would have been nice though if a different location would have been selected.
  2. I don't know if anyone else has mentioned this yet, but sad news... I was at EQ3 on Saturday, and they're moving out of downtown. They will be relocating on the top floor of their Stones Throw store on Plainfield.
  3. I'll be at 6th Street. Excellent food, and the Misty Blues from Detroit are playing. They're great....well....as great as a polka band can be.
  4. It's surprising that feathers could withstand the cooking process.
  5. Mine for this fall semester is $11,648...and I haven't factored in books and fees.
  6. Do you mean the store in Rolling Meadows?
  7. No Meijer in WI, yet! It's in the works...
  8. Anyone heard about the Meijer Summer Movie Nights? Rockford's Meijer is showing Happy Feet in the parking lot...can't remember the date, just saw a flyer for it this weekend.
  9. I'm there about every two weeks, and there's usually quite a few other people in there, even on weeknights. And service has only been slow one time I was there, it was a Saturday evening and they were really really busy.
  10. I was at the Cascade Meijer late yesterday afternoon, and there are quite a few things going on indoors. The grocery aisles where chips, crackers and soda would be found have been moved way to the back of the store past the bulk food items, and that section is covered in plastic. They were also doing something with the section of baby items, which had also been relocated to a different area in the store.
  11. Actually - RBB had a sandwich board. It was chalkboard, and always had really clever phrases and math equations advertising their food and coffee specials as well as newly released book titles. Also...I remember them having chalk drawings on the sidewalk pointing to the Monroe Center entrance. I have to say, I'm often disappointed in Grand Centrals hours as well. Every time I'm on Monroe Center and they're not open I see people peaking through the window and reading all the signs posted.
  12. for 2007, a store in Allen park just opened and stores for Dewitt and Lennox Twp are scheduled to open this year.
  13. 2 in Ohio, 2 in Detroit Suburbs and 1 in Chicago suburbs...not sure about the other 2 yet.
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