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  1. BillyChilly

    Flint Off Topic

    I've always considered Fifth Avenue being the northern border, MLK the western border (north of the river) and Grand Traverse (south of the river), I-69 on the south and I-475 on the east. That's just my opinion though; I've never really heard an official answer.
  2. It's fitting that you got a picture of the coming attractions sign, since it was replaced on Wednesday. J.L.
  3. dtown: We're cool man. Pachuco: I'd love to see a facade up by then, but I'm skeptical. They don't even have the entire third floor started, and I know they're working hard in there, but I just don't know how much more they have to do before they're even to that point. What was the slated completion date again? J.L.
  4. He very well could have been a jerk. Or a racist. Or just not liked the way your friend looked. Either way, the race card was a pretty lame thing to play in an otherwise okay post. J.L.
  5. Wow, really? When's the next Klan meeting? J.L.
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