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  1. Is there a development website for this?
  2. The path laid out in the study shown here: http://www.dot.ga.gov/InvestSmart/Rail/EIS/16-Appendix A - Part 7 - Map Books - Greenfield Corridor Alternative and NS Approach.pdf GSP is shown on page 38. Not shown on that page is all the new neighborhoods that have been built since the study began that block the proposed path. The Brockman McClimon/Abner Creek area is going to be built up fairly soon. What is the timeframe for them to buy the land?
  3. Looks like the original property now has a bunch of apartments built on its driveway. They will get great visibility in the Holland property, so probably a better choice.
  4. Driving through there last week, I noticed there was a lot of empty store fronts but full parking lots. Found it strange that stores can't stay open with the amount of traffic there.
  5. Capri's was coming down yesterday.
  6. Yep. This says the owners plan to build a hotel. http://www.spencerhines.com/blog/sold-land-for-future-hotel-near-top-golf-in-greenville/
  7. A few nice words from Peter King with CNNSI Its seems to leave that impression on every one that enters it. We are pretty lucky to have it.
  8. wellen

    The Rumor Mill

    Poinsett Homes agrees to judgment in $5.3 million debt Doesn't look like they have much of a sales staff left at any of their neighborhoods. I would imagine that bankruptcy is forthcoming.
  9. Greenville News beta testing new site. Loads faster and is much prettier. Haven't tried the forums yet.
  10. American Grocery had a couple empty 4 tops out of a total of 50 seats. Not great for a Saturday night. Pomegranate was packed.
  11. The wife and I dined at American Grocery over the weekend. The food was excellent. They kept the recipes simple and tasty. My wife won the appetizer battle with duck egg/arugula soup, but I won the entre battle with the seared scallops over grits. The place is small and feels very cozy. Nice atmosphere overall. The drinks were made properly and in the correct size glasses. The bartender needs to stop with the 'Cocktail' routine, and the wait staff could use a little practice, as there was some odd delays and miscommunications between them. Price was about what I would expect for the fo
  12. Ted Smith (co-owner of Poinsett Homes) is the registered agent of the LLC that owns the parcel, Rhino Realty Fund.
  13. I had the chance to try both Blue Fire Grill and Azia over the past week. It has been mentioned that the ambiance in both places is really cool. That is true, but I was very dissapointed at both restaurants. At Blue Fire, the meal was TERRIBLY expensive for the amount of food. I could spend less on more (and better) at any of Soby's restaurants. The seared Tuna was mushy. The rocks glasses are tiny, so you are spending $6-10 for a couple sips and a bunch of ice. Being a glutton for punishment, I tried the seared tuna at Azia, as well. I have never seen it screwed up so bad. They
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