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  1. They are supposed to meet Thursday.
  2. wellen

    The Gateway Site

    What's the story with the Canal property?
  3. wellen

    The Gateway Site

    Dangit. That link is broken for me, and I'm not sure how to look up proposals on the city's site.
  4. Greenville's riverfront Grand Bohemian Hotel begins accepting reservations https://www.postandcourier.com/greenville/business/greenvilles-riverfront-grand-bohemian-hotel-begins-accepting-reservations/article_01721796-dc1e-11ec-9289-c70830a5e4f7.html Looks like the first available date is Sunday 10/16.
  5. This one is from 2010. https://issuu.com/kadair/docs/verdaetab_2010
  6. I haven't been in the last 2 years, but I thought I remembered both of those things getting upgrades. Is there still something that needs to be done to improve those enclosures? https://www.greenvilleonline.com/story/news/2021/06/14/greenville-zoo-upgrades-best-small-modern-zoo-country/5243625001/ "To maintain that standard, zoo staff have completed several upgrades, including a new holding space for the lions, a revamped space for the primates and a brand-new surgical unit in the animal hospital. The improvements totaled almost $2.3 million. "
  7. Xanthene Norris is not running again. This is her final term https://www.wyff4.com/article/xanthene-norris-why-a-feisty-91-year-old-councilwoman-doesnt-take-no-for-an-answer/35398274
  8. wellen

    The Gateway Site

    Title: A prominent piece of downtown Greenville, vacant for decades, is on the cusp of rebirth Link: https://www.postandcourier.com/greenville/business/a-prominent-piece-of-downtown-greenville-vacant-for-decades-is-on-the-cusp-of-rebirth/article_f2b39cf0-a9f7-11ec-9d15-c750952d42f8.html Looks like this is under contract for sale. You can read the article for free by downloading the P&C Greenville app on your phone. Highlight: "Plan after plan has fallen through over the years but Mayor Knox White said the latest proposal could be the one to come to fruition." The proposal is "for mixed-use multifamily residences with public and commercial retail space." Learn more in June...
  9. Confirmation of the above and a bit more on the Skore Hotel, which is a hotel brand created by Realty Link in coordination with Hyatt and Top Golf. https://www.postandcourier.com/greenville/business/shooting-range-coming-to-topgolf-anchored-greenville-development/article_12de2280-a079-11ec-b241-9314f9e1bfa7.html
  10. I am able to read all their articles on their app without subscribing. Look for Post & Courier Greenville in the App store.
  11. I forget. What is going on all the Stone and Joyner property in the Haynie Sirrine area close to County Square? Just housing, or is there space for something like this?
  12. Interesting that council approved a FILOT for this mill development after making a fuss about FILOTs should not be used in the Greer mill development. I wonder what the difference is.
  13. The owner's mailing address of this L shaped parcel listed on the tax record is the same as the mailing address on the small parcel is surrounds at the corner. That mailing address is a private residence. My guess is the person that owns that address is the owner of the 2 corporations and owns the parcels. If that is correct, then I would assume that development is coming soon.
  14. I believe it was Anderson Stamp and Engraving until the mid to late 90's when they moved to Stone Ave. I think it was Friedman's jewelry store, originally.
  15. https://www.greenvilleonline.com/story/news/local/asklafleur/2021/08/25/whats-planned-pelham-road-site-near-haywood-road/8253792002/ From the article. "Question: A lot of trees were recently cleared along Pelham Road between Haywood Road and Brendan Way. Can you tell me what is being built at that location? Answer: This is hands-down the most-popular question I’ve had all year. Quite a few of you have noticed the sudden clearing of trees at the site and emailed me to learn more. Here’s what I can tell you: As of late Augus, nothing specific is planned at the site. Ron Rallis, owner of Rallis Holdings, LLC, currently owns the property, according to Greenville County property records. Rallis told me he is clearing the property for sale. I mentioned to Rallis that I noticed the property is currently zoned residential. He told me he is working on getting the property annexed into the city and plans to transition the zoning to C-2. In the city, C-2 is defined as 'local commercial.' According to the city's website, that designation is intended to “provide a limited range of general retail, business, and service uses as well as professional and business offices, but not intensive business or industrial activities, to persons living in surrounding neighborhoods.” Rallis said he previously tried to work on a residential plan for the site that would be similar to nearby Watson’s Orchard, but that didn’t work out, and he now plans to sell the property." Elizabeth LaFleur
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